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Slenderman stabbing case: Court learns what private investigator found in Morgan Geyser’s bedroom

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WAUKESHA COUNTY (WITI/AP) — 12-year-old Morgan Geyser and 12-year-old Anissa Weier -- young girls charged as adults, accused of stabbing their friend 19 times and leaving her for dead in the woods in Waukesha last May appeared in court again on Tuesday, February 17th. The girls have been found competent to proceed in this case, and Tuesday was day two of their preliminary hearings. In court on Tuesday -- a look into the mind of a child diagnosed as a young schizophrenic and a look at what an investigator discovered in her bedroom.

Geyser and Weier each face one felony count of attempted first degree intentional homicide as party to a crime, use of a dangerous weapon.

The victim in this case survived.

We are now learning much more about what was going on in the minds of Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, and things found in Geyser's bedroom that shocked even her parents.

Detectives say the girls carried out the attack to please the fictional evil character, Slenderman. Testimony during the girls' preliminary hearings has shown Geyser was obsessed with fantasy.

"An enduring belief in the reality of Slenderman, a fictional character. Morgan's belief in vulcan mind control, and her belief, conviction that she has relationships with Harry Potter characters. She thinks they're real people," Psychologist Dr. Deborah Collins said.

Collins testified Geyser's unyielding belief in Slenderman led her to fear the creature would hurt her and her family if she didn't kill her friend.

In court on Tuesday, a private investigator recounted what he discovered in Morgan Geyser's bedroom.

"There were numerous notebooks, drawings pertaining to the Slenderman character, involving death," David Janisch said.

Geyser's sketches were shown in court. They include drawings of Slenderman, and phrases like "no eyes, always watches." One drawing showed a girl lying on the ground, with the words "I love killing people." Another shows a girl with a knife -- with the words "Help me escape my mind." Also -- picture after picture of mutilated Barbie dolls with slash marks, hands cut off and the Slenderman symbol drawn on their bodies.

The reality is, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier are now in custody, instead of where they thought they'd be after pleasing Slenderman.

"She has to get to the Nicolet Forest, and they were going to walk there and if they made it there he would house her in the mansion and then she wouldn't have her family killed," Geyser's attorney Anthony Cotton said.

On Monday, during day one of testimony in the girls' preliminary hearings, an attorney for one of the girls said he will prove his client belongs in juvenile court -- not adult court. Defense attorney Anthony Cotton said during his opening statement that Morgan Geyser's obsession with Slenderman warrants a lesser charge of second-degree attempted homicide that could be dealt with in juvenile court.

Shown in court Monday were excerpts from Geyser's notebook -- including a supply list for the alleged crime, sketches of Slenderman and sayings like "help never comes."

In a video interview, Weier told a detective she did it because she wanted to prove Slenderman was real, and because she was afraid of him.

"Well yeah. He is anywhere from 14 to 60 feet tall. He constantly wears a suit. He doesn`t have a face. He targets children. He has tendrils on his back. I was really scared he could kill my whole family in three seconds," Weier said in the video.

Judge Michael Bohren said he'll decide next month whether to order a trial in this case.

Morgan Geyser

Morgan Geyser

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  • moor2c

    Imagine this: these girls had been hypnotised by an adult, and committed the same atrocity “in trance”, and then had been taken out of it by the hypnotist, not remembering anything of their murderous deed. Would then everybody convict them to life jail as fast as now ? I don’t think so. Well – that, however, is exactly what happened, and the hypnosis took place during long months, ever more intensifying the trance, until a command from one to the other : “go crazy, go ballistic… NOW!” was enough to trigger the stabbing-rage. Exercised in many forms in the drawings, found in Megan’s room. And the same obsession of her parents with Death and horror, turned into demonic possession in their child. Read more about the 12-y-old psyche:

    Dr. Steven Schlozman is assistant professor of psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

  • Alcyone

    Her mind was raised by two sick parent’s minds who flirt with horror and death-myths. Other children play ‘for real’ tending shop, serving cups of tea. Dressing dolls. Her parents found her horror-fascination cute. The world loves Hitchcocks’ and Stephen King’s sick fantasies. Deal with it, it’s the truth.

    • cat

      I agree. My lil sister looks up creepypastas but she doesn’t take them seriously. I’ve had to tell her not to look up that kind of stuff because its just stories that would disturb her mind. Parents who’ve never heard of them needs to keep your children away form those.

  • cat

    Does anyone else realize that drawing of ben drowned? Also Creepypastas shouldn’t be took as real. They’re just stories that were created to give people nightmares. No offense but her parents should’ve been watching what she looks up.

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