“Why, Lord? Why my son?” Father of driver killed in shooting after crash says he’s trusting in his faith

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Three people are dead after an incident Sunday, April 12th near 48th and Glendale on Milwaukee's north side that began with a two-year-old child hit by a van and ended in gunfire. Police on Monday identified the victims in this case -- two-year-old Damani Terry, his 15-year-old brother Rasheed Chiles and 40-year-old Archie Brown. We are learning more about Brown, a man many say was murdered while trying to do the right thing after a tragic accident.

Archie Brown

Archie Brown

Officials say their investigation shows 40-year-old Archie Brown was driving a van northbound on N. 48th Street when two-year-old Damani Terry ran into the road.  The van struck the child and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Brown, whom witnesses indicate was distraught about hitting the child, stopped and exited the van immediately following the crash and was fatally shot by an unknown suspect. Brown was also pronounced dead at the scene.

Officials say a second victim, 15-year-old Rasheed Chiles was also fatally shot by the suspect. Chiles was taken to a hospital where he died from his injuries.

Brown was a well-known Milwaukee businessman. Homer Blow, a Milwaukee D.J. and radio talk show host was friends with Brown. When he learned what happened, he raced to the scene.

Those who knew Brown describe him as a successful, caring member of the community with four children of his own. He developed and opened restaurants in the community.

Blow, a friend of Brown's, raced to the scene Sunday evening in time to see his friend covered with a tarp. Another tarp shielded the toddler who darted into the street in the path of Brown's van.

"He wasn't even going but 25, 30 miles-an-hour," a witness said.

On Blow's live podcast Monday, he said Brown's van's doors were left open, as Brown ran out in horror. Blow was very emotional as he talked about what happened.

"He was saying he was sorry. 'I didn't see the baby. I'm sorry. Call 911. I'm sorry. I'm sorry,' and he was crying," Blow said.

Blow says that's when a man related to the toddler came out and told Brown he just signed his death certificate -- shooting Brown in the face.

"Just to hear how this coward took my friend's life in cold blood for doing the right thing..." Blow said.

Blow says Brown never lost sight of helping others when he could. He owned properties, opening doors to those who were homeless, remembering the times he was homeless himself.

Brown's father, Archie Brown Sr. says he's relying on faith as he comes to terms with the loss of his son.

"Everything that happens, I say God has a reason for it happening. For whatever reason, God allowed this to take place. He`s the one that knows why. Being angry wouldn't do any good for me right now. You cry, you're hurt, you're disappointed. You say 'why, Lord? Why my son? I mean, my oldest son -- why?" Brown Sr. said.

"He gets out and does the right thing and he loses his life," Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said Monday.

Mayor Barrett held a news conference Monday afternoon, where he criticized Governor Scott Walker and the state Legislature for passing laws that put more guns on the streets. He is calling for more resources to deal with all the violence in Milwaukee.

"I do want to lock up more people who do get involved in gun fights in parks, in streets, outside taverns because black lives matter," Mayor Barrett said.

Sheriff David Clarke Jr. issued the following statement in response to Mayor Barrett's comments:

“Will someone in the mainstream media please do their job and ask Tom Barrett to tell us how many of these criminal homicides involved concealed carry permit holders? And ask for his empirical data to demonstrate his claim that it has led to an increase of guns on the street. His rhetoric today, after yet again another violent weekend in the city of Milwaukee, is nothing more than the liberal anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment talking point memo.

Because Mayor Barrett has no effective response to the continued violence in the city of Milwaukee, he attempts to distract by blaming the gun instead of the behavior, and blaming his political adversaries. The overwhelming majority of law-abiding gun owners throughout the state of Wisconsin do not use them to settle disputes, or take property from people. The Castle Doctrine and CCL were designed to help people protect themselves, especially while Barrett is furloughing Milwaukee police officers.

Tom Barrett’s claim that Milwaukee is a safe city flies in the face of the violence that has gone on unabated for several years. When a man inadvertently strikes a child with his car, stops to render aid, and gets killed for it, there is something horribly wrong. Barrett claimed that this was an assassination. It was not. To assassinate is to kill secretively, especially a politically prominent person; a murder that is premeditated. This was not premeditated, but a senseless murder we see all too often in Milwaukee.”

Senator Nikiya Harris Dodd (D-Milwaukee) represents the area where the three victims were killed.

"Why did this child who was hit by accident all of a sudden turn into a double homicide? For an individual to take matters into their own hands and murder him -- it`s sickening. It`s sickening and it needs to stop," Senator Dodd said.

Dodd and Archie Brown's father worry drivers who hit someone in the future will be afraid to stick around at the scene.

"If you hit someone, you don`t want to just run, but yet you don`t want to stay and be mobbed either," Brown Sr. said.

Milwaukee police are working to identify the shooter. Anyone with information is asked to call Milwaukee Police at 414-935-7360.

Milwaukee Attorney Michael Hupy, with the law firm Hupy & Abraham is offering a $25,000 reward in this case.

Google Map for coordinates 43.100893 by -87.973264.


  • Billie Rae Agatha Curtass

    Why is it that every time there is a crime dumb officials have to bring politics into it? Most gun crimes are committed with ILLEGALLY owned guns. DUH! It isn’t about gun laws. This is about a toddler, a teenager, a good man, and a psychopath. Why the police haven’t apprehended anyone is a question everyone should be asking.

    This isn’t about “black lives matter” this is about all life matters and anything less undermines humanity.

    • Anonymous

      “I would state that it is highly unlikely that the murderer is a conceal carry permit holder and instead is a felon who is banned from possessing a firearm by law. ”

      You would state that. Are you a police officer, or an investigator on this case? No? You don’t know this man. Why would you just make that assumption? What evidence do you have to indicate that this man was not in legal possession of the firearm in question?

      • Barbara

        He couldnt have and I say again couldnt have had ccw license cause number 1 he would have stayed at the scene. And if he did that didnt give him right or authority to do things o his ow. He knew he was the cause of his 2 year old nephew running in the street a d killing his 15 year old and Archie. So he should be charge with 3 murder a fool with a gun trying to prove a point. An innocent man get killed for apologizing about an accident not knowing this would be the last words he can to say. He was a good samaritian to the end. RIP Archie I love you and the Brown Family. Hurting hurting hurting hurting

    • TJ

      BILLIE RAE AGATHA CURTASS- I wish there was a “like” button. You’r comment is spot on. Why he even said “black lives matter” has nothing to do with this tragic story what-so-ever. It wasn’t a cop killing a black person, it was a black guy killing another as well as the toddlers teen brother, there was nothing racial about it!
      I also wonder why the police, or this article, do not even have a name of the perp! It was a birthday party so everyone knew who it was!
      What a tragedy all the way around. I feel such sorrow for the parents to have lost 2 of their children and for Archie Brown’s family for their loss as well.

  • Susan

    Where was the parents when the 2 year old went in the b street. What responsiblity do the they have. My heart goes out to the driver and his family.

    • Shayla

      I drove by the house today. The front yard is small. There is a cery inviting open field and park just 10 seconds away across the street. In the midst of the party that was going on, its not inconceivable that a 2 year old could have quickly darted away before an adult could catch him. Lets bot crucify the mom over this, guys. She didnt go get a un and shoot anyone. She lost 2 sons this day.

      • Luke Kamnetz

        Shayla , you are so on point . This person who murdered the older brother, of this toddler making this whole tragidy just doubly sickening for the toddlers family. That assailant’s motive to kill the driver out some sick & twisted vigilanty justice ends up killing the older brother (just wow). Blessed be to the drivers family too . The two children’s family as they were just trying to celibrate life now have plan a double funeral , I don’t know the family but would love see true justice ( not vigilantly justice for them)& for all the families and dozens people’s lives tragically and permenantly altered.
        Hope that this makes any hot head who thinks they can be judge , jury , and executioner, take their split second of anger , turn to God and not a gun.

      • Lynette

        Sandra, apparently you’ve never had children, or yours were the only two year olds ever to never leave their mother’s side. It happens. Unfortunately this time the child was too quick.

    • TJ

      Susan- I wondered the same thing. However, my heart goes out to BOTH families, not just the driver & his family. After all, a mother lost TWO sons that day.

  • Bob Osbourne

    If you actually read the story this is what it said… ““He was saying he was sorry. ‘I didn’t see the baby. I’m sorry. Call 911. I’m sorry. I’m sorry,’ and he was crying,” Blow said.

    Blow says that’s when a man related to the toddler came out and told Brown he just signed his death certificate — shooting Brown in the face.

    • Common Sense

      Blow says that he wasn’t there until after he was dead and covered by a tarp so how does he know what Archie Brown was saying before he died? Someone had to tell him, so someone was there and saw who shot him.

  • Daryl Strait

    They both ought to shut the hell up. Political vultures, the both of them–the bodies are barely cold and they are devouring the scene to energize their extreme agendas. And our local pundits I’m sure shared in the feast today, their hours of soapboxing, finger-pointing, delicious fodder for noisy, armchair cynics and advertisers who, in turn, feast on them. I’m sorry, but no matter how hard you try to turn this into a bumpersticker moment, it’s a scene that tears at the soul. The culprit here is NOT the gun nor some threat against the freedom to have them: it’s pure, unabated wrath. Finger-pointing is the noise that cowards use to fill an air that would otherwise be the horrific silence of inexplicable loss. One day. Please shut the HELL up for one day. Can we have one day, a few necessary hours to cope, to allow ourselves to mourn, as a community? Let us just. be. sad. Can you be so kind as to give us a moment to peer into the black tarp that covered a caring, loving man, his children, in an instant, fatherless. . . before you agenda-toting vampires inevitably swarm in and gut his identity so thoroughly that his name becomes but a blaring exclamation point on a bombastic thirty-second campaign ad?

  • lynda

    how did the 15 year old get shot and why ? I am reading this and it jumps from 40 year old gets shot to gun control , what about the 15 year old ,he is someone to , my heart goes out to all three of them and there families , so sorry for your lost

    • Mr. Bob

      Lynda, because the animal who killed the driver of the vehicle also felt he needed to kill the 15 year old who had been responsible for watching the 2 year old that ran in the street. The animal felt he needed to kill both of the people that he felt were responsible for the little boy’s death. Now where are the other family members stepping forward to identify the animal who was a guest at their party???

      • Tucker

        You people are late….they got the man…he looks like a space creature and the coward shot himself in a Chicago motel where he was with a girlfriend. He was a convicted Felon!!!! Figured that! Probably drunk and high at the party where he killed.

  • Z

    How horrible is it that a man who was stopping to render aid to a child who made a mistake that any child could have made was gunned down in cold blood? To blame anyone but the perp is a complete joke.

  • meme

    Sunday is the lords day. People are to rejoice and be glad in that day. What happen that Sunday was pure evil. God have of freedom of will and the shooter choose the devil. He better turn himself in. The devil uses you then destroys you. So he is in a no win situation. My prays go out to the family and whoever is in need of prayer. Just a senseless act. Now the three are angles watching over the world. God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!?????

    • Mr. Bob

      I disagree with your interpretation Meme. Don’t you blame this on the devil. This is all on the animal who committed two cold blooded murders. God gave all of us the free will to make choices. This animal chose to kill two innocent people. Not God’s fault and not the devil’s fault. This animal needs to be held accountable here and now for his actions. God will most certainly hold him accountable later.

  • why

    Hands down the parent or parents should be charged with child neglect! Why do people care so much after the fact? Why is a 2 year old child even near the roadway? If he wouldn’t of stopped he’d be charged with leaving the scene. You can’t win in this situation! This is a total loss! Why was the passenger shot? Was he a driving instructor with control of the wheel? With gun shot project in our city why is no one being caught?

    • Mr. Bob

      You know Gary it’s the old snitch deal. They can’t turn in a family member who murdered two other family members in cold blood because then they would be known as a snitch. Amazing how people think right???

  • Mr. Bob

    Agreed Maria, as the spring turns to summer and the violent crime rate continues to rise perhaps claire will come to her senses and realize we can’t have enough armed police officers. Heaven forbid, but what if this same incident were to happen to claire? Would she stop in a similar neighborhood to render aid for the victim knowing for well she could be shot and killed? Come on claire weigh in on the matter…..

  • Mr. Bob

    You know how parties go dontre. Unknown people just show up out of nowhere at a family party and nobody at the party questions who they are or why they are there. Yeah right, it’s the I’m not going to snitch deal here…

  • Obamasucks

    I would love to know what the Mayor is thinking these aren’t the C/C people shooting up the streets


    Hey Trolley Tommy,or should I say VILLAGE IDIOT!!!,it’s obvious you are still pissed you lost to Walker twice that you blame him and the NRA for all the black on black homicides. I guess you don’t want to blame the POS criminals themselves because you need their votes for Mayor next year. Why don’t you get on that stupid trolley of yours and leave town for good! Take Chief Wiggum with you too. BOB DONOVAN FOR MAYOR 2016!! SHERIFF CLARKE FOR MILWAUKEE POLICE CHIEF NOW!!! RIP to the 3 lost lives,may you know eternal happiness with God.


    I bet you anything that the 15 year old brother stepped in front of Archive Brown to tell this “unknown suspect” not to shoot him because it wasn’t his fault, that’s when this irrational fool just shot both of them.

  • whereistheoutrage

    Where is the outrage over the driver of the vehicle getting gunned down? The child ran out into the street. Sadly, he accidentally hit him but now he and the 15 year old are dead. Where are the protesters? Where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? This is national news.

  • Mackenzie

    It saddens me to know that there is so much hate and anger in one place in the world. To stop violence in the world, we need to spread awareness that this only occurs from a misunderstanding of how to control your anger and understand that the world doesn’t have to be this way. We need to get the message out there that the world doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to handle situations this way. Innocent people are losing their lives to this misunderstanding and it needs to stop!

  • darlene

    It appears the toddler’s safety was really the responsibility of the deceased fifteen year old… The gentleman that did the shooting was totally out of place. If anything, he was partly responsible also….why wasn’t he watching the child..
    It this craziness is passed over….what’s going to happen to the real automobile homicidal maniacs that kill innocent family members everyday in this country…..BLOODBATHS HERE WE COME…..

  • Mackenzie

    It saddens me to know that there is so much hate and anger in one place in the world. To stop violence in the world, we need to spread awareness that this only occurs from a misunderstanding of how to control your anger and understand that the world doesn’t have to be this way. We need to get the message out there that the world doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to handle situations this way. Innocent people are losing their lives to this misunderstanding and it needs to stop! Life is so beautiful. Make it peaceful and make it beautiful!

  • unknown

    What I don’t get is why was the two year old outside by himself? Its sad that those ppl lost their lives but I agree since Scott walker allowed this gun law its been a lot of deaths a lot rather their licensed or not( I’m black)some unmature Blacks with a gun doesn’t always use things properly.. They killed that man because of their actions of not watching their child

  • inquiring minds

    I don’t get why the identity of the children’s parents is on the level of a national security risk….not one news person has mentioned who the parents of the children killed are …???? Where were they? Whose house was the party? What kind of party? Rasheed Chiles had 15 years on earth…HE didn’t have any history? Who is he? What do the parent(s) do? After an entire day of reading I finally find that the suspect shooter is a MALE RELATIVE of the 2 year old (not the 15 yr old too?) and from another article that he was also at the party. You don’ think any of the neighbors know who the parents of these children might be? This is just stupid. And NO reporter thought to ask, huh? Why will you not disclose who the parents might be? How many male relatives were at the party? Rasheed was said to have come to the party from nearby…which implies that one of the guardians, at least, lives nearby. The police don’t think the public could help on identifying a person of interest or might want to know if the person is sitting next to them on the bus, at the airport or renting their motel room? What kind of gun was used? Did this male relative take it with him and is now running around the world armed and on the run? Or did you dumpster dive and find it? They can’t tell the caliber of the gun used from the autopsy? This is pathetic reporting. Are the police trying to let the suspect get away?

  • ramone stubbs

    People have to start being better parents especially when dealing with a two year old ! There’s no way he was supposed to be able to leave the house and end up out in the street this whole situation was preventable absolutely preventable we got to do better as parents as for the shooter you will be found remember this is miltalkiee its small and people talk you will be found just a matter of time!!

  • Nolan

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  • barrashee

    The shooter was a relative of the toddler, and ALSO a relative of he 15y brother. Why did he shoot the 15y old brother? I think he was just looking for a reason to “lose it”. People with mean streaks should only carry guns in war zones, where killing is encouraged.

  • Mark

    Many good comments on such a tragic event. My heart and prayers go out to the victim’s families. The one thing that seems to be missing is thoughtfulness and the one thing I am sick and tired of hearing is black lives matter. Wiake up fools…all life matters and if our great media would do the job they should then we would realize many PEOPLE of all races are being murdered and abused by authority in many ways. Every one wake up and hear both sides of the stories before judging and condemning. I hope justice is served and that it is a fitting justice at that. Life or better yet, death!

  • Justice ForAll

    I do no think concealed carry law rights were to encourage blacks to buy guns, but to have more reason to incarcerate, murder, and penalize them for carrying them and using them. Milwaukee was already a high crime area, so do I think conceal carry law makes criminals worse or more easily accessible to guns to commit crimes….NO! I think what it does is put more guns into more people hands that may not have wanted a gun or thought about purchasing a gun or even having a gun in their household. People that are more than likely not criminals, or prone to commit murder. The high rise in crime is a result of a flood of guns being purchased, some legally and some not, and some being stolen from people with a right to carry. Could it be a false fear that because of conceal carry permits, everyone has one so I should have one too. When an altercation occurs, “Do you use your gun or do you try to resolve conflict another way”? This is the problem because in a split second decision, given an opportunity to protect yourself with a weapon instead of without, you will use the weapon. So now the Police Chief wants stricter penalties on people who carry guns illegally, thus they were already doing that before conceal carry laws, but what about people with permits to carry- is that a legal defense to kill?? Okay, so more laws and more penalties. Naw…not working neither for ya! Also anyone that thinks this tragic occurrence happened because of a “lack of education”, or “lack of parenting”, or “even the “gun” itself is totally missing common sense. This whole situation was pure panic and chaos to everyone directly involved…….and no one could have prepared for such a tragic incident. Prayers are with both families!!!!

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