It has happened again: Total chaos inside Brooklyn McDonald’s during melee involving teenagers

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BROOKLYN (WITI) — It has happened again. A disturbing melee involving teenagers broke out inside a Brooklyn McDonald’s restaurant on Thursday, May 14th, and this time, those involved turned on an innocent man trying to break up the fight — and on McDonald’s employees.

It happened around 3:00 p.m., as school was letting out.

WARNING: The video associated with this story contains graphic language and violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Video shows a teenage girl standing on a table, taking off her top, apparently preparing herself for the fight.

Two young girls begin trading blows, and people try to tear them apart. An older gentleman in a hat tries to diffuse the situation, but is turned on by the teen boys crowding around, who seemed to have been enjoying the fight.

The narrator, Don Balmain, can be heard gleefully yelling, “Kill him!” interspersed with laughs.

Total chaos breaks out in the restaurant, with teens fighting with cashiers over the counter.

The teens eventually chase the older man outside, as the man behind the camera screams, “Kill him right now!” A woman stands in front of him to shield him from the mob. The cameraman shouts, “They can’t help you!”

Balmain later posted the video on his Facebook page and commented, “They put that old man in the hospital. I feel bad for telling them to kill him.”

911 was called, and a woman was taken to the hospital. Another man was aided at the scene, but refused medical attention.

No one was arrested.

Two formal complaints for assault were filed, and are under investigation.

Community activist Tony Herbert is appalled by the video.

“These are young people from the community that should be doing something more positive," Herbert said.

A Brooklyn mother who frequents the McDonald’s location say she’s disgusted and scared for her children.

“To see something like that…it’s scary," the mother said.

In March, a similar display broke out inside a McDonald’s restaurant in Brooklyn. The video was posted on Facebook and went viral. Six teens ended up being arrested in connection to the incident, with one being charged with felony gang assault.


  • Cliff

    Nobody should move from these areas. These Mc Donald’s and other restaurants should have armed security and they shouldn’t allow this many teenagers into there business at a time! People are getting really fed up with these punks and one day soon these kids are gonna swing on the wrong armed person!

  • Mr. Bob

    Very simple solution here really. More people need to conceal carry. This would have ended real fast if a permit holder draws his weapon. Probably doesn’t even need to shoot. Again these are animals and they just need to be brought under control…

  • chris

    I agree with you Johnny. We gave them an inch they took a mile and have destroyed any and all progress made by the civil rights movement. If we criticize their behavior we are racist. If we question their activities or deny them handouts they believe they are owed we are racist. Let’s give them an island, name it New Africa and let them govern, police and run it themselves. I’d give it 3 years max before people are starving and they are embroiled in a civil war.

  • dwayne

    yeaa ,I must say this is really sad to watch it’s not cool at all..but I just want it to be known all black individuals don’t think nor act this way..don’t judge us all and think we have the same characterises of foolishness which is demonstrated in this video..

  • BDS

    I’m glad the guy that filmed it was stupid enough to post it. He should be held accountable for telling people to kill the old guy. If he’s not…well, that’s just more evidence of how backwards things have become.

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