“We need people who are drug free:” Walker announces drug testing plan for aid recipients in Wisconsin

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MADISON (AP/WITI) — If you're being helped by state programs like FoodShare or even Medicaid, you'd better be drug free. That's the message from Governor Scott Walker. Walker is following through on his campaign promise to require drug testing for public aid recipients in Wisconsin and limiting how long they can receive benefits.

The potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate announced on Thursday, January 22nd more details about those plans that he first proposed during last year's gubernatorial campaign. The drug-testing requirements and benefits restrictions will be included in his two-year budget proposal being released on February 3rd.

Walker says this will be a big part of his upcoming budget proposal -- but it's already being met with controversy. Similar measures throughout the country have been met with mixed results.

"We need people who are drug free," said Walker.

In De Pere on Thursday, Walker said he'll propose a plan to the Republican-controlled Legislature that requires drug testing for people applying for or accepting benefits through a wide variety of government programs.

"Whether it's unemployment training, we're going to seek a waiver for food stamps, seek a waiver for Medicaid. We're going to make changes in terms of W2 -- in each of these areas of public assistance. This is about getting people ready for work," said Walker.

Walker says the goal is to help fill nearly 67,000 job openings in the state with qualified workers who are less dependent on the government, and not abusing the system.

"You can't just say that it will create jobs and expect people to go with it," said Representative Mandela Barnes (D-Milwaukee) said.

Barnes says the idea sends the wrong message.

"It aids the stigma that people who are in need, who are poor, are drug users. Which is not the case," Rep. Barnes said.

Barnes believes this measure will be challenged. Eleven states currently require drug-testing of welfare recipients -- but last month, a Florida court ruled a similar law unconstitutional.

"The people who are most in need, the majority of them want to better their lives. They understand bettering their lives doesn't include abusing drugs," Rep. Barnes said.

If someone does test positive for drugs, Walker says the state will offer free treatment and free job training. He says getting people off government assistance will, in turn, help pay for that free treatment.

Walker's two-year budget proposal will be released February 3rd.


  • z3k3

    Hey “datruth”. Get real buddy, do you think that blacks and Hispanics are the only two races that do drugs? Get off your high horse you ignorant piece of garbage and get a job.

    • liberalmkejudge

      He is helping all the honest taxpayers, so they do not have to pay for hooty-hoos that are conning the system

    • Jim

      There’s a bit more to it than this. The cost of the drug testing to the state would be thousands more than any “savings” you would get from denying people assistance: as has happened in every other state introducing this policy. I want a smaller deficit- not a larger one. Also- if someone is struggling with drug abuse we should probably be helping them kick the stuff rather than throwing them out on the street and picking up their medicaid bill when they end up at the ER with an overdose.

    • Datrebor

      With that thought then if a person can afford a cell phone, TV, a computer, a car, or any other luxury(as some see it) then you don’t need aid. Cannabis is safer then alcohol and about 2/3 fewer people that smoke have a problem then those that drink. So maybe they should be tested for alcohol and if they drink they can’t get aid.

  • educated one

    “but there is one who will judge righteously!”
    SERIOUSLY, How does anyone on aid EXPECT to QUALIFY for a JOB when they are doping up before a PRE-EMPLOYMENT DRUG TEST???


  • WI Family of 6

    Again, exactly the opposite on who is racist. Your comments alone show your racism against white people. No, employers do not pick and choose who takes a drug test. I am an executive and still had to take a drug test at the same time and the same place as a general laborer. The real question is what do you do in your own time? Apparently it is just to blame every white person for your problems. How productive are you in helping those in your community? Since you seem to like socialist ideals, why don’t you make sure that all those that that are black or hispanic that do drugs are taken care of? You want to blame whites for everything yet demand that they give everything to help people that won’t help themselves. Talk about hypocrisy. I grow tired of people that want to blame whites for their problems. Look in the mirror and/or your surroundings, we did not put you there.

  • DaTruth

    How hire many black people does your hire executive?

    PSALMS 2:2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD and against his anointed, saying,
    3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from among us.

  • DaTruth

    I meant how many black people do you hire? My phone mixed up my words.
    PROVERBS 22:16 He that oppress the poor to increase his riches, and he that give to the rich, shall surely come to want.

  • Mike Johnson

    its actually a fact that in the state of wisconsin there are more whites on foodstamps than blacks. so you cant say its a racial thing. and if you got money for dope you got money to feed yourself and family period. i dont buy a 30 pack of beer and not feed my child

  • Over it

    In order to get any job a drug test is usually required, NOT just for labors. Is that racist too? I agree that if you are receiving money legally, you should be subjected to a drug test. Employers don’t want employees on drugs and state aid recipients should not have extra money for drugs. I do wonder where the “free” treatment and job aid comes in. Nothing is free; taxpayers will likely foot the bill. How many chances do people get? What about recipients with children? Will there be a surge in robbery/theft?

  • Sarah

    I would someone to propose a law to also test those holding public office. Because I need my politicians drug free, too.

  • Idiots

    This drug test policy is not exempt for Caucasians. I’m not sure how a policy that affects anyone that gets assistance regardless of race or color can be racist, but please continue your ignorant remarks. Just about everyone that applies for a job takes a drug test before getting hired, so in reality this creates less of a gap between people on assistance and those who work. I guess in your eyes holding everyone to the same standard is racist. Give it up. Get off your everything is racist podium and be a positive influence to your family and community. Be a role model instead of blaming someone else for your life.

  • DVT

    Happy to see a governor that finally gets it! I fully support this move! And no, it doesn’t send the wrong message that only this type of social class do drugs. Athletes are drug tested, certain employers drug test. This is no different. You want benefits, then you abide by rules to get that assistance. Nothing in this world is free and if you believe so, you’ve never known what it is like to stand on your own two feet and be proud of your accomplishments!

      • DVT

        “Aid” is a benefit for those that need a little help. My “financial aid” for college was not free. I had to work hard for good grades to continue to receive aid, what are those on federal aid required to do to show they are trying to get ahead and not live off the system and abuse the system? If I have to be drug tested for a job, and athletes for their positions why can’t anyone be drug tested? This is not a race issue! Everything is not a race issue.

      • DaTruth

        It’s not a race issue, when the color of your skin doesn’t connect you to race issues. They should test everybody receiving any aid! Some people don’t live off the system to freeloader, they really need it. Complain about the tax money being taken from you and you know nothing about what is done with it. They should test for receiving financial aid too! Things work differently for different people.

    • datrebor

      While in school you should be working hard for good grades aid or not. Jobs that require drug test to get the job but most don’t do any more unless you get in an accident or trouble. Athletes get drug tested? Is that why we keep reading about those athletes that get busted for drugs after being in that sport for what ever length of time? This sounds like ‘I have to get tested then every one has to’ thing. What about people in Colorado should they be tested? Its legal there according to the state. Should jobs test for past use when they don’t for alcohol?

  • Beck

    I see nothing wrong with this. we can debate all day about who it will affect… I see several positive affects. People who have fallen through the cracks can get the help they need for substance abuse. Children of drug using parents can get there role models back or at least have a better chance to have healthier parents and households. It will save lives directly and indirectly by holding people accountable while also saving taxpayer money.

  • Margaret

    My thoughts are this – I have to be drug tested every time I go for a new job it is a requirement in my line of work, I have family that if in their jobs they get hurt in ANY way they have to get a drug screen, Anyone dealing with children like schools, childcare, nannies, etc. they must have drug testing – so this is not about race this is not about poor this is not about character stereotyping – this is Simple – you should be drug tested to get federal aid in anyway of any kind- , you get tax payers monies placed into the big pot and given this “ASSISTANCE” from that pot Remember this is assistance not a way of life – – you should be tested since those monies need to go to food – housing – clothing – not Drugs and if you are found to have a drug issue then assistance is going to be there for you as well – to get you the HELP those individuals need so they can get back into the WORKING force and once that happens they to will be tax paying citizens giving back to yet another family that also needs the same help.

    • DaTruth

      Those judging without being judged. It’s not a job! There is still not many jobs out here for people! Unemployment only last for 6 months and new restrictions has been made on receiving that, besides this new rule. Certain people had to look for jobs to get the benefits and some didn’t! What is that all about? How do you know who will have to look and who doesn’t! The rule should apply for all receiving the benefits. Most of you people have never been on struggling and hard times…….just talking!

  • KT

    How is this a racist thing? If everyone who is receiving government assistance has to take a drug test, then how does it turn into a racist thing? I am on disability and receive foodstamps and Medicaid, which I am truly grateful for. If they want to drug test me, please do. I have nothing to hide. Oh and I’m white.

      • DaTruth

        Believe what you want! It’s about money and race. A few white folks on ebt okay. By the way, who are you referring too about the designer clothes and new cars?

    • DaTruth

      That’s their drug of choice. Doesn’t stay in the system. All drugs is bad in my opinion even prescription. They help one thing and destroy another.

  • AM

    As a patron of the ganja arts, I approve of this. If you have money to buy drugs, you have money for food. Just like if you have money to buy yourself a new purse and Prada shoes, you have money to buy your kids’ diapers.

      • DaTruth

        Whatever guy! I know what is going to go on behind this! Some probably will get tested and others won’t like unemployment work force. Some look for jobs to get benefits and some are not enforced to do so! Marijuana will be the drug mostly detected, in which, it’s a natural plant from the earth. It’s not that serious to keep people from eating. States are passing laws to allow it, while setting traps for people. You can do a lot with a hemp plant. It is more useful than drugs made in laboratories. The powers that be just happen to be a certain color and I have understood about traps implemented to destroy black people. Racism is not dead, it’s cloaked. People can believe what they want! He also wants to dictate how long someone gets assistance! What’s the point of all the hassle and he doesn’t want it as a long term thing. Who says it’s that easy for these people to receive opportunities within the job force. It’s really weird, a lot of people can’t just walk in to a simple job and obtain that job. Temp services and work programs have to be implemented. Temp service receiving money, while pretending to care so much about the person. People can complain about helping each other with tax money, but they can take it from you and do as they please! A lot of heartless people who act like they don’t have problems. He says, if these people are positive for drugs help will be giving….will the benefits continue? How will they eat, while they pretend to help them? Will they be walking around hungry and confused, “while receiving help.” Also, no one man makes all of these decisions! I am not racist, but racism has been going on with my people for centuries. I don’t ignore the truth. I don’t condone anyone on drugs, but I do understand how weak the flesh can be! A lot of people look at black people as druggies, gang members and just undesirable people. So they prey on their downfall and support things that will cause it! Food pantries give and they give to help “people” whoever they may be! They maintain from donations that is given. This is a sad world! I am not racist! I am against hateful evil people. I said, all white people are not bad people, but they will have to come down low. Also unemployment is there for you, from the previous job you worked or a job that you still have presently. They are creating more difficult ways to obtain help, when your struggling. It’s all about money, because people love it so much. They are willing to destroy the next to keep it in their grasp. It’s material and a soul means much more! The rich against the poor. That’s why a time is coming to really hope in the Most high God and start being obedient to him!

  • John Douglas

    if we do this in a fair and balanced manner I’m willing to give it a try. So, if all legislators in Madison including Scott Walker and all of his aides and all Republicans and Democrats elected to office including their aids are willing to submit to random drug testing throughout their tenure I would be willing to try this for welfare recipients as well.

  • Lori DeVries

    When foodstamps are being sold for 50 cents on the dollar so that drugs, alcohol and cigarettes can be bought, then absolutely….drug test recipients

  • led522

    I was on assistance for food stamps a few years back. I took a temp job that was going to be one, maybe 2 months long. I called to suspend my assistance. I said I would call back to restart benefits if needed. The person told me that since it would only be two months they would not suspend my benefits. I didn’t receive enough to go through all the hassle.
    So, maybe they should really be looking at those working ‘in house’ a little closer rather than assuming most of the recipients are taking advantage.

  • Coolhand

    It’s a political favor that will backfire. His new campaign team is already failing him if they let him walk straight into a judicial over turn with racial undertones- while on the campaign trail.

  • Reality ....

    So then Walker is ignoring the other states attempts to do this where millions were spent to only have less than 3% of those tested fail.. All while Walker is facing how much in our budgets deficit? 2.2 billion?

  • Mike

    This is great! Now include people who are getting tax breaks like the earned income tax credit and mortgage deductions. Do it randomly so people don’t have time to take any type of testing product. Have police go door to door and ask for urine samples. It’s the only way to REALLY test everyone who gets state money.

    • social-ite

      WowW finally someone who gets it. Social benefits are not limited to the poor. Let’s stop pretending that none of us but the poor “benefit” from government. Thank you for your comment.

  • TAO

    YESSSSSSSS!! It’s about time! I know many on assistance that sell their prescription vicodin! I work in the medical field and we get calls from pharmacies and other doctors and dentists to report the person! I have a family member that is on assistance who sells their vicodin for marajuana. I don’t want to continue to pay for these people! I work hard and to watch these people with their grocery carts overflowing (they eat better than I do) I have to scrimp and watch what I buy. I hope that these tests will be random through out the year and observed, just as military folk are observed! !

    • datrebor

      You don’t have to be ‘drug free’ to work. Marijuana is the only ‘tattletale’ drug the others are out of your system in a few days. Also do they test for any prescription or OTC drugs? They can cause problems as well and not all that take a prescription drug has one. Besides all that this has been shown to cost more money then it can save.

  • Marlene

    I would not have a problem with people being tested, if they have a history of alcohol and drug abuse. There are too many people who through no fault of their own need the assistance and this is highly embarrassing to ask someone to go through. And I would love to know how often are they going to test etc. because an initial test because the person going into apply knows they will have to be tested could make themselves clean for that test and then go right back to using. This is my main reason why it should be for people with a known history..they know how to work systems.

  • j

    During the great depression many people killed them selves because they were to proud to accept help because of stigmas attached to it , do we really want to go there again.. If this goes throu the churches will be over burderned to feed people as they already are over crowded.

  • Anonymous

    The problem with just about all of these comments is the fact that there are multiple states who now have legalized marijuana/cannabis; end prohibition to the people that do smoke marijuana. A lot of people don’t even spend money on it but still smoke it. I think hard drugs such as crack/cocaine, heroin, meth, and ecstasy should be tested for because those are the drugs that are actually ruining our society.

  • kay

    Most employers require drug testing so I see no difference. If you’re not doing drugs than you don’t have to worry.

  • mh

    Food Stamps YES!
    Unemployment benefits NO, because these people are everyday workers that have been layed off. Working people deserve to party however they want. Being layed off is not loafing off the system. Unemplyment benefits are EARNED by working hours. People should not be drug tested because their company layed them off! Food stamps/ AFDC is a hand out so YES drug test for that….

    • social-ite

      MH, the vast majority of Food Stamp users are mothers and their children. By any definition, caring for children is work. Therefore, you must include mothers in your definition of workers. Work is not work because you get paid, it’s work because it is effort, toil. If people are raising children they cannot always be holding a paid job too. So their Food Stamps are well earned. Your assumption it is a handout can only make sense to a person who views work only as things that someone else is willing to pay you for. That is a male perspective of the value of work. Mothers work harder than many other professions and require income to do their jobs.

  • Truth B Told

    This is insanely stupid. How much is this going to cost additionally to the tax payer to test everyone applying for benefits? Spend hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars to save a few thousand paying out food benefits to drug users. While you are at it, why don’t you propose Potowotomi casino checking everyone’s identification at the door and matching it to the food share database. You’re outright crazy Governor. In addition, I’m sure those that are using drugs and receiving benefits are able to “cleanse” their system to pass a urine test. Bad move Walker, bad move.

  • bphil

    Common sense dictates that only people with money can afford to buy drugs.

    Mandatory drug testing for people with jobs, that’s how you win the war on drugs.

  • Taxi Up

    The reality is that people NEED to eat and will do whatever they need to do to feed themselves. Go ahead and test EVERYONE, maybe you will bust 10%. There then holds a chance that these “10%” still NEED to eat and instead of receiving their $100 or whatever per month from the state, now they are going to steal and rob from innocent hard working people to get the money they NEED to eat. I don’t think Walker has thought this idea through and this will only end up costing the Wisconsin tax payer more in the long run while increasing the chance of increased violent crimes

    • Sara

      Studies have shown only 3 percent of people receiving assistance tested positive for drugs in other states under this program.

  • REAGAN 84

    Thank God! If people have to take drug tests to WORK,then Gov leeches should have to take drug tests to get money (and better healthcare than those that WORK) that many of us WORK to get!! .If they test positive,they should get cutoff permanently!

  • marail

    It’s a good idea. And F.Y.I. most low income people are white. But I think the politicians should have to get tested also. As stated before they receive public money. Firefighters, police and other government employees have to get tested. So should all government employees.

  • Andrew

    This should have been in place yearsssss ago! dead beat drug addicts should not receive a penny that they do not earn.

  • Derrick

    This is clearly in conflict with the 4th amendment. I see a lot of people saying what they “feel” or “think”, but in this case is doesn’t matter. In this country, authorities cannot search you without a warrant, and a warrant cannot be given without probable cause. Being dependent on government assistance IS NOT probable cause. I agree people on government assistance should not be on drugs, but we don’t get to just ignore the Constitution whenever we feel like it. Just another time politicians are going to waste money on a stupid law, which will turn into a stupid lawsuit, which will then cost us taxpayers money, all because Walker is trying to look good for the presidency.

    • william

      Well stated Derrick. I’d like to see those zealots who favor drug testing for food stamp recipients explain why that same standard shouldn’t apply to recipients of farm subsidies or corporate welfare.

  • get real

    An excellent idea. Since the taxpayers pay for these benefits we are essentially the employers.
    The vast majority of working people are required to submit to drug testing. Why should the people who are collecting public benefits be any different ?

  • JDubsThaBrownTurd

    I’m no where as smart as someone that’s planning on running for president in 2016 but, wouldn’t it just make more sense to eliminate the entire state aid program and replace it with a state tax credit paid out to everyone that files a state tax return? How much is this testing going to cost every single working taxpayer? Idk, maybe I have no idea but just a thought.

  • Common Sense

    Better make it no alcohol or nicotine in addition to no illegal drugs. If you’ve got money for booze and cigarettes, you’ve got money for food.

  • Chris

    Reminds me when then President Bill Clinton introduced W2.. it seemed harsh to those receiving free benifits at first.. but it aided in breaking the cycle of total government dependency to generations that followed cause the expectancies of receiving ‘free money ‘ had passed. . Well kinda

  • Carl

    I think more of you should educate yourself this matter more intimately. Pot (marijuana) is the only drug that shows up on urine tests after 24 to 48 hours. Most, if not all other substances (all WAY worse for you) are out of your system and undetectable after a day or two. This proposal is targeting pot users. Who have been the target for a lot of reform. Yet other states around the country are becoming more accepting of these lifestyles. Not to mention the investment Walker ha made with the companies who will be doing these tests. This reform has failed over and over again. I like that Walker put us back in the black…but this is robbery.

  • just me

    Everyone knows someone that is getting welfare and/or assistance that is using all the money they receive to buy drugs and that have lived off the system for what seems like forever. If you really want to see this problem go away, why aren’t you reporting it to the authorities. If you really know about it, and you aren’t at least reporting the abuse, your not part of the solution, your a part of the problem. The Republicans continually say that we have allowed the government to grow to large and that we the people who have paid taxes throughout out entire lives rely on the government to heavily when due to circumstances beyond our control we need help in the form of unemployment or paying doctor bills, or buying food. So what does Walker propose, getting the government more involved in our lives, just like any good police state would. All of you that are so convinced that “someone you know” is abusing the system, step up to the plate and report them to the authorities. Stop being part of the problem because you don’t want to be involved in the solution.

  • Bex

    Shawnda….Politicians don’t receive “assistance” – that is called a “salary” from “working.” Assistance is something that is given to people – like free housing, food stamps, free childcare, healthcare, and unemployment – when someone is poor or not working. And there are plenty of good people who need this help temporarily, but if drug abuse is keeping them from working, then why should tax dollars continue to support them?

    • bphil

      I’m a bit concerned that you’re OK with paying politicians for “working”. I’d rather they actually be working, not just cute-quotey-finger-“working”. And if my taxpayer dollars are supposed to line that politician’s pockets, you bet your ass I want him pissing into a cup on a weekly basis to make sure he’s not passing laws under the influence of illegal drugs.

    • Dani Rivera

      Unemployment is not a free handout…you have to work a certain amount of hours to be eligible to receive it. You should not be drug tested for this because it is a benefit a person has earned!

  • Diane Pagen

    May I predict the follow up news story for this one? “State finds that Scott Walker happens to have a good friend in the medical supply industry–specifically–drug testing supplies.” People are not stupid, Governor Walker. This proposal has personal financial enrichment written all over it.

  • heather

    Ok the drug testing is a great idea….but something also has to be done with the minimum wage of the entire state otherwise limiting the amount of assistance is not going to help those that truly need it…there will be more homeless and more crime….

  • ryan halverson

    its really simple. if we drug test everyone who receives benefits, we lose more money in the long run. its been done before. Florida tried it. it doesn’t work. it sounds nice, but it doesn’t save any money, it wastes more, which is what we are trying to do in the first place is to save money.

  • Mike wickinski

    Yes, For all that are paid by our tax dollars. Not just the ones on welfare but also the ones in suit and tie or dress. Equal rights is what that is called. You separate the two and I’m pretty sure that’s discrimination of the poor. I’m sure there are plenty of people in “higher” positions that would fail a drug test or two. No man or woman is above the law so if you test, you test all.

  • Call in the Clowns

    Scotty doesn’t care. Didn’t he say during his last gubernatorial campaign that he intended
    to serve the full four year term? He’s going to run for Prez. He won’t even to have time to deal with the fall out from this asinine proposal because he will be to obsessed with his White House run. Stir the pot and run, run, run

  • ptk

    I’m all for this drug testing bit, but to limit how long people can receive benefits isn’t right. There are some families that have BOTH parents who BOTH work full-time jobs and still cannot afford to put food on the table. The cost to the taxpayers for these drug tests and treatment and job search programs will be outrageous compared to what they would save if they just cut people off. Glad my taxes pay for something even more worthless than our governor.

  • mom

    go to work and get tested and loose a job and need help =get tested if you test clean only limited to so many days test positive and wa la you get to go to school get a job placement and also get the assistance so its better to do drugs than not .



  • Darlene Keeling

    Is there going to be help for those who test positive ? Or are they going to be left out in the cold and have their families suffer from this . Also if they are going to get help are they going to get help or are they like so many others have to go to a treatment plan that they have to pay for themselves and make the treatment centers take their money and never cure them of their addiction. Please think about their families and think about why these people are on this program to begin with that we live in a state where the minamum wage is still way below average and there are no jobs for them. There are children going hungry in this state and nobody cares homeless too so why don’t we test some of the rich in the state and see how many of them test positive!!!!

    • DaTruth

      There should be help to gain employment, that should be the focus, not drug testing to receive help! This is pinpointed towards certain individuals. Taxes get took and used for whatever purpose! No one says anything about taxes getting taken away without choice and used for the riches gain. Now they want to use this excuse to so call save money and give help only if your tested positive. It also gives the impression that those receiving help does drugs with the benefits given! Some people can let power get to their head.

  • Cactus Joe

    2/3 of people support this idea but I raise a few pesky questions. Assuming about 10% of welfare applicants do drugs (estimates range from 2.5% to 13%, with the incidence in the general population being about 8%), does the cost of testing (which is paid by taxpayers at between $25-$75/test) the other 90% of drug free applicants offset the money saved by denying benefits to the 10% who test positive. Also, will that 10% actually be denied benefits? Food and medicine are kind of essential for life. Walker said those testing positive will have access to free treatment programs, presumably in order to get their benefits. By free he does not mean pro bono, he means the state foots the bill (taxpayers again). So not only do the drug taking applicants get free drug tests (taxpayers) and free treatment (taxpayers), at the end of the day they still get their food stamps, unemployment, and Medicaid benefits (taxpayers).

  • JMW

    Who is going to pay for this drug testing? It’s not cheap labs can get up to 400.00 for a test per person. The facts and figures are not all in. We need more information before we start spending money we do not have.

  • why

    72.4% of americans are white 12.4% are black 38.8% of people on government assistance are white 39.8% are black whites outnumber blacks almost 200 to 1 but not on welfare

  • Maureen Ingold

    These kinds of tests do not cost as much as they used to. There will probably be one flat fee paid to the agency that will be doing this so it will be a set cost.
    I wish folks would not think that things like drug testing and requiring people to work a little for food stamp was so heartless. So much good will come out of it for the recipient, for their families, and for society. There will all sorts of avenues and outlets to work things out and to handle special cases.
    This is sort of weeding the garden because things have gotten out of control.

    I know some think smoking a little weed is ok but one can do that when they are gainfully employed and not using the money granted to them out of the goodness of heart to get by on. Then when they are gainfully employed they can make their own choice to risk their job in case of drug testing by their employer.

    It sounds so silly to defend the right to drug use when one is jobless and cannot feed their kids or pay the rent and bills.
    It sounds so silly to defend the right to do nothing while getting food stamps when one could be somewhere volunteering or working a part time job to get ahead. It gets one out there doing a bit of networking. The ones who know they are doing their best to meet the guidelines will not complain and the ones who do not want to try will be the complainers.
    One might suddenly realize “if I work few more hours I will not need food stamp and I can get the government off my back.”
    It is too bad it has come this when welfare and other assisting programs exist to help and not to perpetuate destructive behavior.
    It is just pulling some weeds from an otherwise healthy garden.

  • Mike

    I think anyone getting aid for 6 months or more should have to do manual labor such as clean parks, roadways. They should have to do lawn work for elderly people etc etc. Anything to make them earn their money. And yes drug test to. Take the money for the drug test out of their benefits.

  • Jim Taylor

    Medical marijuana is essential in many proven disabilitative circumstances also with so many fewer side effects and it seems to be that the Federal Government is choosing to be the last entity to acknowledge the many tests which have taken place, or the results, anyway. Marijuana use has been voted upon, and in many cases been the best alternative for Narcotic pain relievers. Will it remain acceptable here in Colorado?

  • John Patrick

    First, go to Netflix and watch “Citizen Koch” to see how Scott Walker was a coo to get him elected and kept in office. Next, I have an idea: There is now a test which can show levels of greed and selfishness in the human brain. I propose Scott Walker, David Koch and Charles Koch (and much of the GOP) must undergo testing. If they pass, they get to keep their position and bloated salaries. If they fail, their position and salaries are taken away for 3 months. They have the option of volunteering for various charity based organizations and staying in a shelter. They can come back and be tested again every 3 months. When they pass, they are restored on a probationary basis and must test every 3 months. Here is the test: http://www.livescience.com/25587-greed-empathy-oxytocin.html

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