Gov. Scott Walker says he’ll sign bill banning ‘John Doe’ probes

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MILWAUKEE  — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he’ll sign legislation banning so-called John Doe investigations into potential political corruption, a measure that passed the Legislature this week.

Speaking at a groundbreaking in Milwaukee Thursday afternoon, October 22nd, the Republican governor said he looks forward to approving the bill. He says it’s just a matter of how quickly it gets to his desk, whether that’s “in the next day or two or early next week.”

Republicans have been united in their support for the plan. They say prosecutors can use other tools, such as grand juries, to uncover political wrongdoing.

Democrats, meanwhile, voted together in opposition, saying a block on the secretive fact-finding probes would lead to more undetected corruption.

Walker was investigated by two John Doe probes but was never charged.


  • The end is near

    Why? Does Scott Walker have something to hide? I thought John Doe’s were to get to the truth? I guess some people do not want the truth to come to light.

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