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“People are frustrated:” Tax instructions, some forms not available at public libraries

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Tax season is here. About 90 percent of Americans now file electrically. But there are still 10 percent out there who do it the old way -- on paper. But getting those paper forms has become challenging.

Tom Scholzen was helping his grandson do his taxes on the 1040EZ and decided to pick up an instruction booklet at the library. But he wasn't having any luck finding those booklets at the libraries he was visiting.

"That's ridiculous that you have to pay the taxes but you can't get the information you need," said Scholzen.

Librarians are hearing that a lot. Zablocki Library Branch Manager David Sikora says they have only the three forms -- and no instruction booklets. They have put up signs to that fact.

"A lot of people are frustrated. They're upset. They're just trying to put blame onto somebody. You know, usually blame the government ah, sometimes the library gets blamed," said Sikora.

It's not the library's fault. Sikora says an appropriations bill cut funding for the tax outlet program.

Sen. Jim Sensenbrenner is also hearing complaints from his constituents. He wrote to the IRS to find out what it is doing to fix the problem.

Sikora says his library will download the instructions for people. But be mindful of the fact that most places will charge per page.


  • Erica Stephens

    It is ridiculous that tax forms are not available. My local library with make them on their copier at a charge. I should have to pay for the privilege of paying taxes? I called the IRS number which says they will send them via mail. After taking all my information, address and forms needed. , I was told that they are not yet available but will be sent when they get some. Did they not realize it is tax season? Absurd!

  • Rebecca

    Some people do not have computers or printers………………………….how about not paying my taxes since I don’t have booklet on how or forms.

  • Johnel

    I ordered tax forms and booklets from IRS website on the 26th of Jan. Forms and booklets have not arrived and it’s Feb 20. The site said 8 to 15 working days. The IRS will hunt us down like dogs if we don’t pay our taxes! Give us the forms and booklets so we can file our American taxes! I don’t trust my tax information all over the internet so the whole world can hack it. I prepare my taxes long hand. Send out the forms! Please!

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