Woman sues nephew for $127,000 after breaking her wrist during 8-year-old’s hug

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NEW YORK -- A New York woman is suing her nephew after the excited 8-year-old's hug allegedly caused her to fall and break her wrist.

Jennifer Connell testified against Sean Tarala, who is now 12 years old, on Friday in Westport court.  Tarala, accompanied by his father, Michael Tarala, appeared confused during a hearing Friday, according to the ctpost.  The boy's mother, Lisa Tarala, died last year.

Connell, a 54-year-old human resources manager, said she loves her nephew, but told the court he should be held responsible for her injury.  Connell claims Tarala, of Westport, was negligent and careless, and is suing him for $127,000.

The hug happened March 18, 2011 when Connell showed up at the Taralas' Westport home for the boy's birthday.  Sean was riding his brand-new red bike when he noticed his aunt, and came running, shouting, "Auntie Jen, I love you," according to court records.

Connell's 50-pound nephew jumped into her arms, sending the two tumbling to the ground, she testified.  At the time, Connell said, she was injured but "it was his birthday party and I didn't want to upset him," according to the paper.

Connell, who doesn't have children of her own, says her life in a third-floor Manhattan walk-up has been "very difficult" since that day.

Her social life has taken a serious hit as well, she says, "I was at a party recently, and it was difficult to hold my hors d'oeuvre plate," Connell said.

Connell's attorney claims that "a reasonable eight years(sic) old under those circumstances would know or should have known that a forceful greeting such as the one delivered by the defendant to the plaintiff could cause the harms and losses suffered by the plaintiff."

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  • Fred

    What a scamin’ wench! I wouldn’t invite her to anything after this. Let her enjoy the measly 127K all by her lonesome. The greed of some people astounds me.

    • PamelaWSim

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  • Fred

    I hope she gets the physical therapy she needs so she can get a good grip on steely dan. I doubt she’ll attract anything but losers……….

  • Meemoo

    I’m sorry this woman is ridiculous and looking for $$$ she’s pathetic who in their right mind would sue a child over something like a hug that accidentally knocked them both over!!!!!!

  • Malai

    This lady can’t be serious! She struggled holding her hors d’oeuvre, really? There is no way on earth I would put my nephew through that…for goodness sake he was excited to see her and an accident happened…get over it! This should have been something that they laughed about years later but to sue a child? C’mon lady..

  • Kim

    There’s a reason God didn’t give her children…and she’s lucky she’s not a relative of mine, because I’d tell her where to shove her hors d’oeuvre plate AND her lawsuit! Freaking witch!

  • Jennifer Hennes

    I am 52. I broke my wrist playing with my 2 year old grandson. I could not imagine even thinking about holding him liable even at 8 years old.

  • Dave

    Well, not only does she not have children, but must not want any contact with family after this. Who would invite her to any family gathering with her attitude like this?

  • chris

    What a stupid c**t. Let’s wait 4 years until his mom dies to get in on that insurance claim. Any decent judge would laugh this idiot out of court. If I was the kid I would counter sue for child endangerment because as an adult she should have caught him instead of endangering him by falling to the ground putting the child at risk of injury.

    • Carol Johnson

      Highly doubtful. She is a human resources manager. HR managers are paid to give the beat down on employees/working stiffs. Not a liberal trait. Nice try though. Thanks for playing.

      • RubMyTummy

        Perfectly worded, Carol. Love it! Ignorant comments by this person just shows just how idiotic, ignorant, and pathetic these conservatives really are……….and then they TRY to come off like they’re on everybody’s side. Like a lion in sheep’s clothing.

    • RubMyTummy

      Lovely. We have a conservative here… *rolling my eyes at the idiocy of these people*

      No buddy……..trying to get rich ($127,000 worth) off of someone who has no money and with no regard to the circumstance (an 8, now 12 year old, obviously doesn’t possess $127,000 unless he was the beneficiary of his mother’s life insurance policy)……….that has Republican/Conservative all over it. Laughing this stupidity out of court and NOT awarding her the $127,000 for this WOULD BE a liber trait, and therefore, the correct trait. Think a little harder about it next time before you try to make such hateful comments. Peace!

  • Wijewels

    This is discusting! Absolutely traumatic for this child who lost his mother and was so excited to see his aunt. My heart breaks for him. As for the aunt, she should be ashamed & fired. She is exactly the type to try to sue her employer, Dr., etc… for a free ride. When karma comes her way, it won’t be pretty.

  • Lisa

    Wow! Sue your NEPHEW who’s mother died because of a hug? Oh, I see… he must’ve gotten monet because of his mother’s death and the b**** wants to take it from him. Enjoy your lonely life followed by an eternity of Hell. You deserve just that. Money really is the root of all evil.

  • kim

    I can not believe a judge would hear this case. You know because there just is not enough “real” stuff going on. I think the boy should sue her for the trama this is going to cause him for the rEst of his life. Easy million.
    I really hope for the boys sake the judge tells her what he thinks of her scam and throws her butt out

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