Michigan fraternity trashes ski resort hotel, causes $50,000 worth of damage

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MICHIGAN (WITI) — A fraternity at the University of Michigan trashed dozens of rooms at a ski resort that caused $50,000 worth of damage.

Doors and furniture were broken, walls were damaged and the carpet was trashed.

See the pictures here:

On the same weekend, two other frats from the University of Michigan rented a bunch of condos at a different property and caused thousands in damages there as well.

The university says it is disappointed about what happened.

The school’s Office of Greek Life says the fraternities will pay back the resorts for the damages.


  • A Yooper

    I hope that there is a felony that could be put on these guys. No reduced charges. See how that fits on your resume. But I am sure Mommy & Daddy will say “just boys blowing off steam”

  • Derpdeeberp

    Not surprised. University of Michigan students always trash their hotels at these types of events. Its a UofM tradition. The University of Michigan is blaming the hotel. Typical low class trash.

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