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Recent 911 call made regarding Duggar family in midst of alleged new investigation

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — A new investigation has reportedly been launched against the Duggar family, just days after molestation claims surfaced involving Josh Duggar.

A report by In Touch Weekly says the family was being investigated as recently as late May when a Washington County Department of Human Services worker called 911 claiming they were being denied access to a minor in the Duggar family.

On May 19, news broke that Josh had molested five girls when he was just 14. It later came out that four of the victims were his sisters, and in an interview that aired this month with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, that was confirmed.

Jessa and Jill, who were among the victims, defended their brother and explained the safety precautions their parents put in place after it happened.

After the initial story broke, the Arkansas Department of Human Resources reportedly started a new investigation. According to Today, a portion of the 911 transcript says:

“Well, we’re Washington County DHS office and we’re out here to, uh, we have an investigation,” the voice on the recording tells a 911 dispatcher. “I guess they’re not being cooperative, and we have to see the child to make sure the child is all right. So we just need police assistance or escort.”

The details of the recent investigation have not been revealed.


  • George

    These parents are disgusting and protecting their molester son for their own financial gains. I would bet that the 2 girls that defended him were told they had to or the family business was at risk. Disgusting. These parents deserve to be locked up.

    Who watches this garbage anyway?

  • Paris Alvey

    Seriously? what kind of story is this? There are hardly any contents. how can people make such accusations with such little information or evidence? i’m talking, this lame excuse of a story.

  • Mrs.C

    This is a sad but unfortunately a common story. 1st why are the Duggers continuing to get so much publicity for this. This happens to children everyday and no one reports a word about it. 2nd dude know he was wrong for doing what he did. I understand forgiving someone, but how the hell could this family have the audacity to get on television every week pretending to be such GOD fearing Christians, yet have that kind of thing going on thay tjeu knew about the whole time they are doing their show, getting paid loads of money and acting as if all os good and this is just a small misunderstanding? Jimbob and Michelle pretending to preach the gospel and have the “perfect family” every time you see them. Hypocrites! It’s not for me to judge them but I’m just asking, what GOD do you truly serve?

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