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Bradford Beach volleyball vendor wants out: Milwaukee County Parks hopes for “a seamless transition”

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It's hard to imagine summer, let alone think about it when there is snow on the ground and temperatures are barely above zero -- but FOX6 News is learning big changes could soon be coming to Milwaukee's Bradford Beach.

In a post online this week, Bradford Beach's volleyball vendor made a surprising announcement. Todd Gawronski with G1, Inc. wrote:

"We have submitted a lease termination agreement to Milwaukee County Parks."

Gawronski's volleyball nets aren't only a staple at Bradford Beach. He has helped to attract world class events, including several national professional volleyball tours.

Why G1, Inc. wants to say goodbye to Bradford Beach isn't completely clear. Gawronski says he can't talk about it yet because the issue is in litigation.

Friends are hinting there was trouble in paradise.

"It always seemed like every time Todd wanted to make an improvement, there were people in the county government that would make it very difficult on him," Terry Paulson, head of Badger Region Volleyball said.

This decision could have a big impact on Milwaukee County's wallet. Paulson says he's moving a major youth volleyball tournament with its hundreds of competitors and spectators to Racine.

"We thought it would be best to move that event south and make sure it gets on the Junior Beach Tour schedule," Paulson said.

So will there be volleyball at Bradford Beach this summer?

In a statement issued to FOX6 News, Milwaukee County Parks officials say: "It is our intention to have volleyball for 2015. We are in the process of making a seamless transition and are currently working out all the details."

Friends say Gawronski had a goal of making Bradford Beach a nationally-recognized place for volleyball, and he's succeeded in that.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this story.


  • Hans

    Todd is going to be missed. I would be shocked if Bradford doesn’t take a major nosedive without him running stuff. The county really screwed that up and Bradford Beach will likely suffer for it.

  • JS

    The Milwaukee County Parks Dept needs a managerial oversight overhaul and restructuring. As someone that used to work along side them In a similar way that G1 was, it’s almost as if they try to operate in an illogical & innefficient manor. As if they think “We don’t have to answer to anyone, it’s just taxpayer money, who cares”.

  • Brian

    Extremely disappointing- Todd and G1 turned Bradford Beach into an asset that the community can be proud of. 1000’s of people played in their tournaments, leagues or recreationally for fun. Bradford Beach had become a go to destination – out of towners were in awe when I took them there. It took years of experience to build it to this level – “a seamless transition” is impossible and very short sighted by the County Government. I hope the MKE Cty government realizes the mistake their making and quickly has a change of heart. Bradford Beach will not be the same without Todd.

  • Truth Hurts

    Well, say goodbye to Bradford Beach of the last decade and back to the early 90’s where it was over run by thoughtless, careless incensitive people that used to break glass beer bottles and put them in the sand upside down so people would get massively hurt when walking down the beach. This county is broken on so many levels and I thought MKE parks was the only thing left, but without G1 and it’s staff MKE won’t find the desire needed to keep that place up.

  • BeachMom

    I was wondering why I didn’t see Milwaukee and Bradford Beach on the USAV Junior Beach tour schedule this year. So sad to hear this news. As someone from the Chicago area, we preferred the junior volleyball tournaments at Bradford Beach over those held in Chicago. Free parking, lots of courts, neat “center court”, clean and friendly beach atmosphere. If the goal was to put Bradford Beach on the map, that was succeeded as we couldn’t rave enough about our experiences there over the last couple of years. Leave it to government know-it-alls to mess up a good thing!

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