Waukesha County judge denies bail reduction request for girl in Slenderman case

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WAUKESHA (WITI) — A preteen accused of trying to stab her best friend to death is asking the judge to let her go to a mental health treatment facility and that her bail be reduced on Friday, April 24th. That's the latest in the infamous case known as the Slenderman trial.

The judge and Geyser's attorney say it's hard finding a place to put someone like Geyser.

Morgan Geyser was originally put into the Winnebago Mental Health Facility, diagnosed with schizophrenia. But back in November, she was ruled to be competent to stand trial.

Geyser listened and watched Friday's proceedings from the Washington County Juvenile Jail, where she's housed now.

"The facility is not equipped for long-term placement, especially for children," said Morgan Geyser's Lawyer, Anthony Cotton.

Geyser's Lawyer, Anthony Cotton, filed a motion to reduce Geyser's bail from $500,000 to a signature bond, so she could enter the Milwaukee Academy -- a  local juvenile treatment center.

The prosecutor says the community could be at risk if Geyser escaped a treatment facility.

Police say Geyser had a plan to leave the area when she committed the crime in Waukesha County a year ago. The victim survived 19 stab wounds.

The judge agreed Geyser should remain locked up in juvenile detention but would be open to more details about Geyser's mental health and treatment possibilities in the future.

"Although Ms. Geyser's young and perhaps immature, she none the less participated in what in some respects is a sophisticated plan to kill someone," said Judge Michael Bohren.

Right now, Geyser's attorney will go back and try to figure out if there are better resources for treating his client and in June there's a hearing to try to get this case put into juvenile court.

Geyser's lawyer says if Geyser is put back into the juvenile system, there would be more funds and resources available to treat her mental health issues.

The lawyer says Geyser has not had any medication for schizophrenia while she's been locked up.

A hearing to decide whether to move Geyser into juvenile court is scheduled for June.


  • really

    Is this residential treatment facility a locked facility.secure. so this dangerous person cannot hurt anyone else…?..if not..I would say NO…she planned this murder…thought about it..and convinced another person to help her…she is sick alright. So ill she SHOULD NEVER…be allowed to live among the general. Public again….

    • Karon

      I agree. Seems to be from what I gleaned from the news stories she is either very manipulative or easily manipulated-not sure which- a residential treatment center would allow her too much contact with persons she could manipulate or be manipulated by and end up in the exact same situation that got her into juvie.

  • Opinion8d

    First off, they didn’t kill her -actually murderers often do not get life in prison -especially if they are juveniles. Second, this is clearly a situation of kids who are mentally messed up and need help. This wasn’t a case of rage, or bullying or any other motive-based attempt to kill -this was about kids whose heads were completely messed up. No prior history of this type of behavior. They both need help. For God’s sake, they are 13 year old girls that need help!

    So, if they go to prison as adults, and say even get 20 years, do you want them out on the street at age 33 after sitting in prison with no mental help, or would you rather they get the help they need in a mental facility?? They are getting out regardless!

    • Opinion8d

      This isn’t a race issue. The difference with this Crime is that there was not history of violence, acting out, disrespect, etc. These girls are not thug-life type kids. Look at the 15yr old who died after stealing the car and crashing it. He was a POS -not because he was black, but because that’s the life he led and he was proud of it.

      And I don’t believe they lived in a life of violence or drugs. I haven’t heard anything negative about either of their home lives. I believe both girls have both parents at home. This is a mental issue, not a way of life for these girls. There are some 13 year old’s that attempt/commit murder that should be in prison, but I think this case is unique given the overall circumstances.

    • Tessa

      If this trial get moved to juvenile court, both could be released by age 25. SCARY! I watched the 20/20 special

  • Tim

    You people that want her locked up a long time are purely just unsane. Clearly with better structure in these girls lives this would not have happened. You idiots

  • chris

    Hey Dionne, that because the kids in the inner city already have lengthy records by the time they graduate to this level of crime.

  • corey

    these girls are still human and they made a big mistake in their life’s please start forgiving others Milwaukee or Wisconsin we must over the bad and bring the good back here.. God bless

  • JM

    There are no ‘locked’ residential treatment facilities for children, actually anyone, in the state of Wisconsin, that do not require a court order. She would have to placed on a CH 51 or CH 54 hold but those are temporary and for those who are not accused of a crime. Criminally she can not go to Copper Lake School for Girls until she is sentenced, she would go there first because of her age, that is the only non-secure location. I assume the Tosa locations where either the Dewey Center at Aurora Psych or Milwaukee Academy both non secure treatment facilities for children with more aggressive behavior or sexualization issues not those with severe mental health and psychosis. She may be sent out of state for non-custodial treatment prior to sentencing. Again no locked facilities in this state.

  • ibn nate

    It’s disappointing to have a government that does not look out for the well-being of the people. Many of our children and even adults are negatively influenced by the entertainment they engage in, so it is truly irresponsible to allow entertainment that promotes lewd and violent behavior to its citizens like: slenderman, hardcore rap, pornography, etc. These things endorse activities that are illegal in American law under the guise of freedom of speech, so how can they be allowed. Anyone that have studied psychology will know and understand the dangers and harms of these things, but in a capitalistic society, whatever makes money can become legal even if it destroys the people.

  • Trina

    May I add many children that go on a killing spree come from two parent homes! That has nothing to do with it these girls seem bright to me… There’s no excuse for their actions! They need to be behind bars this poor girl was near death! Options are intitled nobody’s perfect but wrong is wrong!

  • Something to Say

    Ok people, mentally ill people do complex crimes all of the time, just because you are mentally ill doesn’t mean you can’t plan something out. The voices TELL you what to do!! My son is mentally ill and has so many delusions and hallucinations you would think he wouldn’t be able to do anything but he is very intelligent straight A’s in college and so therefore he does still have a thinking brain, but the voices and the hallucinations take up most of his thoughts. I just hope the judge understands that with a child this age, the earlier the treatment the better and if she is not on meds she will back slide and be even worse then before. I am praying for her and her family and the girl who was stabbed and her family every day. I pray that the system becomes better when it comes to mental illness. WHY DON’T WE HAVE Facilities for the mentally ill? We can build a stadium and now another place for the Bucks but yet there isn’t any money for the real problems that plague are city and state. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • RFKlein

    Both should be tried as adults. Sick or not sick these two have to remain safely behind bars because they cannot walk the streets where they are a danger to society in general.

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