Facebook invitation leads police to man accused in child sexual assault

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BROWN DEER -- The details are disturbing. A teenage boy is sexually assaulted in the bushes and his alleged attacker tried to friend him on Facebook. 37-year-old Jermarro Dantzler now faces a charge of first-degree sexual assault of a child.

Jermarro Dantzler

Jermarro Dantzler

According to the criminal complaint, the victim told police he was walking in the neighborhood near 66th and Brown Deer Rd. on July 19th. While walking, the complaint indicates Dantzler said something to the victim -- possibly asking for change. But as the two got closer, the victim noticed Dantzler had a gun in his hand.

The complaint indicates Dantzler then grabbed the victim and walked him behind some bushes. The victim "kept telling the defendant to take his phone, but the defendant said, 'I don't want your phone.'" The complaint indicates Dantzler then assaulted the victim -- and left.

For weeks, the case was cold until the victim said he received "a Facebook invitation from a person who looked like the suspect who assaulted him" on August 26th.

Investigators tracked down the man and collected DNA. The Wisconsin Crime Lab says Jermarro Dantzler's DNA is linked to evidence found following the crime.

Jermarro Dantzler

Jermarro Dantzler

It's not the first time Dantzler has been in the spotlight. In June, Dantzler filmed a woman hurling racial slurs and spitting at him, as he was on vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The moped rental employee had just been fired for her language. Dantzler confronted her, his video went viral and appeared on the local news.

"If my phone had not been recording I would possibly be in jail right now," said Dantzler.

Back in Wisconsin, state records show Dantzler ran a Milwaukee group home for at-risk teenage boys on Beechwood Avenue.

Group home

Group home

Neighbors say the home abruptly shut down shortly after a 14-year-old committed suicide in the backyard this summer.

"In many cases, there may be parts of truth but at least where we stand right now, this story is entirely denied by Mr. Dantzler," said Michael Torphy, Dantzler's attorney.

Attorney Michael Torphy

Attorney Michael Torphy

Dantzler's attorney says no one should rush to judgement.

"In all cases, people that are accused have the right to be considered innocent until they are proven guilty, and that proof is actually determined by a jury," said Torphy.

Wednesday night, Dantzler is not behind bars. His bail was set at $5,000 and he posted that earlier this week.

Neighbors are not happy he's free.

His lawyer says he is innocent until proven otherwise.

If convicted, Dantzler could face up to 60 years in prison.


  • Fred

    Hang him immediately after the trial and save us taxpayers the cost of supporting this waste of humanity. I doubt PETA would even be upset by killing this animal.

  • Tyshon

    I lived at one of his group homes….I lived there in 2011-12… At rights of passage living center in Milwaukee…..I knew something wasn’t quite right about how he came on to us in a very strong way….saying he cared nd, asking rather private questions…. Smh…u guys don’t even know…😔😔😔😔😔

  • diva

    Released on 5k for sexually assaulting a minor with the use o force with a gun. That is ridiculous. He should have also been charged with kidnapping ( taking the boy off the street and into bushes against his will) and intimdation of a witness, threw money at him after he assaulted him. Parasite need to still be locked up. And he is probably the cause of that other child committing suicide…Pervert…

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