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Source: Three-year-old child who died covered with human bite marks, mother, boyfriend arrested

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say the three-year-old boy who suffered numerous physical injuries at a home near 54th and Euclid has died. The child has been identified as Aiden Archer. A law enforcement source close to the investigation tells FOX6 News the boy's body was found to be covered with human bite marks. It appears the boy also had head trauma. A cause of death has not yet been determined.

Police were dispatched to the home on Monday night, June 1st for a report of a sick/injured person. Upon arrival, officers found Archer suffering from numerous injuries. Police say the child was transported to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

The child died on Wednesday, June 3rd at the hospital.

UPDATE: CLICK HERE to view latest on this story as of Thursday, June 4th.

The child’s mother, a 24-year-old woman, and the mother’s boyfriend, a 27-year-old man, are currently in custody.

MPD will present charges to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office in the coming days.

Lyle Sieben is the man who helped get first responders to the scene.

"My neighbor came over, knocked on my door and needed to know if he could use my phone for 911, and I said 'yeah,'" Sieben said.

54th and Euclid child injured

Neighbors who live near 54th and Euclid say this is a neighborhood that cares.

"If I would have known anything was even close to being out-of-line, I would have called somebody," one neighbor said. "We take care of our homes. We take care of our families. We watch out for each other."

Neighbors say the 24-year-old mother and her 27-year-old boyfriend moved in not too long ago. Neighbors say they knew the woman who rented out the home as Jackie and her adult son Josh. It is believed they took in the young mother, her three-year-old child and her boyfriend. Josh was the one who ran to Seiben's house to call 911.

"911 asked him 'what's going on?' He said 'the little one banged his head. He says 'I went outside and came back in. The little one banged his head and now he's not breathing' so I dialed 911 quick,'" Sieben said.

Sieben says it was frustrating as the 911 dispatcher asked a lot of questions and he wondered whether an ambulance was coming. He says he grabbed the phone and yelled at the dispatcher.

"I was out here and I flagged them and Josh came out and flagged them," Sieben said.

"We're angry. We're not having it. We don't want this in our neighborhood. I hope I never have to live through this again. It's sad. It's wrong. I hope whoever is responsible is brought to justice," a neighbor said.

An autopsy on the little boy is set for Thursday or Friday.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this story.

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  • acaringandlovingmom

    They should both have to suffer numerous physical injuries and then just lock them in an empty room to pass on into h3ll……..

  • Nothing Changes

    The child’s family says the mother was turned “into a monster” by heroin. How about Milwaukee Police GET BACK A VICE UNIT? And Chisolm prosecute and jail drug offenders?

    • Mel

      Heroin doesn’t damage people like this, monsters are monsters. No drugs needed. They were trash to begin with. I wish we had the death penalty for garbage like this.

      • Nothing Changes

        @Mel I respectfully disagree. I can’t verify it is true in this case, but people addicted to drugs do things they would not have done sober and those actions hurt innocents. Drugs and unpunished criminality lead to property crime and violence. I would like our gov’t to stop encouraging people to do drugs and sit around all day on their free cell phones eating junk food we pay for and go out and work or be useful somehow.. If they can’t behave, they need to be removed. Not rewarded. Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn has tons of people collecting data and creating reports, but no vice unit, and no cops on the street to do the real policing.

    • Mel

      And sorry, your warped view of the poor is insulting. Go back to your burbs house and cry in your coach purse how your life is soooo tough.

      • Nothing Changes

        You directing that to me? FAIL. I am the working poor. Live in the city of Milwaukee. I don’t get any but have no problem with public assistance for those who can not support themselves but are LAW ABIDING and PRODUCTIVE or legitimately disabled. Coach Purse? Don’t want one, but can’t carry one safely anyway in my URBAN neighborhood. My problem is with gov’t allowing people who sit around and get high and rob others. If they had to work for a living to buy their cheetos like my family does they would be TIRED and too busy to rob others. And without their free phones to play on they MIGHT get bored.

  • Jenna Olson

    I have a little bit of inside knowledge of this situation. Supposedly the mom was “next door charging her phone” and the boyfriend and possibly one other man (Josh, maybe?) were left with the boy. He was bitten all over the place, had bruises, and was hit in the head. He was pronounced brain dead at the hospital.

    Biting another human being? Maybe not heroin, but it sure sounds like that crazy bath salts or something else similar.

    Rest in peace, Aiden and suffer no more.

    • Nothing Changes

      The article states the neighbors had no idea the family had issues. I heard the house didn’t even have electricity, and that fits with what you said about having to leave to charge a phone. How can a child be left with a drug addict in a house with no power?

  • Mary Dobrzynski

    Lock them in a room full of parents that lost their children to sids or other natural health problems. Make them answer every question as to why they would cause harm to such an innocent human being. What could that little boy have done that was so terrible to deserve such treatment? Disgusting!

  • mr wrestling

    This comment is directed to mel. Mpd does have a vice unit. They are federally funded and called hidta. Heroin is an epidemic everywhere. This is not nazi germany where police kick in every door looking for dope. There are dope houses everywhere, probably even on your block. As long as there is a demand there will always be drug dealers. When one drug dealer gets arrested, another sets up shop within hours. People need to take responsibilty for their own actions and not blame drugs. No one ever put a gun to some ones head and made them inject heroin.

  • Mel

    Again, Milwaukee, again? Do NOT use the drug addict excuse again. These two are the epitomy of TRASH. The drugs don’t help but again, people that are addicts are not monsters like this. This was going on LONG before they were addicts it seems. And sick of suburbanites with nothing else to do but blame the drugs as a scapegoat. Bite marks!? These people should get thrown in a hellhole and left to die, or shipped to an island with others like them and left to fend for themselves. Then nuke the rest. What pieces of living excrement.
    I especially hate it when such peoples family come and say, we didn’t know or that they tried to get them out, bull. Some one that claimed to be a family member sat on here and said I shouldn’t be saying that they are aweful but strange to me that this person is now suddenly not talking slick now. The horrific manner that this baby was abused should be inflicted back on these two, that way they’ll feel exactly what they did. These are disgusting lowlife monsters, keep them in prison and lose the keys. But I am sick of those who are quick just blame drug use, no matter what heroin doesn’t make a peron harm others like this! May this baby fly right up to heaven and God hold him in his arms. Just wish another baby didn’t have to die.

    Shamed on the state, you failed to protect this little boy and now this is the result. God pray for this little boy.

  • listen up

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, The family say`s she turned into a monster from HEROIN, well if they knew why didnt` they get the child out and away from this SO CALLED MONSTER, i`v lost someone to Heroin, not once did i hear he was violent, just stole`d from people he loved. this is just an excuse. The family knew, now they have to live with this, R.I.P.LITTLE ONE seeing the family didnt protect you ,you are now in the hands of the good lord.

  • tk421

    It is the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. Bad people are bad people…drugs make them horrible people….etc..etc…

  • Natasha

    The woman who gave birth to this Angel does not deserve to be called a mother! A mother protects who children. Bite marks? Really? Imagine the pain this little Angel endured without being able to defend himself. The “Boyfriend” should rot but that “woman” should recieve the same torture that lil angel recieved. Have some cells mates bite her and beat her to death. This disgusts me. RIP lil man!

  • SO MAD

    I live in MKE and am just appalled by this as well as for all the other crime. Nothing good can come when a white female leaves her white child with a black man. Nothing!!

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