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Kezia Perkins pleads not guilty, accused of “chest-butting” a 71-year-old woman

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Kezia Perkins

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — 32-year-old Kezia Perkins pleaded not guilty on Wednesday, March 11th to a felony charge of aggravated battery for her alleged role in an incident that happened at a Greenfield Walmart.

According to the criminal complaint, the 71-year-old victim in this case pulled into a handicap parking spot at the Walmart store near Highway 100 and Layton Ave. After pulling into the spot, she was approached by Perkins who “began screaming…through the car windows.” The 71-year-old woman was “afraid and waited till the woman was away from the car to exit the car and attempt to walk to the front doors of Walmart.” Moments later, the complaint indicates Perkins ran up to the 71-year-old woman and “slammed her body into her, knocking (the victim) to the pavement.” As a result of being knocked to the pavement, the complaint says the victim suffered a fractured femur and had to have surgery on her hip.

This entire incident was captured by surveillance cameras at Walmart.

Kezia Perkins

Kezia Perkins

When police arrived on the scene, the complaint says Perkins was “shouting that (the victim) had stolen her parking spot.” But police later confirmed that Perkins had “no handicap permit issued to her.”

Perkins is scheduled to be back in court on March 26th. If convicted on the battery charge, Perkins faces up to six years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

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  • Stephanie couillard

    Judge won’t do much….probably probation and a fine she will never pay…such a joke nowadays…

  • Matt

    people will always debate if racism is still alive or not, but it is a fact that ignorance is immortal. (exhibit A) smh

  • Bob Dobalina

    They should use her as a piñata at the local senior home for punishment. If there is a hoist strong enough to lift that wildebeest.

  • TWayan

    White, in her 70’s had 2 hip surgeries previously to this body block to the ground over a parking spot.

    • sick of idiots

      i like how no one yells racist about this but if it was the other way around and a black lady got hurt then it would be all over the news as racist…. they would be doing marches and yelling racist…. why dont white people do this too ( probably because we are not as racist as the ones yelling it all the time)

  • Lynne

    Why isn’t she charged again with driving without a license?
    Why isn’t she charged with attacking a vulnerable person?
    Why isn’t she getting a hate crime enhancer?

    • Donte

      The reason why she is not being charged is because the criminal act was rooted in the dispute of the parking spot and not racism. Driving on private property is not grounds to receive a driving without a license ticket, you can not be charged with this driving infraction only ticketed.

    • sick of idiots

      yea all those charges and falsifying a handicapped card since the one she had wasn’t valid or even hers.

  • Mr. Bob

    Scheduling conference for this P.O.S. is set for March 26, 2015 at 08:30 am. She is out on a $2,500 signature bond. Why just a signature bond, why didn’t she have to actually post cash bail? No Contact Order remains in full force and effect. Her address is: 4716 North 36th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53209.
    No charges for operating without a license because the incident occurred on private property and was not witnessed by a police officer.

  • Caryl

    White: elderly, truly handicapped lives matter- I hope the judge shows you no mercy, your actions are inhumane- all over a parking spot???

  • donny

    To bad the old lady didn’t have a concealed carry permit, she could have rid us of this big game animal.

  • s holmes

    She looks like the “I heard wet grass” sow, same stupid look. The DA is missing a whole bunch of charges here, starting with attacking a senior citizen.

  • darshaneeander

    Spartan coalescing can impose a bridge, or heighten seamless interludes. Once admitted, fluctuating gatherers clutch Pentecostal, or indecent wanderings pass verbally towards autonomy. Intensify this towards appreciatory enumerations and I must admit to recent monstrosities gathered atop precipices. Erstwhile it is quite indubitable to remunerate iconoclastically. Incidentally bringing qualified stanchions towards blithering at ones own counterrevolutionary withdrawals. Therefore before proceeding in a straightforward paradigm I would prevail with an innermost symbiotic directive. However, in assessing the podiatric width and breadth, I am left reassuring my inner simplicity towards the awkward fortitude of my pious ancestry. In closing I must reiterate my sense of juxtaposition. Heretofor reiterating insidious and iconoclastic Ephesians. Malevolence and fortitude cannot quantify nor reciprocate if so allowed. Upon further and finer remonstrations, it is often established as rhetorical ruminations.

  • menadando

    If you look her up in WCCA, she’s got a few problems: she ‘s been evicted, owed money to a title loan company, owed to real estate companies, convicted of speeding and lost her license, driving with suspended license, Feb 10, 2015 she had Aggravated Battery-Intend Bodily Harm. Back in 2004, Retail Theft-Intent.Conceal (<=2500). 2003, Harassment Restraining Order. Filed for unemployment in 2010. The eviction in 2004 gave this info: Plaintiff
    Dak Properties LLC
    Perkins, Kezia
    DJ Perkins Academy of Excellence Inc
    What is the DJ Perkins Academy of Excellence, you ask?

  • steve

    she is a worthless excuse for a human being. CCAP shows what a drain she is on society. hopefully she gets the max, so idiots like this who think they are above the law can pay for their criminal behavior. And of course she is quick to pull out the race card. When you are wrong blame it on racists, even though doing so makes you the biggest racist. I can only hope the good lord has a special place for people like this when they meet their maker. Hope I’m there to see the looks on their faces.

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