Police: Two crews responsible for rash of armed robberies on south side; one crew still on the loose

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BAY VIEW (WITI) -- Milwaukee police say two groups are responsible for a rash of armed robberies on the city's south side. Police say they've arrested one of the crews, but the other is still on the run.

The most recent robbery occurred at the "Gyros Stand" on Oklahoma Avenue. The owners put up a fight and the suspect wasn't able to get a dime -- but the owners say they would've handled it differently.

The "Gyros Stand" has been open for nearly 26 years, and its owners say in that time, no one has ever tried to rob them -- so when a man came in on Sunday, February 8th with his hood up, they didn't think he was serious.

"The guy walked in and stood right there and said 'open the drawer, give me your money.' I thought it was some joke and I said 'yeah, I`m gonna give you the money, right,'" Effie Nassiopoulos said.

"I tell her in Greek 'give him the money! It`s real! Give him the money!'" Peter Nassiopoulos said.

"I took my cane and I went like this over his head and I said 'I give you the money. How you want it? Over your head or in your eyes?!" Effie Nassiopoulos said.

"Then he turned around and as soon as he turned around, I said 'get the hell out of here!'" Peter Nassiopoulos said.

The man left empty-handed.

Police say this was the latest in a string of robberies on the south side dating back to mid-January. Police have focused on two groups. They believe one of them is responsible for at least four robberies.

Police have arrested two people -- 29-year-old Govanni Martinez and 43-year-old Matthew Stehr.

Another crew is connected to at least four robberies as well, police say. They are looking for two suspects in those cases.

In one case, the group hit the same business nine days apart -- a McDonald's on Kinnickinnic Avenue.

Police say in each case, the suspects have implied they have a weapon.

It's too early to confirm whether the attempted robbery of the "Gyros Stand" is connected to any of the other similar crimes, police say. They say they believe the two suspected crews weren't acting together.

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  • Al P

    Yet Barrett and Flynn say the good guys shouldn’t arm themselves. The police will handle it, Ya Right, I guess it’s only fair to have guns just in the hands of the bad guys. Perhaps they should be consulting with the only sane leader in Milwaukee County and that would be Sherriff Clarke.

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