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Gov. Scott Walker releases partial list of mansion visitors

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Scott Walker

MADISON — A liberal advocacy group is objecting to Gov. Scott Walker’s response to an open records request seeking details about who visited the governor’s mansion after he won re-election through late April.

Walker’s office on Wednesday released visitor logs used by the State Patrol for security purposes. The records detailed visitors to the mansion from April 9 through Aug. 26.

But One Wisconsin Now had requested records dating back to Feb. 5, the day after Walker won re-election.

The group’s director Scot Ross says it is “woefully inadequate” that Walker did not fulfill their full request and that it took six months to turn over what they did.

Bill Lueders, head of the Freedom of Information Council, says no one requesting records should be “jerked around” like One Wisconsin Now was.


  • unicorns and rainbows

    Who cares? Are you crazy libs requesting the same thing from the White House? Fox 6 there is other news, your liberal media friends are on damage control after getting their arses handed to them last night. When will you wake up and realize you are losing relevance every day?

    • Cindi Martin

      Scott Walker raised (and blew though in less than 3 months before his own party constituents rejected his schemes forcing him to drop out) 7 million plus while claiming he was not running for president. July 4th (4 months after the open records request was made) attempted to gut open records laws to prevent this very information from coming out using THAT DATE to pull the scam off. How American. He is not releasing the information because the records he did release show his presidential campaign staff was already visiting the mansion BEFORE he announced he was running while he was at the same time telling his supporters and all of America he hadn’t decided. The records he’s refused to release are for a reason…the only people that don’t care are those fine with corruption and skirting campaign finance laws…ie, his supporters.

    • Cindi Martin

      PS. It takes a special kind of stupid to ask “who cares” as if the information is irrelevant while at the same time not asking yourself why the Walker Administration will not release that irrelevant information if it is indeed irrelevant…

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