Sears store at Brookfield Square Mall closed after heavy rain leads to flood damage

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BROOKFIELD -- If you plan to shop at Brookfield Square Monday, September 21st be aware that the Sears store is closed -- and has been since Friday. The closure is a result of heavy rain we saw at the end of last week.

Sears Brookfield Square Mall

Sears Brookfield Square Mall

Signs on the doors say it's closed due to a power outage. There is also a sign that says the store has been "Condemned as Dangerous and Unsafe."

No other stores at the mall are affected.

Customers who rolled up to the store on Monday were surprised to find it closed.

"I'm trying to buy a tractor because my tractor died. I was surprised that a store this size would close," Mike Parnau said.

Sears Brookfield Square Mall

Sears Brookfield Square Mall

"I was actually doing a return, but you know, things happen," Chris Meinholz said.

"To actually see a store closed on a Monday, in the middle of the day? I wonder if it has something to do with the construction going on," Michael Bakich said.

A statement from Sears Corporate Communications indicates the store has been closed since Friday morning, September 18th:

Sears Brookfield Square Mall

Sears Brookfield Square Mall

The full statement also indicates regret for any inconvenience this closure has caused for customers, such as John Groth -- who showed up Monday.

"It`s just very discouraging that I didn`t know about it ahead of time. It could`ve saved me a trip," Groth said.

Sears Brookfield Square Mall

Sears Brookfield Square Mall

According to the statement from Sears Corporate Communications, customers who need to pick up orders at the Brookfield store should visit the Sears store at Southridge Mall in Greendale for the time being.


  • Christina Hartwig

    I am wishing I would have accepted the opportunity to be interviewed by 6 News but I was not prepared. I was approached in the parking lot after driving all the way there to pick up items ordered online, not knowing they were closed. I live about 25 mins away. When i got home and called Sears and was told by the Online Customer Care Dept that my only option was to have my items refunded or she could cancel that order and have it delivered to me but I would have to pay for shipping. I couldn’t believe it. Those are my only options? They refused to waive shipping after the inconvience of driving all the way out there for nothing. Very disapointed. I was told by my International Online Customer Care Representative that the store will be closed “for a moment” I asked what that meant and she said she could not disclose any other information.

    • Searssux

      Like I commented in the other post for this story, Sears has the absolute WORST customer service of any store I’ve ever seen. My parents ran into some issues with their garbage service and ended up going all the way to the CEO, whom never responded or cared, she ended up having to do a reverse charge on her credit card because Sears literally STOLE her money AND the item she purchased and wouldn’t return either. That place SHOULD be closed for lack of customer service!

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