Democratic Party puts up billboards demanding Governor Scott Walker return to Wisconsin

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MADISON (AP) — The state Democratic Party has paid for a series of billboards demanding Republican Gov. Scott Walker return to Wisconsin.

Walker, a likely 2016 presidential candidate, has been visiting early primary states such as Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire. He’s currently in Israel meeting with Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs and touring strategic and historical sites. He’s due back on Thursday, May 14th.

Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate announced Monday that the party has paid for billboards in Milwaukee and Green Bay that call on Walker to return to Wisconsin, accept federal money to expand Medicaid — a move the governor has steadfastly refused and get back to work for the state.

Wisconsin Democratic Party billboard

Wisconsin Democratic Party billboard

Asked for a response, Walker spokeswoman Laurel Patrick said the governor is in contact with his staff regardless of his location.


  • Hell in a handbasket

    The democratic party did not pay for this, union donkeys that support democrats did with their union dues. Are these the same democrats who left the state to protest Act 10?

  • s holmes

    Now can you tell us the one about how we need to give up guns for the “children”, I can’t get enough of that.

  • s holmes

    I demand that the dems take down their billboards & I further demand that the democratic party disband in 30 days.

      • Kathy

        How often is Obama out of the country as opposed to how often Walker is out of WI? Obama is a world leader. Walker is a uneducated misfit who apparently looks the Pied Piper to the Fox/Sykes low info knuckledraggers.

      • Aaron

        Obama has nothing to do with this discussion. These people have a point! What HAS Walker done? Anything? I don’t care WHO paid for the billboards! They’re RIGHT!

    • Mr Bob

      Renee, are you one of those mindless union zombies still bitter about the passage of Act 10?? Get over it already…

    • JohnGalt

      Nonsense. He’s the Governor, and they *routinely* take trips out of state and even overseas in attempts to attract new businesses.

      Maybe if you spent less time being a bitter clinger to lost socialist causes, you’d be less depressed and, therefore, spend less time posting drivel? Give it some thought :)

  • Mr Bob

    Hey kathy, how many rounds of golf has your man obama played since taking office as president??? Well don’t have the numbers yet for 2015, but as of December 31, 2014 it is 214 rounds. Compare that to Bush who played 24 rounds total for his years in office. Think about the time and money this clown obama has cost the average US taxpayer for those 214 rounds. Don’t talk about Walker. Hopefully he will be elected President so he can turn this country around.

  • David Koch

    Pay them no nevermind scottie. we will keep filling your campaign coffers with cash just as long as you continue to do our work and make laws that help me and my brother.

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