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WATCH: Student slams teacher to the floor for allegedly taking phone away

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NEW JERSEY (WITI) — A ninth grade student was arrested after he attacked his teacher and slammed him to the floor in a classroom — all because of a cell phone.

The incident began when a John F. Kennedy High School teacher confiscated a phone from a student.

In the video, the 16-year-old student is seen grabbing his 62-year-old teacher and slamming him to the floor in an effort to get his cell phone back. It was all captured on video from another student in the classroom on Thursday, January 22nd.

According to PIX11, criminal charges have been filed against the John. F Kennedy High School student, and he was also suspended from school.

The student is charged with assaulting a teacher in a classroom.


  • Liz

    1. expulsion
    2. detention
    3. parents raise your children. If you do not; society will do it for you. Society does not love your offspring. They will end up in jail. That child has two years of freedom, because he thinks he can challenge authority. Today it was a teacher over a cell phone. Tomorrow it will be a police officer with a gun.

    • gavinet

      I guess you don’t realize how the educational system works nowadays. Security is so tight that anybody who tries to interfere in any way shape or form is seen as “fighting”. Self-defense is “fighting”, and is suspendable. Trying to break up fights if you’re not a staff member is “fighting” and punishable. Maybe some of those students wanted to help but due to our stupidly tight security, it’d end badly for them too possibly.

      I know it sounds outrageous, but stupider stuff has happened.

  • Julie

    I would love to know how this child was raised. It is wrong in every way. I can state several things that I have learned as being a Professional Counseling student. I will not because that is judging. I am also sick of being ganged up on when I state facts.

    • 2ECOND

      so true. you can also blame government for getting involved with raising your kids. you cant even look at your kid cross eyed without being slammed with child abuse charges. schools teach it as well, more parents are afraid of what their kids may say to authorities these days. its the new kinder gentler America, how’s that working libs?

      • kojoto

        Wrong – its more like the kids have ALL the rights and the teachers have none. A student can assault a teacher and pretty much get away with it. If a teacher even touches a kid, he/she is automatically fired and sued. Teachers should get combat pay. The reason our public schools are failing is because no sane person would want to deal with all of this B.S. – especially for low pay. Teachers deserve more rights and parents need to step up to the plate

  • DAngelo Smith-Williams

    That dude did not slam him. But he is stupid and the person who recorded it needs to get charged as well.

  • A Yooper

    I keep trying to think that those things could be trained. Not thinking so much anymore. Bill Cosby told the brothers to join main stream. Look what people are doing to him now. Other races come to USA and for the most part and shut up and try. Mexicans risk their lives to get here to pick beans. Blacks were even given a free boat ride here and they still whine.

  • ibn nate

    When I was in school (over twenty years ago), teachers confiscated objects from students all the time, but I have never seen anything like this before. If that teacher did something to offend the student, then the student should have reported it to the principal or his parents, but he should have never physically assaulted the teacher. This points to the moral depletion of the country. And please don’t make it a BLACK THING because there have been whites who have killed their teachers. FLASHBACK: COLUMBINE INCIDENT. Americans, as a whole, need to learn how to behave, and the best way to do this is by clinging to the legislation of the Creator.

  • Johnathon

    It sounds like the “gentle giant” gave that whitey a slap once they were on the floor. Listen for it at the 15 second mark. Ain’t love grand?

  • ron

    That kid is a gh*tto pos. Who attacks a teacher over a cell, I’m sure the th*g would get his phone back after class. Just a h**d rat who is or will b felon in no time.

  • DaTruth

    Why does a kid have a cell phone in class! Kids should not have cell phones, it is just a distraction and something to intensify negative behavior. They want your kids to have this device, so they can go anywhere on the web unsupervised and it gives them a sense of freedom. The things these kids is doing on the internet is crazy! They become addicted to these devices. There is becoming no separation, between adult and child. The powers that be do not want you to raise your child in the correct manner. These kids is taking naked pictures of themselves and dancing provocatively on the net. It’s either by phone, iPad or computer. Kids is being bullied also through these devices. No kid should have 100% privacy! Take control off your kids, before the powers that be do!

    • frank Jackson

      He’s just redshirting. Common practice so you can gave 24 year old black people play against 16 year olds in football

  • Janet Sanchez MP

    Wow. This is something else. I’m not going to lie I get mad when I get my phone taken away but not mad enough to physically harm someone. Plus I only get my phone taken away from my parents. Even I know better than to use my phone in class. Also this kid is 16 years old and still a freshman in high school? He had no right to do that to his teacher for crying out loud his teacher is 62. Its bad even enough that none of the other kids did anything in right mind to stop this kid. Something worse could have happen to the teacher because of his age. I hope this kid pays some serious charges and hopefully the man is okay.

  • Rachel Ann Lobel

    I am beyond pissed that this Asshwipe did not get expelled from school. Only suspended? He needs to get expelled he is with his teachers and they are going to feel threatened every time this degenerate is in their classroom. They wont be able to perform a proper lesson if they fear for their lives and their students. Although I am happy that criminal charges are being filed I hope he goes to jail and gets a tough lesson. There’s always someone bigger and tougher then you kid and at the rate your going you will learn that serving hard time.

  • chris

    The taking of the personal property of another, with the use of force or fear, is robbery, a felony. Every citizen has the 4th amendment right to property and to protect that property. The only people who can take our property permanently are judges. Police Officers can confiscate property temporarily but teachers are not sworn peace officers and do not have the powers of a peace officer. If I was a child and a large adult grabbed my property out of my hands I would be afraid and would react by defending myself. Only peace officers have the right to temporarily take our constitutional rights away from us. No, the kid should maybe not have been using their phone in class, but that doesn’t give the teacher the right to commit robbery.

    • DaTruth

      I think you are over reacting. The kid shouldn’t fear for his life, just because a teacher took his phone away and it was probably a distraction. The key word here is “child” and the teacher is the authority of the room. If the kid had his phone out disrupting the class, then it should be taken and parents should be notified. I guess you would okay your kid to attack an adult over a phone. I don’t believe the teacher was robbing the boy neither! The video doesn’t show the whole story, but clearly the child has some anger and obedience issues.

    • gavinet

      Are you a current student? Because that’s what you sound like. All I hear is *cough*BSBSBSBSBSBSBS*cough*.

      Many schools have RULES – yes, they legally can have rules – that say NO CELL PHONES / NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES. They also state that IF YOU BREAK THESE RULES, any objects USED to break the rules WILL BE CONFISCATED. Had the student been educated on the rules he agreed to by entering that school (don’t go all he-didn’t-have-a-choice on me, he could have chosen a private school if he wanted to technically), he would know that he agreed that he would have his phone confiscated if seen. It was something that the student agreed would happen. Plus, it is a CHILD, they are NOT an adult and under the supervision of the school and are the school’s responsibility during the school day. Other than corporal punishment, whatever the parents can do the school has the right to do (such as confiscating property temporarily) because the MINOR student is their responsibility and under their jurisdiction and command. Even adults can have this happen to them; if they enter a facility that makes them agree not to bring X item in, X item can and will be confiscated if found and it is NOT illegal because they agreed to that upon entry of the building.

      And, in a school setting, they’d probably do a call-the-parents and have it be picked up or even given back to the child after school.

      What the teacher did is not a felony. It is not robbery. It is enforcing the rules that the student agreed to upon entering the school.

      To me, you just sound like a (no offense meant) young student uninformed on the laws and thinking that because “FREE COUNTRY!” and all that there’s no limitations and using your limited, uninformed knowledge of basic law to try to cry blasphemy. Welcome to the real world – if you agree to something, you must do it or face consequences. Are you going to get a job, sign a contract in part of it for, say, confidential information, and then say “FREEDOM OF SPEECH!” and let that information out? No, because you agreed to it.

    • Desert11Eagle

      A 16 year old does not legally own any property smart guy. It is all owned by the parents.

      Your comment is useless.

  • frank Jackson

    He’s just redshirting. It’s a common practice so you can have 24 year old blacks play against 16 year olds in football

  • kojoto

    The kid should be sent to juvenile hall and the parent should be held responsible as well. My parents were teachers and 99% of the time parents said their kids were angels and took zero responsibility. And yes, truth is its no surprise hes a black male – the most violent offenders

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