Latest: Milwaukee County jurors now deliberating Badger Guns civil trial

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MILWAUKEE — A controversial case is now in the hands of a Milwaukee County jury. The jury's task -- to decide whether Badger Guns is responsible for a gun sale that ended with two Milwaukee police officers shot in the face.

Graham Kunisch

Graham Kunisch

Officers Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch were severe injured by the shots from the gun that Julius Burton fired after he struggled with the officers who stopped him for riding his bike on the sidewalk in June 2009.

The officers are suing the gun shop, saying there were all the signs that it was an illegal sale, a straw buy, and Badger Guns turned a blind eye.

"Badger Guns did not do the job it was required to do when it made that sale. If they had done their job, Bryan and Graham wouldn't have been shot June 9th," said Patrick Dunphy, attorney for the officers.

But the lawyer for Badger Guns said despite mistakes made on the purchase form, and Burton hanging around the older friend buying the gun, the shooting was not the store's fault.

Julius Burton

Julius Burton

"It was Julius Burton who sent Jacob Collins in that store to buy the gun. It was Julius Burton who put the gun in his pocket to take it home that day. It was Julius Burton who resisted that day. And it was Julius Burton who pulled the trigger of that gun," said James Vogts, attorney for Badger Guns.

The lawyer for the police officers is asking for $2.1 million for Bryan Norberg's injuries -- and $6.6 million for the injuries of Graham Kunisch. He's also asking for at least a million dollars in punitive damages to send a message to other gun shops about responsibility.

The jury is expected to deliberate through Tuesday, October 13th.


  • A yooper

    A gun of any type should not be sold to anyone without a training class. Not much to ask. buying ammo? show that you are qualified. Big brother knows enough, we know that we want our guns. Keep them out of the hands of undeserving people. Gun store could have stopped the sale. The worthless thug likely would not have called Jessie to complain. Tough to be a cop out there with armed brainless people. Feel for those guys.

    • Opinion8d

      Why don’t we just strip women of their right to vote too……
      There are ways to amend the Constitution -feel free to pursue it. Until then, focus on the real problems because they aren’t guns.

  • A yooper

    In this modern world we need to find a way to keep guns out of the hands of wack jobs. In the core everyone has a piece. I feel for the cops.

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