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UW-Milwaukee students to rally against Gov. Walker’s proposed UW System cuts

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- On Wednesday, February 4, College Democrats of UW-Milwaukee will be holding a rally to raise awareness of Gov. Walker's proposal to cut $300 million from the UW System.

State Rep. Jonathan Brostoff and over 250 students are expected to attend.

Governor Scott Walker last week announced funding cuts for the UW System. In exchange, he says they’ll gain more autonomy and flexibility.

Walker’s plan calls for cutting $300 million in the next biennium and giving UW System leaders more independence, a move that would leave legislators with no way to stop the UW System from raising tuition as much as it wants starting in 2017. Some are worried the plan would allow the system to raise tuition dramatically.

The rally will begin at the Wisconsin Room in the UWM Student Union at 5:00 p.m. A brief march to Mitchell Hall will take place at approximately 5:15 p.m. The majority of the rally will take place in front of Mitchell Hall.

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      • RK91

        What the hell does this have to do with working or not working? As it stands, 400 grad students are going to be either let go or forced to work without pay. These are students who went through a UWM grad program who may not be able to see it through now. It’s literally doing the opposite of what Walker needs to do, and it’s COSTING WISCONSIN JOBS…oh and making higher education look a little less important, where future generations will decide to move on with out it, which will make for some great future leaders in the state and really teach the value of hard work running through MPS. :/ ??? Are you not that critical of a thinker or WHAT?


    Tuition used to be 1/12 of someones salary for a year. Now it’s way beyond that. It’s time to cut the liberals money flow for a while. The tenured prof’s sittin around collecting hard earned money from the taxpayers with no return is right. What are the uw students protesting..just to protest or do they want the tuition increased. The more money you give to liberals the more they will find creative ways to speed it. Cut away ..!

    • Sunny

      What is being protested against is the de-funding of public education. There has been a general trend to de-fund public education in this state for the last 30 years and those of us who believe that education (including higher education) should be a protected right disagree with the privatization and commodification of education. Apart from the ideological factors, the immediate and tangible consequence of the current plan is going to be the loss of jobs for many graduate students who are employed in the system. Sure they can get jobs outside of the UW system (most of them already do have another job) but what they are then losing is the work experience that they need to actually get hired in an incredibly competitive field.

  • Mike

    Should rally against the UW System Administration, they all make $300,000-500,000. Then you get into the athletic coaches, some of which making 2+ million. This doesn’t include professors who should be paid well. Marching fixes nothing.

    • Mike

      When I say professors should be paid well, I don’t mean $250k per year (7 months). They do however educate our future, so in my opinion they shouldn’t be paid less than a pencil pusher, but they are….

  • What!

    Find out who these students are and when he freezes tuition for the 2 years make them pay double and they won’t raise tuition much after the freeze ends because they’ll go out of business. But then again libs run the school so they’ll do it out of spite not caring who they hurt as long as it makes Walker look bad.

    • bobby57

      Don’t be a fool here RK91. These same greedy UW administrators raised tuition year after year to build their 1 billion dollar slush fund and had no guilty feelings about sticking it to the very students who pay their salaries. Those students building large student loans so these fat cats could sit back and just continue on in the fantasy world of no work with high salaries. Now they are being told they will be receiving a 13% cut to their budget and people should feel bad for them?? There is a great deal of waste in all areas of state government and the UW system is no different. Let them dip into their slush fund to make up the difference. They of course won’t do that they will cut the TA’s before they dip into that money so they can try to make the governor look bad for making the cuts. Perhaps they should have professors return to the classroom to actually teach??? No that won’t happen either as they don’t want to work.

  • ltdarkstar

    What the libtards don’t tell you is that UW had a 648mil surplus rather recently and they have been wasting money and overpaying professors (Many of them are making more than CEOs). If you want a more balanced story (and the whole story, which Fox 6 apparently is turning more liberal day-by-day with their hiding of the facts and their backing of the lib agenda) I urge you to check out the details at newstalk1130’s site.

    • Rommel571

      You really don’t have much faith in MPS…do they need more money? Money doesn’t mean education. Nor does a degree. I’d put more faith in future leaders that have “real life” experience over a college education…especially now that most colleges are just a breeding ground for Liberals.

  • get real

    Thank you Governor Scott Walker ! Another property tax cut that benefits all of us.
    The overpaid and under worked staff of the UW system will whine but nobody cares.

    • RK91

      and by heftier, I mean they’ll lose their TA/internships and any work they do will be pro bono and they’ll have to pick up additional jobs to keep up with bills, gas, food, etc. That has bearing on their quality of work as well. This will have an impact on students in these classes that the TAs are a part of. Look beyond the ‘now’…it’s just plain selfish and very much ignorant. I’m not even a grad student, in case you thought that was the case. I just don’t want to live in a state surrounded by the uneducated, under-trained and worst of all, MPS-only educated.

    • Rommel571

      Work ethic can be much more valuable than a piece of paper saying you are “educated”. I have my BA and work harder than most….in a field I did not go to college for. How many college grads work in the field in which they studied? But just having the degree does get you in the door over most.

    • Rommel571

      If you think the UW system needs more money by all means give them some. Just remember you can give as much money to UW or the government as you want…they’ll take it. And when tax time comes around you don’t need to take a refund. I myself like to keep more of the money I earned.

  • ltdarkstar

    $10 says these Liberal Arts students were asked to protest out there by their democratic hipster professors looking to keep their big wages. They probably are even getting graded for attending.

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