“Copycat” threat discovered at Nathan Hale H.S. in West Allis

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Nathan Hale High School

WEST ALLIS (WITI) — West Allis police are investigating a “copycat” threat at Nathan Hale High School on Wednesday, January 7th.

According to a spokesman from the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District, the threat was discovered at Hale H.S. around 10 a.m. The school administration then moved the student body to the gym while police conducted a sweep of the school.

Officials say once police give the “all clear,” classes will resume.

School will remain in session — and dismissal is expected to┬ábe at the regularly scheduled time.

A bomb threat was found on a bathroom wall at the high school on Tuesday, January 6th. West Allis police were dispatched to the school around 12:30 p.m. Students were evacuated from the school — and later dismissed early. No explosives were ever found in the building.

Anyone with information related to either of these threats is urged to call West Allis police at 414-302-8000.


  • pb

    I get its a “copy cat” but if it were real, how is having them in the gym beneficial? I’d be pissed if I had a child there. And i understand it’s cold outside, but move them to a business like you did yesterday. The district said yesterday how these threats are always taken serious, doesn’t seem like they’re handling this one very serious.

  • Priscilla

    My child goes there; the gym is on the far end of the school-on the other side of where the first threat was found. The police did a sweep of the gym first, the children were moved there and a sweep of the rest of the school was done. Yesterday was very crazy with the evacuation and move. Maybe they just thought it best to do it this way? I wan’t there either time-only relying on what my child said.

  • MiChelle Higbee

    My kid goes there…and didn’t feel confident enough or safe enough to send him.today, and I’m glad I didn’t. Copy cat or not, that school.chose to put My child’s life in danger by leaving them in a school….what happens if it’s real…don’t take chances with my child’s life or anyone’s child…I’d rather be inconvenienced then not have my child!!!!

  • Lisa

    So what is going on at Central Right Now? I am a parent of a student at central and they should have walked the kid to the cafeteria at the hospital! WHY ARE THEY IN THE GYM!!!!!!

    • Gabby

      IM a student at central. The point of the evacuation is to move the students to a seperate building. The feild house is considered a seperate building.

  • beavis and butthead

    My child attends there too. From what I was told, they thought it was too cold to walk the kids to the warehouse….Glad I kept mine home today. I don’t agree with that decision one bit. They should have evacuated!!

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