17-year-old charged as an adult, accused of leading gang rape: “They had no regard for this young lady”

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WEST ALLIS -- A 15-year-old runaway finds a world of violence in a garage in West Allis. Now, a 17-year-old boy is charged -- as an accused leader in a gang rape.

Court documents describe how the girl did manage to say "no" -- but was unable to fight off her attackers. That's because she was drugged with a drink made of Sprite and cough syrup -- sometimes called "lean."

The alleged gang rape occurred inside a garage in the 8500 block of West Greenfield Avenue in West Allis on May 29th.

Garage 85th and Greenfield West Allis

The 15-year-old victim told police at the home, she began drinking "lean" -- a combination of soda and liquid cough syrup.

"They'll call it purple drank, lean, or dirty sprite and it's promethazine, which is a cough syrup and they mix it with the sprite and it causes the effect of extreme drowsiness -- especially in this case, a young child not knowing she was drinking it, it had obvious effects on her," Jessica Johnson with the West Allis Police Department said.

The criminal complaint indicates the victim told officials her head began to spin. She told investigators her legs felt like water, like Jello. She fell off the porch. She woke up inside a garage, with a group of kids who were already on police radar.

"These kids we've had an eye on for awhile -- involved in many types of activity. When the names came up of who was involved, we can't say we were surprised at all," Johnson said.

Gregory Wagner

Gregory Wagner

17-year-old Gregory Wagner of West Allis faces charges as an adult in this case: two counts of second degree sexual assault of a child under the age of 16. He's accused of taking off the 15-year-old girl's clothes, and with the help of another boy, raping the girl. Investigators say the other boy did the same.

Wagner and the other boy then allegedly came back and did it again.

Investigators say a third boy said he wanted to do it too.

Court documents indicate the sexual assault was so violent, the victim was bleeding.

"They had no regard for this young lady. It's quite sad," Johnson said.

While the "lean" impaired the victim, she was able to notice a bright light during one of the attacks. She recognized it as a video recorder, and she screamed.

The complaint indicates one of the boys put his hands around her neck and she couldn't breathe.

According to the complaint, the entire thing was recorded, and there were several videos of the incident. At least one was posted to Facebook.

"The video had surfaced and we were able to capture the video. It was posted on a social media," Johnson said.

Wagner faces up to 80 years in prison. The others are facing charges in juvenile court.

Wagner will be in court on June 17th for his preliminary hearing.

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    • tiff

      Innocent until proven otherwise. Why are judging him ? You don’t even know him . I hope your not in church judging people .

      • Wilson

        Earth to Tiff, we all just made another judgement we want you to be aware of. You are a totally ignorant person!!!

      • impy2101

        Tiff the police got the video. Is there something else you need to convict him? Isn’t this how we find police guilty of brutality? By reviewing videotapes of the police beating the crap out of undeserving alleged perpetrators?

      • TJ

        Tiff- Are you really that frikken stupid??? How much more evidence then a video do you need??? Wow, talk about a dumb ass!

  • Opinion8d

    Can’t wait til they get a hold of his graduation picture of so they can show what a great kid he was……

  • Liz

    But he’s “just a child”. He looks like such “a nice boy”. And don’t forget “black lives matter”. Stupid people that encourage an overactive sense of entitlement.

    • Peter

      He’s an individual… He commits a horrible crime and claims of unwarranted racism and discrimination are no longer validated? Aren’t you racist? Don’t you judge and discriminate if possible? The young man who did this is sick! So are you!

  • Paul Dean

    Why do people only comment on negative news?! This isn’t news this is BS! The weather was awesome today.

    • Schmendrick

      If news stations would send reporters into the communities they would find far more young people trying to improve their lives and communities.
      But, animosity and conflict lead to article clicks and comments which lead to more clicks, which translate to advertising dollars.
      The public is being led by the nose by the profiteers of fear and animosity disguised as “news”

      • Opinion8d

        If more people in the community held their kids accountable and themselves, we wouldn’t have the ‘generalize’ the norms of the inner city. Those people rioting in Baltimore (or elsewhere) had to be raised by someone…. It is truly sad though that there are good people wanting to do right and living right in the inner city that don’t get the recognition. But what’s worse is that it has come to a place where doing ‘what is right’ is something that should be celebrated, and not just expected!!! You take care of your kid, Great!!! – YOU are supposed to!!!!

    • impy2101

      I hope you are talking about the boys only. Because if that is your opinion that anything on tape negates innocence or lack of understanding of what is happening, then perhaps the videotape of Rodney King being beaten almost to death means that we shouldn’t feel sorry for Rodney King.

      • neo

        King got beat because he was driving drunk and speeding. When the cops tried to pull him over for speeding, he took off on a chase, through private neighborhoods at speeds that would have killed anyone crossing the street. He admitted doing this because he was on parole for a robbery conviction and knew if he got caught that it would violate the conditions of that parole. When they finally pulled him over, he got out laughing at the cops, crawling on the ground stone drunk. Then when they tried to arrest him, he resisted by shoving cops off of him. They tasered him. Twice. he still resisted. It took 8 cops to bring him down to finally arrest him and yes, they beat his drunk behind in the process. The cops admitted going too far, but King made them go too far.

  • s holmes

    Hims had a bad life & thats why he shouldn’t go to jail. The trial should be a farce, at least on the defense side.

  • Cheryl Betchkal

    Where are his parents ???? They need to be accountable also …… Feel bad for that young girl !!!

    • Patrick

      As a resident of West Allis, I must disagree that it is populated by scum and losers. This happened very close to my house. My family and I have seen these kids on our block but never saw them do anything criminal (just rude and obnoxious). Many great people live in West Allis and we look out for each other and try to get the actual scum (who also live in many other communities) off of our street. We call the police and they do what they can. They have rules and protocals they must follow or the scum get off on technicalities by the scum lawyers and judges out there. I’m not a cop, I don’t know what it’s like to be a cop, but I support them knowing that it is a terribly tough job. You were much more correct questioning the parenting. That is where this starts.

      • impy2101

        Patrick, I agree that Wilson just labeled all of West Allis based on one or two anecdotal stories and not actual research conducted by himself and using the entire population to compile facts instead of a sampling, the article did state these boys were already on the radar. Did you know they were being watched by the police already?

    • ldyastrid

      … sometimes the parents are NOT at fault for what their children do … sometimes the parents are just as horrified as the victim and their family for the actions of their kid(s) …. sometimes parents teach lessons and expectations but the child(ren) just don’t care / refuse to be the people they are capable of being. Please don’t automatically blame the parents for a kids actions – sometimes they’d be the first ones to turn their child in when they find out of a crime their kid committed.

  • Marie

    That’s sad no female should have to go through that. I say that all need to be charge as adults. For that young lady I’m so sorry you had to go through that.

  • John doe

    You need to lock all of those boys up for life! You would want the same punishment for anyone to commit such an act on your daughter, no? You need to prove to all the other boys and girls who commit such crimes that there will be no second chance for them. End of story !!!

  • J

    She was drugged or didn’t you read that part. Have you ever been drugged probably not, especially considering the fact that you think she would be able to scream and fight. Also have you ever been raped? That’s probably a no as well. When you’re in that type of situation sometime the best thing to do is not fight. Fighting or screaming may only make it worse.

  • impy2101

    Perhaps you should put away your toys and do your homework. I recommend you spend extra time on grammar and spelling. There is nothing more credible in the world than a person who presents evidence with an education. And if you finished then go read your Bible and find that chapter and verse, that proclaims you God’s sheriff, judge, and executioner.

  • impy2101

    Alicia, perhaps you should put away your toys and do your homework. I recommend you spend extra time on grammar and spelling. There is nothing more credible in the world than a person who presents evidence with an education. And if you finished then go read your Bible and find that chapter and verse, that proclaims you God’s sheriff, judge, and executioner.

  • just my opinion

    What these young men did was wrong period point blank but I’m almost positive that she was aware what she was about to drink anybody that knows about lean know it changes the color of the sprite drink it don’t excuses what they did but she old enough to know what to do and what not to do!!! She playing victim but she played her role to she had to obvious trust them to drink out they bottle and she knew them so I’m a 1000% sure she knew what she was about to drink…again they where WRONG for rapping her and should be punished no one should be taken advantage of EVER!!! But she knew and want to act as if she didn’t know and lying making it sound worse is wrong to tell the truth and the whole truth!!! #Itsjustmyopion!!!

  • impy2101

    Tiara, you should listen more when you are in school instead of texting under your desk. Or maybe do homework, you know the kind where you actually learn? The girl is 14 – regardless of her willingness or not, the law says she was raped. Our society got together and decided that any person forcing sex on a minor is considered a rapist. We (that means your parents, too) vote to pass laws like this. Now, if you don’t like that law, what you will learn when you are in school is that you can change the law, but it does have to be formally changed before you, Tiara, can decide if it’s rape or not. And you will have to be a real educated grown up to make those changes. Additionally, when you are in biology class, if you pay attention, you’ll learn that everyone has a different reaction to chemicals. And finally, you should also practice what you preach, and not judge either.

  • ldyastrid

    “if you saw the video” … well, the police saw the video and based on what the girl said and what they saw in the video, they charged the guys – “Court documents indicate the sexual assault was so violent, the victim was bleeding.” I can’t believe that she consented to that. But YOU know better… because you were there? Maybe she said she messed up because she went with them in the first place. If she TRULY made up the whole thing, and admitted to that, why are the charges still going forward against the boys? Hopefully nothing like this ever happens to you, Tiara – if it did, how would YOU like people to be saying what they are saying about her? Grow up.

  • t.a.p

    They had the audacity to post it to social Media people ate sick no matter race he is he’s old enough to know right from wrong but not smart enough to make the right decisions and the article stated she’s a runaway do who knows what she was going through at home I’ll be sure to keep her in my prayers

  • moderator of racist comments

    I don’t believe she didn’t know what she was drinking. Quite possible she went along with the whole thing til she found out there was a video online

  • Jane Doe

    My children have gone to school with this female for years. In 6th or 7th grade she was pregnant. She is VERY sexually active and posts videos and snapchats of herself performing sexual acts on herself. She is NO angel and I believe there is much more to the story and Im sure the truth will be told and justice will be served.

  • jwpjwp

    Girl volunteers to go with three teens …. no surprise at the outcome …. hope she learned a lesson … but doubt if she did.

  • Da Man

    1.) A 15-year-old runaway. 2.) 15-year-old victim told police at the home, she began drinking “lean”

    Seems to me if she had made a few different choices this wouldn’t have happened to her. Now, before everyone goes off I am not blaming the victim, entirely. BUT she did make horrible choices that contributed to this. I have less sympathy for her because of this. Same with people who leave their cars running then complain when they are stolen. Everyone should use some common sense.

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