Wisconsin DNR may be getting out of the dead deer business

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MADISON (AP) — Spot a dead deer on the side of the road?

Gov. Scott Walker doesn’t want the state Department of Natural Resources paying to clean it up.

Walker’s budget would delete $700,000 in funding a year for DNR to pay for disposal of deer carcasses along state highways. The Legislature’s budget committee was slated to debate it on Wednesday.

Under Walker’s proposal, responsibility for carting off the dead deer would fall to whatever other government agency is in charge of the roadway. Or they may be left uncollected.

The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau cautions that “dead and decaying deer on the roadside are unsightly and can dampen Wisconsin’s reputation as a tourist destination.”

Last year, 23,800 dead deer were collected from Wisconsin highways.


  • exlonghauler

    I’m surprised they haven’t started billing the driver of the vehicle that struck the deer. After all they destroyed a state resource judging by the way they charge you to shoot one.

  • Shaft

    From what I see in Green Lake County, they haven’t picked up dead deer in years. Not sure where that money is going to. It’s not coming here.

  • Edward F

    My understanding is that the DNR has not been picking up dead deer for many years now, under the same pretense. Where is THAT money going?

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