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Boys & Girls Club of Dane County leader meets with Governor Walker in wake of officer-involved shooting

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MADISON (AP) — A representative for the family of Tony Robinson, the 19-year-old man shot and killed by Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny last Friday, March 6th says Governor Scott Walker promised to call the man's mother to help console her.

Boys and Girls Club of Dane County leader Michael Johnson said Wednesday, March 11th he met with Walker for about 30 minutes at the governor's mansion to discuss the shooting of Tony Robinson.

Johnson says he asked for the meeting and Walker agreed. Johnson says he urged Walker to support several programs to help young people in Madison but asked for no commitments.

"This is a good city, a good city with challenges. We'll get beyond this, but once we get beyond this, how do we make sure that this doesn't happen to another kid and how do we deal with some of the systemic issues that cause our kids not to have great futures?" Johnson said.

Johnson says Walker told him he had met with Attorney General Brad Schimel to discuss the investigation.

Walker's office hasn't responded to requests for information about the meeting.


  • s holmes

    I’ll tell you how “we” make sure this doesn’t happen again. “we” don’t go attacking cops & then “we” don’t get shot. can you dig it?

  • A Yooper

    S Holmes, so agree! Moms words. Clean underwear, Look both ways at the street, respect elders and others. Simple common sense say don’t run in traffic. she didn’t have to tell me not to attack a Policeman or Policewoman. You would think with all of the buzz going around of these “raciest” cops the trash might learn to respect authority. Just can’t fix stupid.

  • cynic

    “…how do we make sure that this doesn’t happen to another kid…”
    Tell your “kids” not to attack people, cops or otherwise. PROBLEM SOLVED.

    “…how do we deal with some of the systemic issues that cause our kids not to have great futures?”
    Stop blaming any system, stop having multiple children with multiple fathers, stop looking for handouts, start staying in school, start actually caring for and raising your kids, and teach them right and wrong.

  • braken da law

    Who do the brothas and sistas call when their the ones getn shot by another brotha,?? THE POLICE!! from now on dont call handle the prob. by urself…. HELPFUL HINT # 1…. dont fight with a cop and u will live… helpful HINT # 2…. read # 1

  • darshaneeander

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