Shorewood students bear bitter cold waiting for buses that would never arrive

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SHOREWOOD (WITI) -- Cold, confused and left behind! That's how some students felt as they waited for a school bus that never came. A small misunderstanding between school districts left some open, and one not -- leaving students in the elements and lagging behind academically.

Amid snow mounds and icy streets, on Thursday, students waited to go to school.

Sharain Horn's son Ryan is part of Chapter 220, a voluntary student transfer program between Milwaukee Public Schools and nearby suburbs. He relies on MPS buses to get to Lake Bluff School.

"I was a little concerned when MPS posted they were closed," said Horn.

When MPS schools closed Thursday and Friday, transportation was not provided. But Wednesday night, January 7th, Horn and other parents say they got a message telling them otherwise.

"We did get a message from Shorewood saying school would be in and that the buses would run and pick our children up," said Horn.

Thursday, Horn didn't learn the buses weren't coming until after school had begun. When she and her son got home, there was a message from Shorewood School District indicating there was a miscommunication.

"My real concern was how many children were standing outside waiting for that bus to come," said Horn.

Horn is perturbed because now students are playing catch up. Shorewood schools say "any tardies or absences would be excused and that students would be able to make up any late work upon their return."

But for Horn, that's no consolation.

"Many of the 220 schools are very challenging and the programs are intense and missing a day of school is missing a huge amount of content. I know he is going to come home tonight from school with more homework because he missed yesterday," said Horn.

The Shorewood School District tells FOX6 News that as a result of Thursday's school transportation error, it's taking more steps in the future to ensure something like this doesn't happen again -- so no children are waiting for a bus that will never come.

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  • Sara

    I would much rather the schools cancel than to allow these kids to stand outside in these temps. My children did nothing other then help the teachers get their class in order. They weren’t even learning anything the past 3 days other than how to organize the teachers work and their lockers and desks. Really? it was that important to keep school going and yet they weren’t even learning it was 3 days of free time. I would rather them have to make it up later then sit outside in this.

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