High-speed chase leads to manhunt for homicide suspect Andrew Obregon

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KENOSHA COUNTY -- A high-speed chase led to a massive search near the Bong Recreation Center -- near the area of Highway 142 and Highway 75 in Kenosha County on Tuesday night, October 6th. FOX6 News has confirmed the search is for Andrew Obregon -- a suspect in the homicide of Tywon Anderson.

Kenosha County Sheriff's officials said this on Facebook:

Tywon Anderson was reported missing on September 19th. His body was found in a cornfield off Highway A in Kenosha County on September 26th.

Tywon Anderson

Tywon Anderson

We're told the search Tuesday night began with a chase around 8:45 p.m.

The Racine County sheriff tells FOX6 News his deputies were pursuing a vehicle that reached speeds of over 100 miles-per-hour. We're told the pursuit began near Highway 11 in Racine.

The vehicle eventually went into a farm field near Highway 75 and 18th Street.

"As soon as the vehicle took off and started entering fields like he's been doing, we were pretty sure we knew who we were looking for," Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth said.

Officials were then working to set up a perimeter -- and the Air One helicopter along with several law enforcement officials were called in for support.

We're told deputies heard shots fired on Tuesday night near 18th and Highway X -- but it is unclear who may have been firing those shots.

Andrew Obregon

Andrew Obregon

Over the past few days, law enforcement officials have been following Obregon's steps through stolen cars and high-speed pursuits, burglaries and armed robberies.

"What Andy Obregon usually does is he goes through cornfields, and you can't see him unless you're on top of him or right behind him. So we seem to lose him for periods of time. But he keeps showing up. He's here. He's going to keep showing up," Sheriff Beth said.

Sheriff Beth told FOX6 News Obregon knows the wooded areas of Kenosha County well -- and this search will not be easy, since officials are working in the dark of night.

Sheriff Beth says neighbors will get a message (a 'reverse 911 call) notifying them of the search for Obregon -- asking that they lock their doors and report suspicious activity.

On Tuesday afternoon, Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth said it appeared Obregon's ultimate plan was to end up in a shootout with police.

Andrew Obregon

Andrew Obregon

For Sheriff Beth, this is a personal case -- and not only because Obregon is somewhere in his neighborhood.

"I used to be the D.A.R.E. instructor," said Beth. "I ended up for one week picking him up at his home and taking him to school so he could get there on time. So I am familiar with Andrew Obregon and his family for many, many years

Sheriff Beth said family members of Obregon have asked Obregon to give himself up. He says investigators are doing their best to bring this situation to a peaceful conclusion. But the sheriff also said, "Obregon doesn't want to go back to jail."

FOX6 News has a crew on scene in Kenosha County. Monitor FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for updates.


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    • Sammy

      Officers are not going to put themselves in imminent danger to catch this guy and by the time backup arrives the suspect gets away. Don’t blame the officers who are truly working hard to catch this criminal. How about you blame the criminal?

  • LOL

    Well they don’t want bust out too much fire power and militarize themselves. The liberals might start getting sandy again.

  • A yooper

    Looks like Barney couldn’t do it Too bad that Sheriff Andy Taylor is dead. He would have found the crook. Maybe take Otis out of his cell to help.

  • Bill Bixby

    They need to call in the U.S. Marshals. This sheriff should be re-called. It’s like watching Barney Fife trying to catch Earnest T. Bass. It’s an embarrassment.

  • Smarie

    If you don’t want to go back to jail how about don’t commit a crime let alone multiple crimes.
    By this point he won’t have to worry about jail because it’s prison time he’ll be looking at if someone different shoot him first.

  • Karen Nelson

    City slicker, arm-chair quarterbacks – I would encourage you to take a drive out here to Kenosha County after dark and get off the well beaten, main highways. Then, you may have a better understanding why this manhunt is not as easy as you think it should be. I live out here; these back roads are very dark and desolate at night. Also, there are lots of heavily wooded areas, farm access roads turn off on, not to mention corn fields that are 6 – 7 feet tall, and abandoned farms and outbuildings to hide in. This whole situation is very scary for those of us who are living here in the middle of it, so to see people make fun of it is really annoying. I am praying for the Police Officers on the job, as well as my fellow Paris Residents, that we have a safe conclusion SOON, and that nobody is hurt or killed in the meantime.

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