Halted by demonstrators: Hamilton supporters shut down Fire and Police Commission meeting

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Milwaukee city meeting was shut down by demonstrators. Supports of Dontre Hamilton's family halted tonight's Fire and Police Commission meeting.

They are upset an appeal hearing for the former police officer who shot and killed Dontre Hamilton has not been set.

Thursday, they made known, they're fired up.

On the third floor of City Hall, business as usual was halted by demonstrators.

About 50 people stood up while the Fire and Police Commission tries continuing on with its meeting. The meeting was adjourned, as no business could continue on.

The group is upset no officials appeal hearing date has been set for former Milwaukee police officer, Christopher Manney.

"We've been waiting as a family too long, we've been waiting as a community too long," said Nate Hamilton, Dontre Hamilton's brother.

Manney shot and killed Hamilton in Red Arrow Park last April. He was fired for his actions leading up to the shooting.

"We want change. We need to have that change," said Nate Hamilton.

The FPC announced a tentative time frame for a hearing in mid-March. But the Hamilton's say that's not good enough.

"We've been here peaceful, we've been here pleasant, but when has the respect ever been returned," said Nate Hamilton.

Earlier on Thursday, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn says the delay is simply due process playing out.

"This thing will be heard, there will be a hearing," said Flynn.

Disagreeing with the tactics protesters are using. Flynn says ultimately there will be a resolution.

"Yelling about it isn't going to change that fact," said Flynn.

But until there are answers, a promise the wait will not be met with patience.

"We're going to continue to shut it down," said Maria Hamilton, Dontre Hamilton's mother.

"We want our questions answered and we want them answered now," said Nate Hamilton.

The FPC says there are pre-trial efforts underway.

A hearing could take place some time between March 19th and 27th. The hearing is anticipated to last 2 to 3 days.


  • opinion8d

    I guess too much time has passed that they needed to get their name in the news…..too cold out to protest outside.

  • ron

    I can’t stand these hood loving hippies. That thug hamilton got what was coming. U fight with a cop they might have 14+1 reason why u shouldn’t do that. Just ask Mr Brown. Bang bang another dead thug.

  • why

    This whole situation has put a black eye on Milwaukee. As a white male born n raised in Killwaukee with many black friends n coworkers I found that no matter the race they all accept what happened. That doesn’t mean they wanted someone to die yet they understand that assaulting a public/police official can result in being incarcerated or shot even killed. I met Nate at MATC while doing a job. He handed me a picture of his brother with info on his memorial. He seemed really soft spoken yet strong for his cause. Nate PLEASE use this for a positive outcome! I can’t look past this incident, but so many others have died in this city and I see NO ONE standing up for the countless meaningless loss of lives.

  • reggie arrfload

    I have a dream, that one day the ignorance of these people will be lifted and they see what a complete waste of time and resources they have been to the city. Maybe they should all go take a nap in the park!

  • chris

    Should’ve arrested every one of them for disorderly conduct. I’m sure most of them are on probation too so file a violation of probation. When will the Hamiltons realize that nobody cares anymore about Dontre just like they didn’t care about him when he was alive. I hope officer Manney wins his appeal. He should’ve never been fired. He should’ve been given a medal.

  • Clueless

    So they go to the Fire and Police Commission hearing, create a disturbance and prevent the Commission from conducting business. Then they are upset that an appeal hearing hasn’t been set. I wonder what world the protestors are living in. I guess they just can’t see that they are contributing to the delay to the appeal hearing. Brilliance at its finest!

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