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“Who comes shooting up a repast?” Milwaukee man fatally shot while leaving funeral

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Milwaukee man had just attended a funeral for his uncle, now his family is planning one for him. The 28-year-old was shot near 12th and Capitol on Friday evening, March 13th.Fisher2

"I woke up I thought they were going to be like, this was just a dream," said Angelica Glapion, victim's sister.

Glapion is struggling with her family's new bitter reality.

"3 kids and no daddy, they love their daddy. We don't know what we are going to do," said Glapion.

Glapion's older brother, Robert Fisher III, was shot and killed Friday night just after 8 p.m. He was with a group of family members mourning the loss of his uncle. Glapion says they were leaving a when when the suspect...

"Just pulled up, we are getting out of the way, BOW! There go guns, why? We don't know ya'll, ya'll don't know us," said Glapion.

Investigators say the suspect got out of a car, walked up to the victim and started shooting. The gunman then got back into his car and took off.

"There was a Fisher3million of us out there, ain't nobody arguing. Out of all those people out there you shot him, 8 times," said Glapion.

Glapion is now heartbroken, and saddened that her brother has become a statistic.

"Last year this time we had 6 homicides. Right now, we are at about 25 for January and February of this year -- the rate we are going on how things are this year January and February we are just going to unfortunately reverse a trend we have had in years," said Mayor Tom Barrett.

A devastating trend Mayor Tom Barrett aims to change. He spoke at Unite Milwaukee, an anit-violence summit. Fisher

"We have to come together as a community to address this violence. Make sure the young people in particular have constructive things to do in their lives so that they don't chose a course of action that leads to violence," said Mayor Barrett.

While Mayor Barrett looks for solutions, Fisher's family continues to look for answers.

"Why? We wasn't doing nothing, we was celebrating a repast. Who comes shooting up a repast? Ignorant!" said Glapion.


  • Sue

    I’m sad for them, how horrible. Rest in Paradise..i hope they catch the savage that did this to their family..

    • Will

      We as a community need to come together and tear down the gang strongholds in this city. Da Meadows, Wild Hunnits, Havenwoodz, One Nines, to name a few. We need to start turning in names the minute we see something that could break down the values and character of our community. Don’t give me that Snitches Get Stitches excuse. There are multiple ways to report anonymously now. Its not like you have to have a cop come to your house, stand in front and yell out what you know. We need to do this. For the Sierra, Laylahs and Bills of the world. Lets take back Milwaukee. Not just for one summer, but for generations.

  • ibn nate

    It seems like people just do not understand. It does not matter how many parks, community centers, summer or winter leagues you establish to give people constructive activities to past the time; the violence in the U.S.A won’t change until the people change their way of life. Immorality has become the AMERICAN WAY (CULTURE), and it has affected every race and ethnicity. I am grateful the Creator has allowed me to abandon the country and especially Milwaukee. Yes, the grass is greener on the other side!

    • Ken Rodbender (@im_very_future)

      No, Bob. There are PLENTY of amazingly diverse, safe and affordable neighborhoods within the great city of Milwaukee. Random crime is almost non existent and Milwaukee has one of the safest downtowns in the country. Hood blacks murdering each other nightly can be avoided if you stay clear of their neighborhoods, and even if you stray into one your chances of being a victim are slim. You can hide in the burbs if you want but STOP suggesting the entire city of Milwaukee is a cesspool of random crime where children are unsafe to play in their yards, because it isn’t. Milwaukee is an amazing city and has far more to offer than people like you will ever admit.

  • ibn nate

    Are you on meds. because that is a real insane statement?! Why would you look forward to people killing each other? Where are your efforts to rectify the situation?

  • DMarie

    See below… Most families eat/ have family dinner after a funeral…

    noun: repast; plural noun: repasts
    a meal.
    “a sumptuous repast”
    synonyms: meal, feast, banquet; informalspread, feed, bite, bite to eat; formalcollation, refection

  • beavis and butthead

    Very well said Santana… My deepest condolences to the family for this terrible, unthinkable tragedy. Unfortunately fox six is home to a large majority of ignorant, internet kay kay kay racist cowards

  • tic toc

    This is more than a African American community issue. I work in the jails and there are people there of every race and all of their charges are the same or similar. This is a World problem! People need to raise their children and stop letting the streets do it!!!!

  • Yes Sir !

    Really sir are you serious ? the family has lost two members and you choose to degrade them because they use a term you are not familiar with?

  • Andre Culberson

    My condolence to your loved ones .There is something we as a people can do ,it’s been said over and over .Let our kids know that there are consequences for their actions and there has to be a way to stop these people from getting their hands on guns.Most people put off getting life insurance, because they think their going to be around ,but no one knows,If the state says you most have car insurance you’ll get it or should get it,but I know their lives are more important then their car,so if this is something you’re interested in please contact me, cause my job is to make sure I educate families on the importance of having the proper amount of coverage ,so that if something happens, like a premature death,the family would not be as devistated.

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