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Comfort Bags are being provided to young victims of domestic violence

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- These may look like just a bunch of bags, but for the children who receive them they're a symbol of hope.

"Often times there are children impacted and the trauma of domestic violence really takes its toll on a young person," said Sojourner Family Peace Center Associate Director Mark Thomas.

More than three million children in America witness domestic violence each year.

That's why the Milwaukee Police Department and Sojourner Family Peace Center are beginning a program that provides comfort bags to these kids.

"We`re there to help. We care for them, we care for what they`ve been through and we try to minimize the pain that is a direct result of that incident," said Milwaukee Police Department Captain Victor Beecher.

Police officers will give the comfort bags to the children in a home when responding to a domestic violence call.

The bags are filled with hygiene products like a toothbrush, they'll also get a toy, and most importantly a safety plan booklet with tips on how to protect themselves in a violent situation.

"That safety plan will include things like how to dial 911 and how to come up with a code word that can be utilized within the family so that the family can take action," said Thomas.

On Saturday, volunteers will finish assembling the comfort bags and they`ll also be hosting a resource fair and food drive for families in need.

"To make sure that our neighbors that are experiencing violence have food available to them and to get resources they need for literacy issues, job issues, food issues, and financial support," said Sojourner Family Peace Center Special Projects Manager Michelle Coppens.

Providing a little peace during a very stressful time.

The Community Resource Fair and Food Drive is free and open to the public.

It's Saturday, July 18th from 11 am to 3 pm at the Milwaukee Safety Academy.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence and needs help CLICK HERE.


  • anonymous

    it all sounds so nice like they have all this help available but when I ended up in a bad situation with a child and pregnant with another and NO family or friends the only thing they could give me was advice. The ONLY real help I received was a temporary home for my dog while my kid and I were homeless. (I am still grateful for that program but its sad when your dog has a bed and your kid doesn’t) I stuck to my guns never went back to him and my kids and I got back on our feet but it was CERTAINLY not due to any help from anyone in Milwaukee. Don’t kid yourself when it gets down to it you got no one but YOURSELF to depend on.

    • zan

      This is heartbreaking. Shame on this city. I’m so glad you and your child made it out ( and broke the cycle); many don’t. We should all help each other! We’re all in this together, seriously.

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