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WATCH: She weighs just 120 lbs., but she put down TWO 72-ounce steaks in less than 20 minutes!

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(WITI) — She weighs just 120 pounds — but a Nebraska woman was able to down not one, but TWO 72-ounce steaks in less than 20 minutes!

Molly Schuyler has a new claim to fame after taking on Amarillo’s Big Texan Steak Ranch‘s “The Big Texan” 72-ounce steak challenge. She put away TWO 72-ounce steaks — and posted video proof to YouTube.

Schuyler says she plans to return to the restaurant for another challenge. She says she’ll try to consume three entire meals in under an hour.

WATCH Molly Schuyler vs. The Big Texas 72-ounce steak challenge…times two!


  • darshaneeander

    Ingesting acrimonious amounts of bovine flesh only directs ones own insidious instincts towards self destruction.

  • gothchef

    If something makes for a good story, someone always steps up to do it, even if it means that they are hurting themselves somehow. People should think before using philosophy or science to make these events more than what they really are. As to how she did it, don’t think too hard about individuals doing things that are outside of established patterns of behavior.

  • Reasonless

    Great job reporting!
    Next week you can write about how fat America is.
    Again, the whole world must have slept peacefully last night that you had to dig so deep as to even consider calling this news.
    If you are this bored, perhaps look into a part time job at H&R Block. They always need extra help during this time of year. At least by filling out tax returns, you won’t be wasting so much print on nonsense.

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