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CCW confrontation at waste disposal center: “City is not allowed to ban concealed carry on this property”

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MILWAUKEE -- The police showed up to deal with a group of people armed with guns at a public facility -- and concealed carry advocates say what happened next is against the law.

The group of people showed up at a waste disposal facility on Lincoln Avenue in Milwaukee on Tuesday morning, August 4th to try to prove a point. They believe they should be able to go to the outdoor, city of Milwaukee-run center with their guns in tow.

Concealed carry

Concealed carry

Signs on city property warning people to leave their guns at home have become a common sight at places like the Milwaukee Public Library. There is a sign posted at the waste disposal facility on Lincoln Avenue -- but concealed carry advocates feel they should be allowed to carry there, because it's an outdoor, public facility.

In 2011, Wisconsin became the 49th state to allow the concealed carry of firearms. There are exceptions when it comes to some public and private businesses.

It was the sign at the waste disposal facility that had some fired up on Tuesday afternoon in Milwaukee.

Concealed carry

Sign posted at waste disposal center on Lincoln Avenue

"The city is not allowed to ban concealed carry on this property," Nik Clark, the chairman of Wisconsin Carry said.

Concealed carry

Nik Clark

Clark was one of those who showed up at the waste drop-off center on Lincoln Avenue Tuesday. He and the others with him were each armed -- with Clark's weapon right on his hip.

City workers wouldn't let them in.

"State law allows them the right to carry in their vehicle, of out of their vehicle, on city property as long as it`s not a special event -- or go into buildings that are posted," Clark said.

Several Milwaukee police officers arrived at the waste disposal center to enforce the city's policy -- but when FOX6 News called the City Attorney's Office, we were told staff members couldn't comment on this matter -- or even define the city's policy itself.

Concealed carry

Concealed carry confrontation at waste disposal center on Lincoln Avenue

That may have something to do with Clark's plan to take legal action as a result of what happened on Tuesday afternoon.

FOX6 News asked Clark why he feels there's a need to bring a gun to a waste disposal center. He says it's about safety.

"We know what happened in the Azana Salon. Had one woman in there had a gun to defend herself, lives would have been saved," Clark said.

Concealed carry

Concealed carry confrontation at waste disposal center on Lincoln Avenue

Others don't see eye-to-eye with Clark and other concealed carry advocates.

Concealed carry permit

Concealed carry permit

"I think it`s ridiculous, actually.  Personally, I don`t think they should have a gun at any type of those locations," Cherie Jerkins of Milwaukee said.

Wisconsin Carry has pledged legal action against the city of Milwaukee.

No one in the group was cited as a result of Tuesday's confrontation.

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  • Joe

    It’s not just concealed carry, Wisconsin has been an open carry with no permit state since the state began.
    Wisconsin Law is very clear on the subject.

  • Sammich Olioso

    This lady says it’s ridiculous??? No,you wanna know what’s ridiculous is that in 2015 the city of Milwaukee is on pace for a record murder rate,where a murder can happen AT ANY PLACE (a city dump for example),AT ANY TIME (alot of broad daylight shootings in Milwaukee) and to ANYBODY! Whether a gun or knife or brick or 2×4 or whatever weapon is used to cause someone great bodily harm or even death whether at the city dump or the library or at a mall it can happen.Incidentally the city dump,while it is a city owned piece of property is not a school or within 1,000 feet of a school zone so for those at City Hall not even knowing the policy or law for that matter this “confrontation” as it is being called is downright pathetic!!!
    Good job Nik keep up the good work,and salute to the MPD for putting your lives in harms way to protect the citizens of Milwaukee!

  • staticphear

    More shooting deaths in Milwaukee then all of last year already, and the police are all at some waste disposal center instead of where they are needed. What a waste of resources.

  • Jim

    I have never believed in guns until the last year. The world has become more dangerous. I now have a CCL and put my gun on every day. It only takes one life threatening situation to happen. I hope I never have to use it but I am glad I can carry and protect myself. Milwaukee has always been against carrying a gun legally.

  • Sammich Olioso

    Ahh the new fad in Milwaukee,PE (which growing up I always thought meant physical education) but now city leaders want MPD to enforce PE instead of LE.

  • John clendenning

    Every mass murder with a gun has happened in a place where guns are not allowed. This is a case of mass stupidity. Personally I will not visit the city of Milwaukee. It’s a reservation for criminals and crooked politicians.

    • Jokeenthusiast

      Personally John, we’re glad. You don’t know anything about this city other than the sensationalist news you read and watch. There’s a lot you’re missing.


    Ok, this a big pet peeve of mine. “Why do you need to take a gun to the grocery store?” “Why do you need to take a gun to the waste disposal center?” “Why do you need to take a gun to the park?”

    I hopefully don’t NEED to take a gun anywhere. However, I don’t get ready for the day thinking “Gee, I’m going to go get rid of that old siding I just removed, better take my gun.” or “I’m out of bread and eggs, better take my gun to the store.” It’s simply a matter of the gun being with me WHERE EVER I go. If that happens to be a gas station or a hiking trail, or the middle of the ghetto then so be it. Nik’s point isn’t that going to the Waste Disposal Center requires being armed, but you should just be armed anyway and if that’s one of the stops you have to make on your to-do list that day then you shouldn’t be banned. Nobody HAD to bring a gun to the Azana Salon, but if someone had been allowed to CC and was going to stop there for a mani/pedi that morning, they would have been in a position to stop the subsequent murders.

  • Mike Donatello

    “FOX6 News asked Clark why he feels there’s a need to bring a gun to a waste disposal center.”

    Uh.. BECAUSE STATE LAW SAYS HE CAN? Geez, what don’t you media types understand about the difference between a “right” versus a “need”?

  • s holmes

    Nobody ever gets shot in Milwaukee so theres no need to carry a gun. Thats basically what the libs say. Why don’t the libs just forget about their signs, let criminals shoot them & not try to force their views on anyone else?

  • USMC, platoon leader

    These signs are a complete joke and they are unsafe to people that work there, gun free zones do not work, good for the protesters. I support them 110%.

  • Jokeenthusiast

    How exactly is the “concealed” part of “concealed and carry” defined? That guy Nik Clark has a gun on his hip unconcealed like he is Wyatt Earp or something.

    I’ll see everyone at the OK Corral so we can play Cowboys and Indians.

    • nyxdivine

      You might want to educate yourself a bit before opening your mouth next time. Open carry is perfectly legal in Wisconsin.

    • Mi

      In my state if your shirt covers even 1/2 a millimeter of the gun that counts as concealed. Also unless unloaded, locked separately from the ammo and not in the passenger compartment of the vehicle it is counted as concealed.

  • Unicorns and rainbows

    “FOX6 News asked Clark why he feels there’s a need to bring a gun to a waste disposal center”. Does Fox 6 read the news they report? Who in their right mind who has a CC permit would not carry in that cesspool of a city? It not a matter of the disposal center its the gauntlet you have to travel through to get there.

    • yesterdaystomrrow

      You’re obviously from the suburbs. I can assure you that Milwaukee is not the “cesspool” you think it is and not a constant shootout like the news makes it out to be. I would ask you to come see for yourself but I know you’re too scared to leave the perfect little town you grew up in that obviously has no heroin or meth problems at all whatsoever. That’s fine.

  • Lee

    How can I tell the good guys from the bad guys when law abiding citizens go into fast food restaurants waving shotgun barrels in the air to prove a point as in Texas?

    • ArgumentsDontRequireNames

      Yes, carry rights should be exercised responsibly, and guns should not be brandished provocatively. But keep in mind that yesterday 82,999,997 gun owners did act responsibly—even if 3 didn’t, or if 5 criminals who shouldn’t have guns in the first place did not.

  • ArgumentsDontRequireNames

    “Cherie Jerkins of Milwaukee said” ???… What relevance or significance does this have to anything?
    FOX6: Getting a random uninformed “opposing” opinion is not balancing anything, it’s just simply word pollution and laziness.
    FOX6: Get off you irrelevant “NEED” criteria. I’ll decide what I need or simply feel like doing. The law doesn’t require me to justify my reasoning, nor does it matter what those who prefer to be victims think.

  • Pizzaman7

    The City of Milwaukee can have a no-gun policy in a building or at a special event but not this is an open-air outdoor public facility. Look how many cops showed up here…and yet you have a real crime and how long before they show up ? Their response time is awful. Gun-free zones are dangerous and criminals take advantage of them. I hope Nik sues them !

    By the way….another place that doesn’t respect our Gun Rights is Purple Door Ice Cream….they have a non-conforming sign that is almost ground level to the right-side of their door and I informed them they need to fix that. My wife went inside while I waited on the sidewalk. I won’t go there anymore.

  • yesterdaystomrrow

    If this guy had been black he’d probably be dead by now. 2nd amendment rights are a privilege of white Americans who aren’t assumed to be criminals the moment they’re spotted.

  • Matt Racicot

    I wasn’t aware that a city had any owner other than the tax paying citizen of said city. I think they are trying to get around the laws and treat it like private property claiming “the owner” doesn’t want guns on the property, but in this case the citizens own it since it’s public space.

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