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“If we don’t fight, then we won’t win:” Hamilton family making strides to gain national attention

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CHICAGO (WITI) -- For the third time in a month, the family of Dontre Hamilton has teamed up with National Civil Right Activist, Reverend Jesse Jackson. Saturday, January 10th, the Hamilton's met with Jackson in Chicago.

The Hamilton's again were part of a national broadcast at the Rainbow Push Coalition in Chicago -- they're hopeful the attention will help their cause.

Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer in Red Arrow Park last April. The officer was fired for his actions leading up to the shooting, but was not criminally charged.

"The prosecutor did not determine it was worth a trial, but we have a different view of that," said Rev. Jackson.

A federal investigation is currently underway.

"We're going to get an indictment one way or another against Christopher Manney," said Nate Hamilton, Dontre's brother.

Last Friday, January 3rd, Jackson joined the Hamiltons and supporters in Milwaukee.

"He said he'll be back to help us fight this fight. If we don't fight, then we won't win. As long as we stand together, as long as we fight, then we give ourselves a chance at something new happening and taking place," said Nate Hamilton.

An effort they say will continue and a partnership that is now growing.

"If we don't fight, then we'll never see a victory," said Nate Hamilton.

The Hamiltons say they are headed back to Chicago next week. And Reverend Jackson is planning on another trip back to Milwaukee soon.


  • really

    support you local police officers..without them chaos…the hamiltons should advocate for better counseling and support for families of the mentally ill, obviously they were not there when their son/brother needed them..no one should have to live on the street sleep on the sidewalk it is not normal …for anyone..they were afraid of their own family member and they themselves have many issues with the law, paying rent.. evicitons and the list goes on..dysfunctional, irresponsible and wanting to blame everyone else for their shortcomings… take some personal responsbility..no one regardless of the color of your skin should in attack an officer..bad things will happen

  • braken da law

    yo bro why dont you get your wic card sent down to ur best of friends house “jesse jacka$$” and get outta here , your becoming a royal pain in the a$$ to all the tax payers,,, dang i”ll even pay for the moving van…

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