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Milwaukee teen charged in connection with multiple “bump-and-run” carjacking attempts

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MILWAUKEE -- 17-year-old Armanti Dowell of Milwaukee now faces multiple charges in connection with several "bump-and-run" carjacking attempts in Milwaukee and West Allis.

Armanti Dowell

Armanti Dowell

Dowell faces the following criminal charges:

  • Unauthorized use of personal identifying information or documents (2 counts)
  • Conspiracy to commit theft
  • Attempt robbery (use of force)
  • Attempt robbery, armed (threat of force)
  • Possession of a firearm by a felon

"These are certainly allegations of violence," a court official said as Dowell made his initial court appearance Tuesday, July 28th.

The criminal complaint against Dowell details several alleged crimes. The first happened on July 12th near 24th and Grant on Milwaukee's south side. The woman victim in this case told police "she had been involved in, what she thought was, a rear-end accident." But when she got out of the vehicle to check for damage, someone else "jumped into her car and drove it away. She indicated that her purse and credit cards were in the car and taken." The investigation later found those credit cards were used at a Walgreens on Milwaukee's north side a short time later. Surveillance video at the store was used to identify Dowell in this case.

The complaint indicates on July 19th, a woman in an SUV was stopped near 70th and Rogers in West Allis. "She observed a dark Jeep coming towards her and knew the vehicle was not going to stop." The woman told police the Jeep hit her van, "but her husband (who was seated in the back seat with their three-week-old baby) told her to keep driving." She indicated the couple had seen a news story about "bump and run" carjackings.  The woman did not stop -- and the Jeep drove off.

Armanti Dowell

Armanti Dowell

Also on July 19th, another woman told police she was in her car near 68th and Becher in West Allis when she was struck from behind by a black Jeep. The woman "exited her vehicle and was approached by a black male subject, later identified by his own admission as defendant Dowell." The complaint indicates while Dowell was talking with the woman, another person jumped into the front seat of her car. She fought back -- and that second person exited the car through the passenger door -- but not before taking a bag that belonged to the woman. Dowell and the second person drove off.

Lastly, and also on July 19th, a man was cleaning his car when "he noticed a dark-colored Jeep drive up to him." The man told police the person sitting in the passenger seat of the Jeep rolled down the window "and had a gun pointed at him." The suspect demanded the man's car keys -- which he didn't have on him. The suspect demanded money and his cell phone -- the man also did not have those. At that point, the complaint indicates "the defendant racked the slide on the handgun." The man told police "the defendant pulled the trigger and the gun clicked." The Jeep then drove away. The man in this incident identified Dowell through a police lineup.

After the incidents on July 19th, police saturated the neighborhoods where the crimes had been taking place. "An officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop of the black Jeep. The individual driving the Jeep refused to stop and attempted to strike the officer with the Jeep. This led the officer to discharge his weapons, striking one of the subjects and causing all the subjects to flee."

West Allis police located Armanti Dowell a short time later "hiding in a trash can in an alley" near 45th and Westchester St.

Dumpster where officials found Armanti Dowell

Dumpster where officials found Armanti Dowell

When police interviewed Dowell, he told them he was a member of the "Gorilla Gang." He told officers, "this type of crime is easier to do on the south side because they 'might get shot' if they attempted this in their own neighborhood."

As Dowell made his initial appearance in court on Tuesday, July 28th, bail was set at $20,000 cash after the court considered these violent alleged crimes and Dowell's "substantial" juvenile record.

Meanwhile, law enforcement officials have been warning about these so called "bump-and-run" carjacking incidents.

"It really is not a Milwaukee problem. It's a metropolitan problem and all of us are experiencing it," West Milwaukee Police Chief Dennis Nasci said.

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  • Chattipatti

    So he’s 17 and already a felon, wonder what he did, and why was he out on the streets? Milwaukee better wake up, they need a special court for this kids stealing cars, and carjacking. Stop hitting them on the hand, and I bet if the parents had to pay for all this madness that’s going on it would stop or more kids would be locked up. If my child would have rolled up in a car at 12, 13, i would have called the police. I just do not understand what’s going on.

  • Mike

    Why was this guy even out on the streets? From what I heard he has several felonies as early as last month.
    Then the judge says he can’t have any contact with guns! REALLY do you honestly think if he posts bond he will listen.
    This kind of crime will continue until stiffer penalties are given.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Listen up parents/family members or even friends of this kid …… stop bailing or posting bond for these kids that think they are so entitled running around like a ticking time bomb ruining innocent people’s lives. Let them sit in jail and think about what they did wrong. They have no business of having the privilege of freedom.

    • Cameron

      In Wisconsin, there are no bail bonds. Either pony up the cash or you stay in jail. No Dog the Bounty Hunter in these parts. Bail bondsmen are not allowed to operate in Wisconsin. This kid won’t get bailed out. The bail could be $1,000 and he still wouldn’t get out because most people don’t have that kind of cash readily available. That’s why the jails are so overcrowded. I don’t disagree with the no bond rule. Makes it too easy for felons to get back on the street more quickly.

      • Cece

        True we dont have bail bondmens, but we d o have PR bonds. An i know this because i got a pr bond before when i was incarcerated for something i didn’t do. So i don’t know where this no bonds stuff coming from

      • Cameron

        CeCe- A PR is not… I repeat not.. the same thing as a bond and is not…I repeat not…allowed in cases where a felony has been committed. Does it hurt your head to think?

  • Cameron

    What about the other two suspects who are currently in custody? They are all accessories to the crime. When will these charges be forthcoming? Certainly that can’t let them walk when they participated in multiple violent crimes.

  • Ghetto Granny

    Scumbag. Should be shot then quartered. When are blacks going to realize they need to start enforcing the keep your legs closed rule. Fatherless felons is all you going to get. As far as you stupid pants below yo ground rapping indiots, get a life.

    • Cameron

      What is wrong with your grammar? Are you a 3rd grader? No, because even a 3rd grader could construct a better sentence. Learn to read and write, it really helps when you want to express yourself in a way people can understand…not weird gibberish.

  • thomas

    Well have notice all the guys going into churches movies killing peoples have been White when will white parents learn keep they funky legs closed

    • Kingman

      Don’t hang around and let your problems surround you
      There are movie shows downtown
      Maybe you know some little places to go to
      Where they never close downtown

      Just listen to the rhythm of a gentle bossa nova
      You’ll be dancing with ’em too before the night is over
      Happy again
      The lights are much brighter there
      You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares

      So go downtown

  • thomas

    It was a Caucasian who in that church and killed 9 it was a Caucasian man in Colorado who killed 13 it was Caucasian who killed 2 the movies it was 2caucaisan who killed who family in Oklahoma sandy hook Caucasian male killed 25 in a school so the truth is Caucasian women need close they legs from producing mass murders like you creep

    • 2ECOND

      not saying all whites are perfect there bro, just pointed out the fact that the ratio at which blacks commit serious crimes is MUCH higher.

  • selfentitled

    “”He told officers, “this type of crime is easier to do on the south side because they ‘might get shot’ if they attempted this in their own neighborhood.””” . that says it all.

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