Genius? WATCH this video, and you may never use a shovel to clear snow again!

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WEST VIRGINIA (WITI) — You may benefit from this after the winter wallop we saw in southeastern Wisconsin this weekend! It’s a genius way to clear the snow without using a shovel!

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Joshua Jordan of West Virginia.

Jordan gets on his knees and starts clearing a path – with his hands!

Now, before you think you wouldn’t be willing to try this – you have to see how easily he rolls the snow off his lawn.



  • Joe

    not a life hack.. had proper snow conditions where it rolled up, and he was unable to control the direction much,, was also on grass, and for good reason, cant do it on pavement

  • Jesus

    Look at your Facebook comments you received for this. Don’t treat us like we are dumb. Wisconsin snow is a dry, fluffy snow. To achieve a rolling snowball like this, you need warmer weather for the snow to compact. Take your reporters outside, try this. If you are successful, good for you. If you aren’t, you just made a fool of yourself and of your reporters. Genius? Please do yourself a favor and turn this station around with real news, not “everyone is dumb and we are dumb as well, news”

  • What!

    Sure, let’s bend over the whole time. By the time he finishes i’d have 3 driveways done and salted. But i can understand why katie isn’t doing real news. There’s better stories try researching just a little bit.

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