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Picking up trash but not throwing it away: Common Ground upset with Bucks’ owner Wes Edens

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MILWAUKEE -- A community group is sending a special gift of sorts to Milwaukee Bucks owner Wes Edens. But it's not something he'll want to receive.

Members of Common Ground are picking up debris and garbage in and around a vacant property. But they are not doing it to throw it away. They are gathering it to mail to the man who owns the property -- Edens.

Common Ground alleges that the house they were at was on the list of hundreds of houses that Wes Edens' mortgage company, NationStar, got after foreclosure. Common Ground stood in front of the same house near 44th and Meinecke in January.

NationStar tells FOX6 News it sold the house in February. Common Ground says NationStar sold it to an out-of-state foreclosure specialist -- and the house is deteriorating. They say other NationStar homes are in the same boat.

"We call this, hiding your mess. They call this, cleaning up their mess. We call it, hiding their mess. We think Wes Edens is quickly selling properties to known bad players," said Sandra Taylor of Common Ground.

They point to a recent fire which killed a dog on the porch. The remains, they say, are still there.

"Is this what Wes Edens thinks of Milwaukee? Is this what he thinks of our neighborhoods our families, of our children?" said Taylor.

A spokesman for NationStar tells FOX6 News in January, NationStar had 300 foreclosed properties in Milwaukee. The company has reduced that by about half -- selling most of those. NationStar says they are working with Milwaukee leaders to do more -- pledging to take responsibility for vacant homes.

Common Ground wants the Common Council to make demands of Wes Edens' mortgage company before approving the arena funding.


  • Opinion8d

    Yeah, cause he threw the trash there!!?!?!? What a joke. Why don’t you get the ‘community’ to pick up their own trash and clean up ‘their’ neighborhood??? I know, it’s all about the money -trying to hustle someone who’s got the cash…..low life!!! Why don’t they buy and rehab the properties??

    • 2ECOND

      they wont because they aren’t getting it for free, actually, they probably would want to get paid to pick up their trash.

      • R

        If they knew they could get paid to pick it up, you’d have groups of ten to fifteen of these idiots littering up every single one of his properties then demanding $15 an hour to pick it up. You know, union wages and all. Pickers 401.

  • JP79

    Why not worry about the gang bangers shooting up the neighbor hood, that is the trash I would worry about first.

  • Nathan liss

    What a joke. Asking him to put money into those dilapidated POS houses in crappy drug infested neighborhoods. And try to force them to clean up these houses when there are many houses on the same block in the same condition that are currently being lived in. And these people don’t clean up after themselves but expect someone who has money to pay. They should spend more time trying to clean up the cities gang and drug problem and worry less about what the Bucks owner is doing

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