Budget deal may make Paul Ryan’s job as speaker easier, but he’s not happy with how it was done

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- On the eve of a vote for a new House speaker, Rep. Paul Ryan is speaking out on the two-year budget deal headed for a vote in the House -- saying the "process stinks" and that it won't be done the way it was "under new management."

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

"About the process I can say this: I think the process stinks. This is not the way to do the people's business, and under new management, we are not going to do the people's business this way. We are up against a deadline. That's unfortunate. But going forward, as a conference, we should have been meeting months ago to discuss these things, to have a unified strategy going forward," Ryan said of the bipartisan budget deal hashed out late Monday on Capitol Hill.

The budget deal is a sort-of parting gift to Ryan from outgoing Speaker John Boehner.

The deal may make Ryan's job as speaker a bit easier.

The deal gives Ryan two advantages as he prepares to try and control the Republican caucus:

First, it gets the high-stakes debt ceiling and budget talks off the table.

Perhaps more important, Ryan is deliberately distancing himself from the pact, and criticizing Boehner and GOP leaders for cutting the deal behind closed doors without input from his members. That gives him common cause with the right-wing lawmakers unhappy with Boehner's leadership and what they see as weak deals made with Democrats.

But Ryan said Republicans should have been meeting months ago on the budget deal -- instead of negotiating at the last minute.

Jim Sensenbrenner

Jim Sensenbrenner

Fellow Wisconsin Republicans were also critical of the negotiations -- but they said Ryan would benefit from a done deal. Glenn Grothman and Jim Sensenbrenner say the deal would put off tough votes for at least 18 months.

"The fact that John Boehner had to broker us out of a very difficult situation makes it easier for Paul Ryan when he takes over,"

"He`ll have a longer honeymoon. He`ll be able to get settled in the job,"

"This budget deal was put together by McConnell, Boehner, the Democrats and the White House, and it`s designed to clean out the swamp,"

The House could vote on the budget deal on Wednesday, October 28th -- the same day the House GOP is expected to vote on Ryan for speaker.

Glenn Grothman

Glenn Grothman

On Wednesday morning, Ryan is set to speak at a candidate forum in the basement of the U.S. Capitol. Then, on Wednesday afternoon, the House is set to vote.

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Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan


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