Suspects break into video poker machine, business owner says “they need to be stopped”

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BROWN DEER (WITI) -- It's not the crime of the century. But a Brown Deer business owner says she's not taking this one lying down.

Kim Starz-Nicholas is the owner of the Brown Deer Lanes. she says she was ripped off Monday night -- and has the security pictures to prove it.

"These kinds of people need to be stopped," said Starz-Nicholas. "They obviously have no regard for the law."

Starz-Nicholas says the couple walked in after 10 p.m., but bypassed the bowling. They sat down and ordered a drink.

"How much guts does it take to literally through the front entrance, right into the security camera, be into a bar that has other people into it," said Starz-Nicholas.

After their beer, they broke into a video poker machine.

"Once they got the plate unscrewed, they could bypass the lock," said Starz-Nicholas.

Then the male suspect apparently walked to the men's room with the money box, pocketed the cash and trashed the rest. Starz-Nicholas says the same thing has happened before at her other bowling alley in Sussex.

"No matter what amount of money they did or did not get from us these kind of people need to be stopped," said Starz-Nicholas.

Brown Deer police are investigating this case.

"I want their pictures everywhere and if you see them I want you to call the police and I want you to inconvenience them like they inconvenienced all of their victims," said Starz-Nicholas.

Starz-Nicholas says while the theft happened on Monday, it wasn't discovered until Thursday when a staff member found the empty money box in the men's room trash can. She's warning businesses with the same video poker machines to be on the lookout.


  • John Norton

    Maybe employees should be watching the surroundings other than just letting the cameras do the work. It shows how well they check for possible problems on the premises having this happen on Monday, yet not noticing until Thursday.

    I managed a rock bar several years ago for about ten years. The place was packed with people seven nights a week. We not only watch what customers were doing, we went through the place after the doors were locked at night checking everything.

  • aa

    They been hitting all the bars in West Allis too. Jim Henry’s Oval Bar was hit by these these thief’s and that’s where I work.

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