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Woman desperate to be blind had drain cleaner poured in eyes, now happier than ever

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A North Carolina woman says she is happier than ever after fulfilling her lifelong wish of becoming blind.

Jewel Shuping, 30, has Body Integrity Identity Disorder, which is a condition where able-bodied people believe they are meant to be disabled, according to Barcroft TV.

Shuping said that her fascination with blindness began when she was about 6 years old.

“By the time I was six I remember that thinking about being blind made me feel comfortable,” she told Barcroft TV.

As a teen Shuping said she began wearing thick, black sunglasses and walking with a cane. By the age of 20, she was even fluent in braille.

“I was ‘blind-simming’, which is pretending to be blind, but the idea kept coming up in my head and by the time I was 21 it was a non-stop alarm that was going off,” Shuping told Barcroft TV.

In 2006, Shuping found a psychologist who was willing to help her become blind. The psychologist began putting numbing drops in her eyes, followed by a couple of drops of drain cleaner.

“It hurt, let me tell you. My eyes were screaming and I had some drain cleaner going down my cheek burning my skin,” she told Barcroft TV. “But all I could think was ‘I am going blind, it is going to be okay.'”

It took about half a year for the damage to take effect.

“When I woke up the following day I was joyful until I turned on to my back and opened my eyes – I was so enraged when I saw the TV screen,” Shuping said.

Eventually, one of her eyes had to be removed and the other had glaucoma and cataracts.

At first, Shuping told her family that it was all an accident, but they eventually found out the truth.

Shuping’s mother and sister are no longer speaking to her.

She told Barcroft TV that she has no regrets and hopes to help other blind people live an independent life.

“I really feel this is the way I was supposed to be born, that I should have been blind from birth,” Shuping said. “When there’s nobody around you who feels the same way, you start to think that you’re crazy. But I don’t think I’m crazy, I just have a disorder.”


  • Gale

    Soooo is the psychologist going to face legal charges? Because that’s messed up to feed into someone’s mental illness..

  • TP

    Seriously?!?! A licensed psychologist helped her become blind with drain cleaner??? That psychologist should 1. lose their license and 2. be criminally charged.

  • Magentafreak

    In what world is it okay to find a psychologist who is willing to blind you instead of one who wants to help you? The blind woman isn’t the ONLY crazy one in this story!

  • keepinitreal

    Who is this mal-practicing psychologist? She shouldn’t be receiving federal or state assistance but rather should be charged with fraud.

  • nealangel

    Sorry, Charlie, but there is no difference. This story reveals the hypocrisy of “transsexuals”. As a society, we should attempt to help these people, not celebrate them. But because of the political correctness foisted upon us by the Left, we willingly go along with the fantasy that a man can become a woman, and vica versa.

  • dylan

    the Dr should lose his license that is just criminal she should be denied disability she did this intentionally what a crock and shameful no pity for her

  • Charlotte

    That’s ridiculous. It’s just sad and pathetic that someone would make themself blind.
    I think it’s very disrespectful to people who are actually blind and ungrateful for being ‘healty’.
    There are other ways to get attention…

  • Taxpayer

    This is the most insane thing I have ever seen! Now us taxpayers can support this lazy low life. Hope that draino took few years off this losers life.

  • Lorett

    You don’t have a disorder darling, you are just a lazy cow, who now have an excuse to sit around all day.

  • Icebreaker

    It would appear to me that she has Mad Cow Disease. ” And it didn’t take a degree to point that out. Everything’s labeled a disorder now….sigh.

  • King

    The psychologist should be prosecuted . Shuping. should be treated for her disorder instead of being help to become blind. Besides the fact that blindness is non reversible , what happened if she felt regret after a while ? After being blind, her support falls on all tax payers. It is an irresponsible decision.

  • donfabrino

    If you have at any point condoned or applauded Transgender then you are a very big hypocrite if you condemn this Shuping lady. As a matter of fact your support for Transgender encouraged this new insanity tagged Transability so quit feeling shocked and accept that you contributed to this madness. If Caitlin Jenner is a courageous hero then Jewel Shuping is massive superhero!

  • flightwatch

    What a sick twisted woman she is. She needed to be but in a psychiatric hospital, and that psychologist needs to have his license revoked.

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