Archie Brown’s sister: Crash, shooting “devastating,” but she’ll teach her children to do the right thing

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police say they know who they are looking for in connection with the shooting death of 40-year-old Archie Brown and 15-year-old Rasheed Chiles. Both were shot on Sunday, April 12th near 48th and Glendale, after Brown accidentally hit a two-year-old child with his van -- killing him.

Archie Brown

Archie Brown

A growing memorial marks the spot where three people lost their lives on Sunday evening.

A vigil has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 15th. One person planning on attending is Brown's sister.

"It hurts. It's devastating to me, the family, nieces. I don't believe this has happened to us," Andrea Brown said.

What happened to Brown has left its mark on this community and beyond. National news stories talk about how Brown's vehicle accidentally struck and killed two-year-old Damani Terry, who ran out into the road. Distraught and crying, witnesses say Brown went to the child to try to help. That's when he was shot and killed.

Rasheed Chiles, the two-year-old child's older brother was also shot. He died at the hospital during surgery.

Brown's sister says she went to the scene on Sunday night.

"We hugged and I said 'where is he?' And they said 'he's gone.' I just don't believe it. I can't believe it has happened," Andrea Brown said.

Brown's sister will go back to the scene on Wednesday evening for a vigil in memory of those who died. She says she's still pledging to teach her children to always do the right thing, despite what happened to her brother.

"You still have to enforce them to do the right thing even though a horrible thing has happened. We still as parents have to tell our kids to do the right thing," Andrea Brown said.

Archie Brown had four children of his own. His two teen daughters are making their way to Milwaukee from Texas. A fund has been established in Brown's honor -- the Archie Ray Brown Memorial Fund. Donations are being accepted at any Associated Bank branch. The money will help the family cover funeral costs.

Wednesday's vigil is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. Wednesday near 48th and Glendale.


  • wtf

    I agree with wow. ..I wouldnt stop for a traffic accident anything until something changes in milwaukee..I am too afraid right now the robberies..of students..shootings of people who are doing the rigjt thing… is so unsafe in most areas even in menomonee falls.wheren I live black males packing guns trying to steal a. Woman’s car in the daylight where are we safe from this mentality of crime and no moral s

  • Daniel Welsh

    This is why I carry a firearm. Last year when there was a shooting near my home, I said that’s it. I went to the classes and applied for the ccw. This ridiculous when a person does the right thing. And a low life piece of garbage does this. If Wisconsin had the death penalty. I would give s.o.b. it.

  • Gary Hamilton

    I will never stop at the scene of an accident with a black person. I will keep driving, call 911, and go to the police station. I know people are going to say how racist for saying a black person. I have worked with many fine upstanding black people and have them as friends. When you look at the larger percent of all these shootings and assaults in the city of Milwaukee are from black males. Yes I know every race has violent terrible people in them. Before you start calling people like myself racist. Step back and do some investigation for yourself and you can’t but agree with me. I feel bad for the law abiding blacl people because their are a lot of them who have gotten a bad reputation because of these thugs.

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