“It is a dream come true:” MPS robotics team to compete in world championship

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MILWAUKEE, WI -- This is a story about some underdogs making their way to the top. Members of a Milwaukee high school robotics team are about to compete in the world championships!

From cheerleaders, to a speech by the mayor, to the singing of "Eye of the Tiger," it was a sendoff celebration fit for a world champion.

That is exactly what MPS' Riverside University High School Robotigers hope to be, as they prepare to compete April 23rd, 24th and 25th in St. Louis at the Robotics Championships. They will go against 600 teams from 10 countries.

"It is a dream come true for all of us, and something we really haven`t seen before," said senior Hasan Hayder.

The self-proclaimed underdog, Team 2830 was always eliminated before the playoffs.

"We were always looked down upon, I think, as a team who was just 'there,'" said Hayder.

But this time, 13-hour days and plenty of perseverance earned them a win at the regional championship in Chicago earlier this month. They built a massive robot, weighing about 100 lbs. that can essentially recycle for you. It stacks containers and puts recyclables into bins.

"Its almost like a remote-controlled forklift," said Hayder.

Riverside Robotigers robot

Riverside Robotigers robot

As the Robotigers celebrate a shot at the big trophy, Riverside's principal is filled with pride. He says the team takes math and science skills to a whole new level.

"This group of young people, young men and women, are really setting the stage for academic excellence," said principal Michael Harris.

With emotional goodbyes, Team 2830 is embarking on what is hopefully their road to victory.

The team spent six weeks building their robot. This year's theme was Recycle Rush.