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Altercation at Barack Obama School: Police say pregnant student kicked pregnant paramedic

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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police responded to Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education on Wednesday afternoon, September 30th for an altercation.

Officers were dispatched to the school shortly before 2:30 p.m. to back up school resource officers.

Police say there were 30 to 40 students and outsiders fighting inside the school.

No major injuries were reported.

We’re told a pregnant student, who was being evaluated by a paramedic and apparently didn’t want to leave the fight, kicked a pregnant paramedic.

 Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education

Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education

Milwaukee Public Schools spokesperson Tony Tagliavia issued the following statement:

“We are cooperating with the Milwaukee Police Department as it investigates an incident that happened at the school at about 2:30 p.m. We will take appropriate disciplinary action against any student involved.”

No one has been arrested in this case — but police are still investigating and they say they will be making appropriate arrests or issuing citations as the investigation continues.

The school was in a “code red” condition during the incidents — where students remained in their classroom. A staggered dismissal then took place.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.

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  • Brisls

    Most of these kids need to go through boot camp to learn respect and self discipline. They certainly aren’t learning it at home or in school. Sad commentary of today’s youth and society.

  • Brisls

    Listening to the “witness” who lives across the street from the school, her statement, “the police need to be at the school every day”. EXCUSE ME????? The cops never were at any of the schools I attended. What has turned today’s youth so angry that they have no self control. It starts in the home and the morals taught.

    • Damon Gathright

      I went to public school in a middle class area and we had a school assigned there all 4 years. Every school in the area does. How is that a problem? To me as a parent now I feel much safer knowing if anything happens there’s already a cop on campus.

      • Damon

        I went to public school in a middle class area and we had a cop assigned there all 4 years. Every school in the area does. How is that a problem? To me as a parent now I feel much safer knowing if anything happens there’s already a cop on campus.

    • nobama666

      Since most of them will go to prison anyway, replace the teachers with trained guards so the natural progression continues.

  • Mike

    Shocking. A school full of “misunderstood youths” breaks out into a large scale fight. No different than any block at any time in any “misunderstood youth” neighborhood. The school fittingly had its name changed, since he is partially responsible for the growing ghetto and nearly completely at fault for the racial divide. The rest of the blame falls on those who are ruining their own race and causing the rest of everyone to hate them.

  • Fred

    The reason these kids act like wild animals is because the liberal agenda has forbidden the use of discipline. These kids are free to run amok at home and continue to do so at school. How is a teacher supposed to keep order in the classroom when parents can’t, or won’t, control their kids. A good kick in the @$$ and slap upside the head worked for hundreds of years and then it became a crime to keep your kid in line. This is the result – but the libs are happy because they have more programs to fund and divert money to so they can feel good trying to solve a problem they initiated……..

  • Jerome Jenkins

    The only thing that would be less surprising than this is if it happened at “Eric Holder Middle School”. Seriously. You are doomed if you go to a school named Barak Obama School of Technical and Career Education. 30 or 40 students fighting! Seriously! And all that we see from the MSM are posts about Confederate Flags and Ben Carson. This is Obama’s America – you can’t sweep this culture under the rug and pretend it doesn’t exist. The entire black community is obsessed with rap idols, world star hip hop, and other assorted trash. All while living in public housing on the taxpayers’ dime. Incredible.

  • Fed-up

    You beat me to it! Black lives matter my a**. Why do we send EMTs or police anywhere near these areas anymore? Let ’em kill each other early and save us all.

  • Rich

    Given the name of this school and it’s placement in statewide test scoring this comes as no surprise and is, in fact, reflective of the student body. The sad part is that this will only get worse. These types of problems can only be cured from the inside out and as long as democrats run city governments and predominate on school boards nothing will change either. You see, democrats would rather have an issue than have a cure. There is no money in a cure and if you did have a cure, the democrats would have nothing to run on so they oppose any policies except those which will make problems like this continue and worsen.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • Joe E in the IE

    Oh, the irony of a “School of Career and Technical Education” named for a man who wants to see as many competent working American citizens as possible replaced with DREAMers, DACAs and H-1B visa holders.

  • Mike

    Are there any whites in this school? I grew up in a city with three high schools and one was 99% black. Cops were constantly called to the black school for violence and drugs. Not sure why the cultural difference within the same community but there are BIG differences.

  • ORose

    “No one has been arrested in this case…” Why the fudge not? All those ‘students’ who were going at it when the cops arrived, no one saw a face? I know they say they’ll start issuing citations and making arrests, but what these kids need is to be in boot camp. They clearly lack self-control, discipline & respect for others (not to mention having a warped view of respect for themselves). Sad state of affairs over there. “School of Career and Technical Education”. LOL!

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    30 or 40 White fighting, requiring the police would be described as a riot.
    Why is this not called the same?

  • The troof

    Please start reading SBPDL on the web every day and arm yourself. black run America will reach its crashendo in 2016

  • Ben Cemoli

    “We’re told a pregnant student, who was being evaluated by a paramedic and apparently didn’t want to leave the fight, kicked a pregnant paramedic.”

    Really? A student kicked a pregnant paramedic? Really? Doesn’t anyone proofread their work before spewing it out on the internet? Evidently not.

  • Truth

    We really need to stop pretending that these disgusting creatures are fully evolved, fully functioning human beings when everyone knows and all evidence points to the clear fact that they never were and never will be.

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