Can you help? Greenfield police looking to solve braze daytime armed burglary

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Greenfield armed burglary

GREENFIELD — Greenfield police are asking for help in solving a brazen daytime armed burglary.

It happened on Monday, September 21st.

Police say three suspects broke into a home near 35th and Layton.

Surveillance video shows the thieves taking off with a couple of televisions.

If you have any information that could help police in this case, you’re asked to give them a call.


  • Opinion8d

    News alert – have you seen a person going up the stairs..???? Is this really the best picture?? how about a description?? There’s a TV in that room – did the take that, and if so, where’s that pic??? Why put a story out there like this without a description????

  • .

    Imagine that, 3 white guys…. oh it wasn’t, MY MISTAKE! On another note, those were some oldass tvs they’ll be lucky to get a small crack rock or $10.00.

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