Family forced to sit in vomit covered seats on United Airlines flight

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ORLANDO, Fla. — A family is furious at United Airlines because family members had to fly home from Orlando in seats soaked with vomit.

A passenger got sick on an earlier flight. United now admits its cleanup crew didn’t do a very good job drying and sanitizing the seats.

The Shirley family says the airline gave it only one other option — take a later flight.

United let the family wrap its carry-on luggage in trash bags, and it gave each family member a $150 voucher toward a future flight.

A reporter at WUSA9 reached out to United for comment and received this response:

“The situation Mr. Shirley described is certainly one that we wish no customer experiences, as our cleaners did not fully clean the seat area prior to departure. We offered them an alternate flight, but they decided to remain onboard. Our agents did the best they could in the short time they had to accommodate Mr. Shirley and keep the flight on time. We’re reaching out to apologize for his experience.”


  • Spiro

    this must have been a full plane for United to give an option of taking a later flight instead of reseating the family. Mistakes are made and United seems to have given a reasonable alternative. I don’t think it’s fair for this family to be screaming about how they were treated.

  • Zaq

    If the airlines didn’t try to turn planes around so fast, they would have had time to clean properly. Profit at the expense of their passengers

  • Kelly Van Rijn

    So the airline said to take a later flight or sit on the commit covered seats. What other option was the family looking for? Did they want to fly the plane themselves?

  • Minnie

    Yes, this is a horrible option…fly later? Sure, right after I un-rent my car, get my hotel room back, call my employer and tell them I will be late another day…

  • Vonnie

    That is really poor customer service and no excuse for it. What if the customer that vomited had a communicable disease? Even if they did not it is inexcusable that it was not cleaned and dried properly and there should be better systems in place, I would’ve expected more than $150 per person!

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