Man’s Facebook post about traffic stop goes viral again

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TUCSON, Ariz. — A man’s Facebook post about a traffic stop in October 2015 is going viral.

Steven Hildreth Jr. says he was pulled over by the Tucson Police Department for a broken headlight. When the officer asked if he had any weapons, he told him he is a concealed carry permit holder and had a gun on his right hip.

Because his wallet was in his back-right pocket, the officer needed to disarm him to check his ID. Hildreth wrote about his experience with the officer and posted it to his Facebook page.

Hildreth’s Facebook post has been shared more than 135,000 times. It’s getting new attention in July after Philando Castile was shot and killed by a police officer in Minnesota, during a traffic stop:

So, I’m driving to my office to turn in my weekly paperwork. A headlight is out. I see a Tucson Police Department squad vehicle turn around and follow me. I’m already preparing for the stop.

The lights go on and I pull over. The officer asks me how I’m doing, and then asks if I have any weapons.

“Yes, sir. I’m a concealed carry permit holder and my weapon is located on my right hip. My wallet is in my back-right pocket.”

The officer explains for his safety and mine, he needs to disarm me for the stop. I understand, and I unlock the vehicle. I explain that I’m running a 7TS ALS holster but from the angle, the second officer can’t unholster it. Lead officer asks me to step out, and I do so slowly. Officer relieves me of my Glock and compliments the X300U I’m running on it. He also sees my military ID and I tell him I’m with the National Guard.

Lead officer points out my registration card is out of date but he knows my registration is up to date. He goes back to run my license. I know he’s got me on at least two infractions. I’m thinking of how to pay them.

Officers return with my Glock in an evidence back, locked and cleared. “Because you were cool with us and didn’t give us grief, I’m just going to leave it at a verbal warning. Get that headlight fixed as soon as possible.”

I smile. “Thank you, sir.”

I’m a black man wearing a hoodie and strapped. According to certain social movements, I shouldn’t be alive right now because the police are allegedly out to kill minorities.

Maybe…just maybe…that notion is bunk.

Maybe if you treat police officers with respect, they will do the same to you.

Police officers are people, too. By far and large, most are good people and they’re not out to get you.

I’d like to thank those two officers and TPD in general for another professional contact.

We talk so much about the bad apples who shouldn’t be wearing a badge. I’d like to spread the word about an example of men who earned their badges and exemplify what that badge stands for.

#BlueLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter

In October, Hildreth Jr. met with Tucson police officers Rafael Rodriguez and Anthony Ammon and thanked them for their professionalism. The three acknowledged the current criticisms surrounding police work around the nation.


  • TheDailyPainter

    I like this. Isn’t this what Chris Rock was talking about in his video of a few years ago? Act like an adult, treat the officers with respect, don’t get snarky with them (especially if you’re packin’) and everyone will walk away unharmed. They have a tough job to do and yes, there are a few bad apples in the bunch. But, a little respect will go a long ways.

    • J.

      Except he didn’t say that. He didn’t show them any special respect, he treated them like decent human beings, and they gave him the same respect.

    • Steve White

      BILL, I am so glad to see that someone else shares my point of view. I have written many times: We are all Americans. How can anyone not be proud to be simply an American? “American” is not a race of people. “American” is brotherhood of people of all races whose home is The United States Of America. Adding a prefix such as “African-“, “Afro-” or “Latino-” creates a label which only serves to segregate. Segregation is the absolute opposite of United. It is a sad fact though that we have become just that – The Segregated States of America. I hope 3 billion people read what I just wrote, disagree with it, and set out to prove me wrong. In order to do that, they would have to prove that we are United. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone would drop the custom labels and wear only one label – The “American” label. Thank you Bill for posting such an important comment. My people are Americans and you are “My People”.

      • Thomas Kirby

        This is so truly messed up. If it is OK for them to dominate you, beat you, throw you around, and do what they do when you “disrespect” them, then you are only submitting to threats that should not exist. I have no sympathy for them using that kind of physical aggression against people for simply not wanting to obey them. Or for you.

    • leinjames brown (@jayray247)

      You mean like the gentleman that told the police he had a weapon and permit and the police told him to get his license and he was shot dead reaching for his license and being rude to a cop isn’t justfication for getting killed because if that were the case then there should be a whole lot of dead white people because they are rude as hell

      • Kieth Weinberger

        Then you got what you wanted. More whites are killed by cops every year than any other race. Whites are statistically more likely to be shot by cops for the same crimes that blacks commit. So yes, there are a whole lot of dead white people.

      • Joe

        There are a whole lot of dead white people killed by the police, look it up don’t fall for this do you’re own research don’t listen to media or the people who’s livelihoods depend on racism

      • John Connors

        You must have seen a different video than the rest of the world. The video I saw started after the unfortunate shooting so we really have no clue what happened before…do we?

      • Sam Hale

        There are a whole lot of dead white people. Way more than blacks by excessive police force and many many more dead by the hands of blacks killing blacks

      • Nelson

        Hmm. Blacks makes 13% of US population, so comparatively that’s a huge percentage of black people murdered by cops. Either way, no one should die in the hands of a cop.

      • John Arquette III

        as soon as you said white people I lost interest in your argument. PEOPLE, STOP GENERALISING and putting everyone into categories. All those muslims are no good, all those white people, all those black people blah blah blah…

      • Ryan Andrews

        “In 2012, white males were 38 percent of the population and committed 4,582 murders. That same year, black males were just 6.6 percent of the population but committed a staggering 5,531 murders.”

        Funny how we have so many whites compared to blacks YET blacks STILL commit MORE murder.

      • Hythlo Dæus

        There is literally zero!!! evidence of this. What the video has is a woman saying the officer asked him to reach for his id, while the officer said that he said to put your hands up. And like this incident if u have a gun the officer will ask you to put your had up to disarm you. That is protocol. We have no idea what happened.. but idiots want to jump on the black man side and other idiots on the cops side. We just have hearsay… we know nothing.

      • Michael J Carter

        You mean allegedly what his GF said happen even though her story has changed several times since. Oh and who the hell keeps there firearm at a traffic stop in there lap. That sure as hell now what they taught me in my CHL class and you have to take a class there in that state too and several instructors have been interview and said that is not what is taught how to behave. Look at her video real carefully and you can see the gun in his lap. You know where he reached to supposedly get his ID? They where pulled over cause he fit the description of a couple that robbed a store recently not for a broken tail light as she claims. Hell there is even info going around saying he doesn’t even have a CHL. Why don’t you wait for the facts to come in before you judge. It’s been a proven history that folks that rush to show things on FB and other media tend to not show the whole truth or flat out lie about what’s going on. The police officer has released a statement so far that he reacted to the gun in the mans lap and him reaching for it not cause of anything else.

      • JR

        The moment someone blames “white people” I stop listening because there starts racism. The people claiming to be victims of racism are usually the racist ones! Why can we all bash white people but it’s hell when white people say anything about blacks or hispanics? Think about it, WE (minorities) fuel racism by our very own actions. Stop thinking the world is out to get you because you are a minority because anyone can be successful! If not, how do you explain our black president? Is America really that hard on minorities or are some minorities settling for a life without higher education which lead to higher paying jobs?! Cmon, stop pointing the finger and take responsibility for your own life!

      • sauteedbrocolli

        “like” that is not the whole story or the real story. Just something his GF made up on the spot so she can sell her story.
        She even lied (oops i mean incorrectly identity) about which/who was involved

      • Xavier Ari Oliver (@xavierao94)

        More White people are killed only because there are significantly more Whites in the US, AND because police under-report the amount of people they kill.

        If the police feel that killing a suspect was “justified,” then in many states they don’t even have to report it. Same if the suspect wasn’t in the midst of committing a felony at the time of death. (i.e.: Routine traffic stop that ends in someone being shot)

        Further: proportionally, a higher percentage of the total population of Blacks is killed every year than the proportion of Whites killed. By percentage, Blacks are more than twice as likely to die during police intervention–that’s even WITH the bad data that suffers from underreporting and the fact that “unreported race” counts for about 300+ of the cases represented in the data. (Leaving a large margin of error).

        Learn to critique data before blindly accepting it.

      • Jaime Cancio

        It would help if you would keep the order of events in the proper placement; Castile is dead because he acted stupidity; and in Castile’s education he learned the hard way stupidity can get you killed. You don’t lean toward the officer, tell a police officer “I have a gun” and then reach as if you are going for the gun. I look at Castile this way – he eliminated himself from the DNA gene pool all by himself…I am thankful, the police officer is safe to return to his home and family and I am sure he understands the mistake he made – after the fact crisis comments – pale when you are not the person at the scene…Castile got killed and he also put his girl friend in harms way – she could also be dead. Castile all by himself set in motions a developing critical incident situation where seconds can get you killed. No I don’t fault the police officer…ask why is it blacks think the laws don’t apply to them – why blacks think they are about the law?

      • Lorraine Griffin

        So you know the facts of this case? Wow, I don’t even think the detectives have such detailed information. Might be RUDE of you to blame the officer for something you THINK happened.

      • Kelsey

        Looks like you are pretty dense yourself considering that the word mentally retarded is no longer politically correct. The U.S. law has changed from using the term “mental retardation” to the term “intellectual disability.” Also “cuz” is not a word, I believe it is “because” and “waaaaay” is actually spelled “way”. The end of your sentence should also have a period. This may not relate to the topic but it is something dense people should know.

      • Cynthia Brultz Zimmerman

        Except you do not know that’s the way it happened, do you? The video picks up AFTER he was shot. We have no idea what happened prior to that point. But isn’t it so easy just to fill in the blanks the way we want to to prove a point? You presume he was respectful, cooperative, and obeying the officer’s commands but do you know this as a fact?? No, and that’s why we have violent protesting, looting, burning of police cards and dead cops. Because of people like you who imagine what is real to promote an agenda. And that is exactly what this country does NOT need. Thanks Obama.

      • Tony B

        While you throwing around percentages of whites and blacks killed by cops vs the population. Do the math on how many blacks vs whites kill cops vs the population.

      • eric johnson (@ericjoh50022026)

        Like Obama, Hillary, and the media, you have acted stupid and jumped to conclusions before the evidence is in. The “gentleman” in Minnesota now appears to be the main suspect in an armed robbery that occured on the same street that he was stopped on. Furthermore, those robbers stole several cartons of Newport Menthol 100’s box cigarettes. His so-called GF Miss Reynolds was filmed gining up anger over her story that doesn’t wash, holding a pack of Newport Menthol 100’s box smokes…

      • mensa517

        THANKS @leinjames brown—-these fckers here act as if cops are gods and deserve what they don’t give—-I’ve seen white people curse cops out and walk away alive but Black people are supposed to be passive, tap dance and say master —–problem is, coops just like the majority of commentators here are deranged and have a societal double standard for Black people

      • MarkinTex

        To those trying to punch holes in LEINJAMES BROWN’S comments about white people being shot more often than black people:
        White people, and unarmed white people, are shot by police not only in higher total numbers than black people, but white people are also shot by police in GREATER PROPORTION to the crimes they commit.
        Furthermore, think about this: According to DOJ statistics, in 2012-2013, black people committed 560,600 acts of violent crime against white nonhispanic people, while white nonhispanic people committed only 99,403 such crimes against black people. Consider these statistics in proportion to how many fewer black people there are than white people people. Consider that police killed a little less than 1,000 people in 2015 (and twice as many of those killed were white than black), a drop in the bucket compared to the above violent crime statistics. Now ask yourself again which race should be afraid of which.

    • SJ

      9 months does not make something old. The point of his story is to respect the police, they’re just doing their job. Respect given is respect earned.

    • NaomiBJones

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  • Bob Shuler

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I too am a CCW carrier. As soon as I see the lights come on behind me; I have both hands out the window! They’ve already ran my plates and know that I am a CCW handler. Professionalism goes BOTH WAYS! (It was a license plate light out)

  • Simply Me

    Seriously, if you act like you wanna get shot, you will get shot. Don’t wanna get shot, quit acting like it. It doesn’t even matter what color you are, it’s a matter of respect.

    • James

      He/she is not saying it’s ok to get shot. Instigators like you who twist words are the problem in our society. The other party does not know you. If you act irrational, the police officers have to protect themselves. What do you expect to happen? Just do what is asked. Now there are bad cops out there who either hate, don’t care, or are not well trained. You still have to behave to not get shot. Stop trying to fight with the police. What benefits do you get for acting tough? It’s unfair, but it’s your life we’re talking about here. All races have to show respect for the police, not just African-American. You can file a complaint afterward. Be submissive for your own, friend’s and family’s sake.

    • Greyski96

      It’s not ok to ever get shot. Just think I would increase my odds of leaving the stop unharmed if I cooperated with the officer and didn’t cause any uneeded tension.

    • Sue

      Philando was compliant, as well as respectful, yet he still was shot. I agree respect goes both ways but what happens when you are all the above and still get shot? Please don’t say it won’t happen because it DID, in front of a four year old girl. #philandocastile.

      • r

        a good story ,I am glad that the young man is still alive because they could have shot him and said he tried to shoot them I am not impressed

      • Michael J Carter

        And you where there to see all this? How about you go watch the different interviews with the GF? Her story has changed so much each time that it’s starting to look like she’s just making stuff up. You do know the real reason they got pulled over and it had nothing to do with a broken tail light? Watch that video real close and tell me exactly why his gun is sitting in his lap?

  • Danielle

    Maybe the cops should be thanking him for acting like a mature adult that holds a carrying permit. Great job to both the police and the one pulled over!

  • Michael Molash

    We literally just had a conversation regarding the need for more good police stories. The media is wrapped up in all the negativity. Great to see some positive energy! Thank you for sharing.

      • Geri Perkowski Healey

        I agree with you, I’ve been saying this a long time now. Seeing positive brings positive. Our local news has the news on so many times a day, I wish one of those half hours was filled with nothing but good news not matter how small it it.

  • terri

    Thank you for sharing! I have been saying what you said for a long time! If you treat people with respect and don’t break the law you will not have a problem no matter your skin color! Officers are human too and are there to protect and serve, if you cause problems then you should expect trouble, don’t cause problems and respect officers when stopped then you are fine!

  • Patricia Lawrence

    I was pulled over for doing 42 in a 30 mph zone. The officer ask for my ID and my license. I respectively gave him both. He went back to the squad car, ran my information. He came back and told me to be sure to slow down on the street and said on his report I was only doing 35 in the 30 mph zone. He bade me a good day. I thanked him and was able to drive away without any conflict.

  • RLynn

    You’re an awesome man – and thanks for sharing your experience. Respect flows both ways – it seems so many have lost that basic notion.

  • LJensen

    The moral of the story is the gentleman acted with respect and cooperated with instructions…… All the recent issues would never gave occurred had the people involved done that… Parents teach your children well…..

    • Daniel

      How do you know he did everything right, were you there? What was causing an escalation before she decided to start filming? Tell us, you act like you know all the facts.

    • Rob

      Mr. Castile and Ms. Reynolds were breaking the law. By her own admission they were driving in possession of an illegal narcotic, a firearm and a minor. The officer likely would have ticketed and may have arrested them. This probably played a factor in the interaction and response between Castile and the officer. As well, Castile selfproclaims his opinions on social justice and police discrimination. If this was a completely innocent traffic stop, it may have played out differently i.e. more respectfully and less self fulfilling.

    • Larry

      What a completely ignorant comment. There is more evidence to prove you are just forming your opinion to justify your anger more than others are trying to make themselves feel better. I can’t believe any person would automatically believe everything his girlfriend said was 100% true, especially now that the real evidence is starting to look like she lied. I don’t care, black or white, cop or no cop. I just want the truth. Too bad you don’t.

  • Silvia

    I agree with you. If you treat others with respect and professionalism you should always receive back same treatment. If you treat police in aggressive behavior they are going to be aggressive back to you!!!

  • misslady482

    Great story…..BUT… Police officers still shouldn’t be killing black people or mistreating them… Even if someone is disrespectful. Since when does being mouthy warrant being slammed around, shot, or killed? Disrespect is not a reason for death. I have much respect for law enforcement, but because I’m white and a woman, will never be treated like someone who is black. Military members typically get a “pass” if you will…and probably black men traveling with someone white. As sad as this is, the label is there and the thought process is “oh they are a good one”. Yes, it’s true…people are ashamed to admit it, but that’s the thought. Not too many white people are even aware of white privilege. But believe me, it is real. For everyone one of these stories, there are likely dozens of stories of police mistreatment towards black people. it’s been going on for years… The only thing is now we know about them…thanks to social media. I’m glad you weren’t disrespectful or didn’t have any issues. Many police officers are wonderful. We do need them. We can’t lose sight though…the answer to a disrespectful citizen, specifically black people, can’t be violence or death. Thanks for sharing!

    • Matt

      “I was being rude so I deserved it.” So, with this logic, if you are rude, you might get shot 4 times at point blank range? Illogical.

    • Jenny

      You were rude and you are still alive to tell your story? Because what seems to be being said in this thread is that these men were shot because they were disrespectful or rude. How are you still alive?

    • Will

      So the story is dumb because we Oscar grant was handcuffed and shot
      Philando Castile was doing what he was told and shot

    • Jesus Rodriguez

      You are so right! Another point is that not all cops are the same. This cop was patient and other aren’t. Others are trigger happy and immature, yet the have the power to end a life and not fear prosecution.

    • Chell

      Thank you that’s exactly what I just said enough wth the Blacks get no respect and have no rights soooo over it move on catch up in time

    • Barbara Schaarschmidt

      But the problem with all of the “let’s just focus on the good” is that then we’re not focusing on solving the problem. This story is about a good interaction with a good cop. That doesn’t bring back to life all of the young black men who have been unjustly shot by bad cops.

    • Matt

      If we disarm the police, there will be more crimes and more murders. That is the dumbest comment I have honestly ever heard.

    • Rob

      What are you talking about!? White Privilege!? This is an excuse, a way to blame and stir. Slavery has been abolished for 200 years. If ‘wp’ is real, then all other non-caucausian nationalities and ethnicities would suffer the same prejudice. Immigrants don’t have insurmountable challenges assimilating into the American culture. There may be a difference/steeper curve to reach a certain class based on starting point…but not discrimination. It is pretty far fetched to say America suffers from white privilege and has a black Commander in Chief in the same breath.

    • Duane Hallman

      Well you’re so darn smart why don’t you become a police officer and show us all how it should be done? Want to know why you won’t? Because all you are is a gutless mouth that wouldn’t last five seconds on the street, but hey, go ahead keep shooting your know nothing mouth off if it makes you feel better.

    • Learningthehardway

      MISSLADY482 you made a statement that I found slightly funny. I’m going to paraphrase here, but you said ” Since when does being mouthy warrant being slammed down or killed. Being disrespectful doesn’t give you the right to kill someone”. I of course believe that. The thing I find funny, is that a larger portion of inner cities residents have been killing each other for that very thing, disrespect. Growing up in Detroit it was an hourly occurrence. The thing that people need to learn as well, is that tell a police officer to “go f*@k himself” or “you’re lucky you have that gun” isn’t called disrespect or freedom of speech. It’s called assault in all 50 states. When you are aggressive with words it’s called assault and when you act on those words it’s called battery. Since only the officer can say if he felt threatened by your remarks, it’s always best to shut of if you aren’t 100% sure of the law. You can tell a male officer that his wife f@$ks everyone while he’s on duty. It’s not illegal but don’t expect any breaks on the ticket you’re gonna get for what he pulled you over for. In Michigan and several other states, same scenario, but the officer is a female or your wife or under 18 year old child is in the car with you, illegal, it’s a misdemeanor. You cannot curse in front of women or children in the state of Michigan and several other states. So, I’d be careful about advocating being mouthy to an officer. While we live in a time where disrespectful youth is common place, the legal system has yet to adopt “Disrespect” as the norm. So, until they do, I’d advocate either shutting up or getting very knowledgeable about the law.

    • Katie Mcgee

      thanknyou for your real ass comment the only one with truth to it so far. I’m a white woman too and realize that white privilege is real and its not okay so many want to deny thins but that doesn’t make I go away. I teach my sons this as well bc I want them to grow up with the truth so they can change this one day and sonthey can treat everyone no matter what color with respect and we an example racism ends with us we make sure our kids are taught to love and accept everyone and racism stops festering and being taught when we set good examples are kids learn from them and pass that message along. theres no excuse for it i was taught racism by my father but ut was my choice whether or not to act on it or agree and i didnt and i will never teach ny child to hate and no matter what our personal experience that could sway your opinion for whatever reason you should never push them on your children as adukts its our choice how we behave and we should stop breedingnhate and teach love and acceptance but denying tgere are problems with equal treatment is infuriating to the people who deal with it everyday so when you say things like omg why are we still talking about race I’m so sick of tge race card what does it matter… it matters when it’s constantly stacked against you.. it matters when you are never treated equally this hasn’t just been coming up the last few years for the ones that have lived with it for decades or even all their lives things have never been completely equal regardless of legal rights and even those are abused do you can see why saying that just seems more insensitive yes its great you see both sides and want race to stop be I a factor by you should stop acknowledge it’s harder for the ones who deal with it regularly to just forget they are still being treated differently so it’s a good concept but race will stop being an issue when it stops affecting how people are treated and how people treat others. the best we can do is make sure our own actions aren’t racist as well as thoughts and not condone racism in any way as well as teach our children love and kindness and that we all feel and bleed the same.and God creates us all equally we arw of equal value. I’m sorry typos my phone is.glitchinf and freezing and for whatever reason I cannot.go back and correct them.

  • Michelle

    I went to hit “reply” and somehow the “report comment” button was hit. I’m sorry, there’s obviously nothing inappropriate with your comment. I simply wanted to say that, yes, ccw permits show up when they run your license plates, which is why the officers ask about weapons first, for safety of everyone involved. It is protocol to secure the weapon until the traffic stop is complete.

  • yanique

    Its great to know good professional peace officers are out there we have to thank God for them n that he keeps them safe

  • Debbe

    Respect goes a thousand miles…….when you are a boss talking to an employee, a driver talking to a police officer, a spouse talking to his or her partner but most of all…… A parent teaching their child. Respect human lives and the positions these humans hold and what part they play in your life!

  • Matt

    So why isn’t this on CNN? Oh wait, no drama for a ratings boost…All national news is what is wrong with America,

    • Ajask

      Not really Barbara. Almost all of them have a record, are doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing, or are acting suspiciously. Most likely, none would’ve been shot had they complied with protocol, answered with yes sir, and gotten the big black chip off their shoulder. If you behave in a normal sensible way, and not like the black lives matter/black panther trash, no one would be shot.

  • Chris S.

    This is a great story. I have been a beneficiary of wonderful policing as well. However, I’m skeptical to believe this actually happened as written. I’m not sure whether any of you ever heard of the TV show newsroom, a great HBO series, season one, episode 7, “5/1″… Terry Crews is a private security guard who’s arrested on the street after his client jumped out of the car. Terry Crews used those exact wording as Steven alleged to have used. Steven is right, there are more great police officers than bad ones. However using an excerpt from a tv drama as his own experience is not only deceiving it’s an insult to the American people. #protectintellectualproperty

    • HoldmyHand

      Yes I love that show. And thank you for reminding people to think. Seems to be more and more rare these days.

  • Paula Pounders Turner

    I would like to thank this man for posting this. I feel, in my heart, 95% of all police officers are good decent men with families they love and are just doing their job, which by the way we as a nation would be in big trouble without them. I have been with my husband when he has been stopped and he treated them just with respect and said yes sir and no sir when they ask a question. They are in authority and doing a job. If you think they have been unfair, go to court and state your reason because sometimes under certain circumstances they will be understanding. Why I am getting at is you never argue or disrespect an officer because that is just plain stupid. You are not going to win. Show respect and most of the time when people are stopped it is for a truly valid reason. They have broken a law. We should be thankful for our policemen. They are who we call when we need help!!!!!

  • Randy Whitworth

    Thank you for sharing your story. It seems that some of the latest confrontations are being set up to go south…. Sad!
    How about, respect the cops and they will do the same. Mouth off and you’ve already created a problem…

  • peppermint patty

    There are plenty of white people who are victims of excessive police force. Whether they deserved it or not, I’m not sure, common sense says to keep your mouth shut when you get in trouble with the law. There will always be racist cops as long as we have racist people, some of the most racist people I have encountered are not Caucasian though….

  • Krist Kranz

    Thank you for taking the time to honor honorable men. They far outnumber the few who the media choose to focus on.

  • Judith

    RESPECT….That is a Word….that seems to be missing in today’s world……No Please or Thanks….MANNERS & RESPECT….NEED TO BE BACK IN SOCIETY AGAIN………..AND RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER…. Each person is different… can’t expect everyone to think like you……

  • CAnne

    He had a concealed carry permit which shows up on your vehicle registration. So he was asking if he had a weapon at the moment. It is required by officers to ask that question and it’s taught to you at a CCW class that an officer will ask you.

  • Richard A. Mac Donald

    Thank You for your very wise decisions. We should have more people like you regardless of color. Our police are there to serve and protect us ALL, I have the most respect for them as they serve and protect us all.

    • Jenny

      I don’t think that he is friends or coworkers with most people. What strange logic you have. It’s not just him. Most people are ass hats. I’m not friends or coworkers with them either though :)

  • Lougjr1

    Thank you Steven Hildreth for your honesty and deciding to tell it like it is. The truth ! In so many cases you can see that when some black people get pulled over , they get into a confrontation and get defensive and arrogant instead of being cooperative and respect authority. I do believe that some black people and some white people just can’t handle authority !

  • Ralph P.

    Steven, good for you and good for the two officers who made the traffic stop. All three if you prove the process works when everyone involved is respectful of each other and the motorist is compliant to the requests of a police officer. They are doing a very important but dangerous job for us. The system is not perfect but it does work and has professional people walking the talk every day. Cheers to all three of you, truly the good guys, which we desperately need today.

  • David J. Biviano

    Thank you for this account about an appropriate encounter with police, acting professionally and in keeping with training. Consider, however, that you may have experienced the luck of the draw. Speaking of the draw, let us consider that, having acknowledge that you were carrying on your right hip, instead of explaining that your wallet was in your right rear pocket, you had started to retrieve your wallet, and he thought you were reaching for your gun . . . Same outcome? Hopefully, yes, he would tell you to stop, he needed to disarm you. I am glad you are alive and well, and that, true, most cops are professional and appropriate. Yet, this in no way discounts the too many other stories and outcomes.

  • Sunny

    Oh my gosh could it be….. dare I say……. COMMON SENSE???? Yes yes here in America we like to lump things together without exception. This gentleman knows better. I think many of us do. It’s a shame that common sense is so endangered.

  • Michael

    I doubt you were a cop. Seems like you tend to side with those who rather fight the police. If you were an officer, you would understand going home to your family and other trying to hurt or kill you. What agency did you work for? 1940s Alabama?

  • Erin

    Keep in mind, this is not in response to the death of Philando Castile. This article and the original post are both from 9 months ago in October 2015.

    • Who

      Yeah but they are brining it up now after the death of Philando Castile so it does have all to do with it. if it was posted 9 months ago it shouldnt have been reposted now after these deaths

  • Sonora Angelica

    Last week I was pulled over Tucson Police Department too. I didn’t signal when I switched my lane. Two cops one shinning his flash light on my face and glove department. I kept calm and professional. Asked him why two cops where needed ?Why the other on had his flashlight on my face? He called other one off. He was professional and reasonable officer. I agree treat others with respect.

  • ncharge01

    Thank you for this post!!!!
    This goes for everything in life…show respect to receive respect. Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

  • Nellie

    So good to hear of the story of this man. All lives matter. And Sir, thank you for your service.

  • pegasus99

    Well, like my folks told me when I was younger, if a police officer tells you to do something, you do it. You act respectfully and with courtesy. If you don’t do these things, you are making problems for yourself. These were words of good advice and I’ve never had a problem with police. I’d advise BLM and others to pay attention to that advice as well.

  • G Scott

    Sure “it’s real today” but it’s far from the same as 100, or even 300 years ago. Your comment is a ridiculous attempt to connect two vastly different times and environments. It is that sort of inappropriate comment that creates more division not less or is that what you want? Do you want more conflict, more animosity and less cooperation and more arguments or do you want solutions?

  • Connie

    What a wonderful man to actually speak the truth about his experience, going against the tide of negativity…thank you so much for that..maybe more people like you can restore peace and balance.

  • Colette Pratt

    Dear Mr. Hildreth,
    I appreciate you sharing your experience with the world. There are so many negative reports of Police interactions with people of color. My father was in law enforcement for 32 years. It is disrespectful that any of us would suggest that all police officers are bad seeds, and your experience proves that there are many who do their job with pride and integrity. Unfortunately the ones who perpetrate crimes against those they took an oath to protect and serve get the most press. I pray more people share stories like yours to show the world that it’s not all police officers, and I totally agree that #ALLLIVESMATTER

  • Sharon Weldon


  • John Schiffermuller

    That is almost EXACTLY the same thing I’ve said and done when stopped, with the same result. It’s something that’s not covered in the CCW classes, but SHOULD BE. My theory is that they officer that has stopped me wants to go home alive as much as I do and I don’t want to get shot by misunderstanding. As I’m the one that is the unknown factor in the interaction, it is up to me to be especially cognizant and careful that there is no opportunity for the situation to turn bad. Mr. Hildreth describes nothing other than behaving in a polite, responsible, courteous manner, with a recognition of the officer’s likely concerns. As a result, there is no problem and he experiences the same thing i’ve gotten, a courteous, professional response (and an officer that wants to get him down the road as quickly as possible, resulting in a warning instead of a ticket. Bonus!)

  • Jesse

    This is a great post for these particular times! For those of us who carry, its often forgotten how you should act towards leos! State you are armed, keep hands in plain view, do NOT move until instructed! I have gotten this sort of respectful treatment, and despite being white, I have also gotten the “dont f…ing move or I’ll shoot” tratment! Its not always about race, it’s not always about police brutality, more often than not it is about LEOs doing a dangerous job with little enough respect and trying to ensure their safety!

  • Jada

    Maybe you saw a different video them I did because I never saw or heard anything in the video prior to him being shot in the arm. Maybe you can tell me where to find it.

  • Anonymous

    Great story!! Appreciate the share! I didn’t know that police officers disarm everyone who have the right to open carry during routine traffic stops. Interesting. I wouldn’t even have a desire to open carry if every time I end up at a traffic stop, my person is disarmed. A bit of a hassle to me.. But that’s just me! Great share!

  • George

    I work in law enforcement, in the police academy, all day long they had us stand at attention while screaming in our faces, I think that’s common training.the idea is to remain cool when others around you are freaking out.

  • Sylvia

    99% of policemen and policewomen are great! It is the 1% that cause all the turmoil, but the people who don’t comply are mostly at fault. I have only been stopped twice in my life and both times the policeman was very professional. One time I had a bad case of bronchitis and was coughing my head off and the policeman was very concerned and kept asking me if there was anything he could do. JUST COMPLY, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Rose

    try,this,this is what I do,if I get stopped,before the cop gets to my door ,I have my drivers license and conceal carry permit in my hands, window rolled down and my hands on the steering wheel,if it’s dark out ,I have my dome light on,when he get’s to my door ,I politely say hello officer and go from there…and by the way,I’m a 58 year old white male.

  • shaune C

    Thank you, sir. You too, have earned a badge, if nothing else, for meritorious conduct. Would that everyone of every creed and color thought the way you do. God bless you.

  • Alika

    I’m very happy that this experience went well. My husband is also National Guard and has a concealed to carry. But not all police officers approach the situation this way no matter how much “honey” you pour. They disrespect and speak down to you from word 1. I am an educated gov’t employee who drives a Mercedes. I have family that wear blue, and it has happened to me. You listen and suck it up. Do you comply…yes, but not every situation is so cut and dry. Not all cops are in it for the good. My passenger was asked “Your gum is mighty strong…what are you covering up?” He was chewing 5 Gum after our visit to the movies. Why did he pull me over…no reason was given.

  • Patt

    ALL stops, by ALL officers AND ALL civilians should go like this!! Then, it could be said, in all honesty, that ALL lives matter.
    Thank you for sharing, and describing a decent exchange between law enforcement and civilian driver. May they all be so.

  • Ozark Hillbilly

    This is a good story and some pretty good comments but the fact remains “black lives matter” is a piece of crap movement started by the justice department and most blacks arent shot by cops they are shot by blacks. Most of the brothers just got too much time on their hands to complain about life.

  • Bill

    These two officers were one of the many, that do there job, with professionalism and I commend them. Not all officers hold that standard. Get one with an itchy trigger finger, that doesn’t trust the look of a minority in a hoody.

  • William Diaz

    It’s a classic case of making a false association. I went to Pueblo high in Tucson, my family is from there. We all had guns. Guns are very common, people carry them all the time and the general population is predominantly Latino. Officers have a lot of experience in dealing with citizens carrying guns. The cultures art not the same.

  • carol

    There are honest officers, no doubt. Just need the justice system honest and quit turning a blind eye to the police that murder innocent people. Let justice be served and it will stop happening.

  • Medrano

    Wow let’s put this on every news channel. But it won’t get there because the sick media only wants to put really bad stuff on television. Bunch of sicko’s reporting the news.

  • JOMO706

    I don’t believe his point was that he only survived because he was respectful. You are continuing a divisive narrative that suggests the cops are wanting to pull their triggers whenever they are spoken to in the wrong tone; especially by a person of color. That is so ignorant!
    I’ve heard many statistics and heard the President himself talk about how black people are more likely to be stopped, searched and arrested and how they are incarcerated at a higher rate as well. That is not right. It also is not just a police issue.
    Who is killing each other in Chicago? Is it young, black men or are there cops sneaking around and killing kids whenever they get a chance?
    Who is prosecuting the cases when young black men are sent to prison? Who are on the juries? Who is reporting all of that? Are there better questions to ask?
    Who is responsible for raising these kids? Why are they committing so many damn crimes? Who is going to teach them about accountability instead of blaming everyone else?
    The author was trying to show people how to get out of jail with some sort of trick. He was simply giving an example of how people can be decent to each other and maybe offer a tip for a young black man who’s never been taught to show any respect for authority. Like his parent should have.

  • Becky

    I wish I could thank this man for his post. I know there are bad cops and there are bad black men, but I believe most cops and black men are good. People are so quick to believe the worst about others, quick to throw blame, and quick to react without knowing the facts. Good for these cops, and good for this young man. Kudos!

  • Yvonne Fairgrieve

    I see the ignorance in a lot of things. These people are the ones saying not all Muslims are the same yet they want to generalize all cops and attack and kill innocent police officers. Seems to me that when they can raise hell and call racist they will and when they want an excuse for hundreds of years of being the ones that resist arrest, fight,run, pull weapons on cops and commit serious crimes they want to call people racist. Take a look at statistics in crime. More blacks killing black than cops Killin black . I’m not a racist person. All lives matter, no human being should fear their life. We have enough domestic & foreign terrorist to worry about. We don’t need a race war targeting our protection (officers). Think bigger, our future depends on it.

  • Yvonne

    I thought the latest killing in Minnesota… the guy told the cop he was carrying and went to get his wallet while the cop was telling him not to go for it, not to reach for his wallet and the guy still reached for it. Am i wrong? Seems that if he listened maybe the cop could have disarmed him & then retrieved the wallet. No one shot, happy ending. No?

  • Josh

    The difference is that this gentleman didn’t continue to reach for his wallet, just because you declare toy have a firearm doesn’t give you the go ahead to move especially towards the firearm. Even an off duty officer who gets pulled over should declare that they are off duty and armed then allow the responding officer to disarm him/her.

  • Sindy Strickland

    This is how it’s handled correctly on both sides! Good job on both parties giving and receiving respect! Thank you

  • Kathy Barresi

    as a mother of a police officer, I thank you for your story. I thank you for being the upstanding young man that you are. Most police officers are someone son, husband or father, Most people are not out to confront the police and are law abiding citizens

  • Karen Neuman

    Thank you for posting this. I’m so distraught where this country is right now, but you are one of the reasons I can have hope. Good bless you.

  • Jim

    So if their is one bad black person they are all bad untill the bad one’s are ousted, makes perfect sense. I’m sure your just like most liberals and see nothing wrong with your statement but mine is rasist, right. How about takin into consideration the fact that as a Police Officer you have to live with the fact that their is only about 2 of you for every 1 thousand citizens and about 70 to 80 % of the population that you come in contact with are someone who has potentially done something wrong and nearly 100% of the time you have no idea who or what you are dealing with. Now consider the fact that the largest majority have 2 objectives 1. Serve and protect their communities and 2. Make it home safely. In that order. I would say that a very good reason for them being alittle on edge and for us to be as respectful and cooperative as possible.

  • Chris Lankford

    Not necessarily the same situation other than the decency towards an officer: I was pulled over by a motorcycle cop the other day. I’m white, he’s black. I did 52 in a 40. Was certain I was getting a ticket. I rolled down both windows, turned my car off, placed my keys on the dash and put my hands on the wheel. I only apologized for my wrong action. He seemed stern and didn’t care where I was headed.

    I got a warning.

    Most cops just want to know that you realize you messed up and to cooperate with them. They just want to do their job well without anyone threatening them – like all of us to an extent.

    Praise to this gentleman for appreciating authority and realizing it’s not worth putting up an irrelevant fight.

  • Hector Fontanez

    Just wait… he’s going to be called “coon”, “uncle tom”, and every other name under the sun because he dared to say that cops won’t kill you if you treat them with respect.

  • Black girl

    This man is right! I am a Black woman and I am sick of Black people ignoring the obvious. I am sorry for Mr. Castile’s death, but people need to look at the evidence. The man was dressed as a gangster, they had marijuana spread out in the car, he said “I have a weapon”, and he was with a mouthy disrespectful girlfriend that keeps changing her story. If you were a police that was unfamiliar with Black culture and you stop a car at sunset that is full of Black people using slang, one says he has a gun, and they all refuse to put their hands up, what would you do?!!!

    Black people have embedded cultural issues that allowed them to feel entitled for so long. They think that they can dress like gangsters and there is no repercussion for doing so. If you dress like a gangster, you will be treated like a gangster.

  • Andy

    I would like to point out that it is unwise and bordering on unconstitutional of the officers to remove his weapon. He has already declared it and is in compliance of the carry laws. He is obviously no threat. If he intended to shoot an officer he would not be telling them he is carrying. Police and CCW carriers are on the same team. Let’s have some trust. Officers have nothing to fear of CCW carriers.

  • Stacy

    sometimes the officers just simply have attitudes when there is no need but most of the time the people getting pulled over have a bad attitude.

  • Jack Sr

    I’m Sure 98% Of The Police Force Are Great At Their Job But That 2% of The Bad Make Them All Look Bad. Get Rid Of The Bad, And Be Respected Again.

  • Earl

    Sorry this black Lives Matter stuff that is racist it should be all lives matter period black or white or pink or purple

  • Mike Rathbone

    I would add another angle to it. If you can make the officer laugh you’ll fair better than if you are handing him lip out the window. It’s all in the attitude presented. Some aren’t capable of learning this.

  • patty nimmo

    And that’s how it should be handled. It’s the illegal gun carriers running their dope business that’s a hazard to the cops and they’d rather take a life than to be caught

  • Chris

    Thank you for sharing this story. At a time when so much horrific news is on the internet regarding the police and responses, it was refreshing to read this.

  • Indian Andy

    Very true. I’m a biker. Not the new RUB fashionable biker, but the old school kind with long hair, beard and sleeved out tattoos. I was riding in the 60-70s when we were getting shot at. But I never had an encounter when I thought the cop was gonna kill me. Why? Because I treated them with due respect. I’ve had them basically get undressed on the highway before. But I’m a big man, and I’m often mistaken for those who give cops trouble. I’ve been just as suspect as any black trouble maker. At 63 years old, I still look the part. But I keep my hands on the handlebars and treat them with respect. If you have trouble with cops, the courtroom is the place to settle it.

    • Daniel

      I am with you on this. I use to look like a junkie and got pulled over for squealing my tires in a bad part of town. Got pulled over a by several city cops. Was let off with a warning and no physical contact, all because I followed orders and gave them full respect.

  • Heidi

    Awesome first person account. This needs to be seen by EVERYONE. It is so simple and common sense.

  • Rob

    For the record, could you please cite the ‘hard facts’, ‘realities’ and ‘indisputable evidence’. All I see is case points from blm that are the opposite story, but no less credible than this data point and the FBI and DOJ databases that do not explicitly support your stance that black people are unjustly targeted.

  • Jane Buchanan

    Kudos! It is so terrific of you to share your experience, especially at this moment. We need to be reminded of those who are fair and kind at the same time that the officers should be purged who are bigoted and cruel!!

  • Daniel

    Another uneducated person making comments. The video was started way too late to know what happened before the shooting. What the woman says is only hearsay. What was happening for the woman to decide to start filming. Maybe she wanted to show her friends how tough he is to stand up against white police. A good friend of mine is a dean in a middle school, and many of his students tell him straight up that their parents tell them not to listen to white people in authority. How are a people expected to get respect when they teach their young this way? Who are the real racists?

  • Daniel

    You just reminded me of a time I got lost in a not so good part of town. I had squealed my tires pulling off a dirt road onto pavement. About a block later I stopped at a stop sign and was surrounded by five city police cars. They called for me to get out of my car and I complied with all demands. Most of the officers were black and all were very stern and alert to my actions. The one officer that approached me accused me of being upset for not being able make a drug purchase. The way I looked and the car I was driving at the time, I could fully understand he thought that. In the end I was let off with a warning not to be in that part of town again.

  • Daniel

    OH, so you were in the car with him? You have absolute evidence of what happened before the video started? As far as the video goes, there is zero proof that he didn’t disrespect the officer. There is no proof he told the officer he had a CCW. He could have told the officer he had a gun and then reached for it. Anything the girlfriend is saying is just hearsay, not proof of evidence.

  • tom howard

    Best thing to do is take your gun out of your holster and put it in the glove compartment. This solves the problem! Just think ahead!

  • Daniel

    There is a protocol, handing over the CCW with the DL. He probably told the officer he had a gun and then started to reach for it. There is zero proof showing otherwise. He may have been mouthing off to the officer. But there is no proof of that either.

  • Daniel

    An alarming number of black children are taught by their parents not to respect whites in authority. This is a proven fact mostly reported by the education system. And when something goes wrong, they cry racism. Who are the real racists?

  • Daniel

    Jess2248 is one of those that suffering from the lack of brain cells. She can’t comprehend facts even when it’s staring her right in the face. She feels the need to make something up and blame the whites for her inadequacies. If she doesn’t get her way, she will cry racist or white privilege. There is an alarming number of parents like her teaching their children to disrespect white people in authority. This is well documented and mostly by the public education system.

  • Hester Green

    Thank you. You were perfect correct in the way you handled yourself and the situation. The police officers who stopped you respected who you are, and your honesty. If everyone showed the same courtesy maybe thru the grace of God violence could be thwarted. I wish everyone could learn from your experience. It would certainly serve them well.

  • Shirley

    This is well done and true in most cases, if you are nice to folks they will be nice in return.

  • Duane Hallman

    Kind of like evil blacks that target white people for their polar bear/knockout game. You

    • Duane Hallman

      Stupid computer. To continue. You can’t generalize, there are evil people in every community, black, white, gay, police, Christian, Muslim, etc.. The solution is to root out those individuals and remove them from society.

  • Amjask

    It’s not just rudeness…it’s the mentality that black lives matter (not just matter, but matter more than cops, more than whites). That ignorant black panther mentality that tells their followers to resist anyone in authority. Instead of teaching their kids to obey the law and submit to protocol so everyone leaves alive, they teach hate, chaos, torching your own neighborhoods, and that they are so special that they shouldn’t have to abide by the laws that keep us all safe. It is their own fault.

  • cindy212

    the police have everyone’s CC permit on file, we are supposed to offer that info. If not, they ask, and what. I have been pulled over for the exact same thing and asked the exact same question, and complimented me on what I carried. His answer is sadly misinterpreted. Also, often in the same state each ounty has specific qualifications for CCW. If my weapon is in the wrong spot as I drive thru a county … my weapon could be / would be confiscated and my CCW and I’d be denied one in my own county.

  • Ingrid Esser

    This is so true often times we have a preconceived idea that police officers are racists but we feel to check ourselves how we interact with police. Of course there are always some bad apples in every situation in life not only within the police force. We need to get pass this and realize that respect begets respect

  • Emmasue

    my nephew just retired from a police force and ?I was so happy to see him do that! Why don’t we hear more stories from you who do right and are treated well? These two go together.

  • Bernard Alfred Stearos

    Ya know the old statistic, there are 10% crap heads out there in all endeavors. The bad part about the 10% bad being Law Enforcement, it could cost a nice descent person their lives. Bottom line, no matter your race, dot your i’s and cross your t’s, do everything right, hands on steering wheel and seat belt fastened. Yes Officer, no Officer in a calm voice. Then have a nice day, get home safe, have a beverage and chase the lady around the couch.

  • samiam257

    When the wheel feel off my car a few years back and I was stranded in the middle of the highway, a county deputy had me sit in his vehicle while the tow truck made its way up. He asked if I had any weapons and I told him there was a Swiss Army Knife in my front left pocket. He said to just leave it there and don’t reach for it. No confrontation, no shooting. What’s the problem?

  • stagedrelationship

    We also talk about the ‘bad apples’ who don’t treat officers with respect… All the apples aren’t bad on either side, but we are lumping all together on both sides. Both. You can’t separate the good from the bad on either side. The implication would be that you could fire all the ‘bad’ cops (which we can’t because even if they could all be identified, they’d be replaced with more apples that were still either good or bad). But, you can’t kill all the ‘bad’ citizens. Even if you could, more would still rise up. It would be great if good and bad could be contained within individuals, a fairytale if by getting rid of that bad person then you get rid of the bad. Sometimes a ‘bad apple’ is a good person who made an awful choice and a ‘good apple’ is a total jerk who got the opportunity to be a hero. A ‘bad apple’ can be an ideology, not a person, that has poisoned our minds without us even knowing. If everything about people were bad, this could be easy. But, a man who works to provide for his family, is charitable to others, follow the rules and loves life can make a very ‘bad apple’ decision–whether he’s a cop or a citizen.

  • Yc

    If you respect a person whether young or old whoever they are, they will respect you too. Love one another as Jesus loves us. We are all children of God.

  • Joel Stoner

    Yes when you are armed and pulled over, you should place your hands on the steering wheel, inform the officer you are armed, and the location of the firearm. If they want to disarm you, allow them to do so. If you are honest, and polite, they will appreciate that, and their attitude will change, when they realize you are not a threat.

    I personally have had 3 police encounters while armed, 2 times the firearm was on my person, the officer asked me to remove it using 2 fingers, and hand it to him grip first, meaning i was holding the slide. The 3rd time it was not on my person, but in the vehicle, this officer did not ask if it was on me. I was given a field sobriety test, and the officer turned his back on me several times, with no backup. Had i been carrying on my person, and had ill intent… But since i had not been drinking, i passed all the tests with flying colors. The other two times, the officer either placed the firearm in the back seat, chamber cleared, or placed it on the dash, chamber cleared. Be polite, this is key to a good police interaction.

  • donyadonya

    Mr. Steven Hildreth jr. I think you are an amazing man !!! A man of Integrity and Character !!

    If people would take a moment a try to imagine what it is like walking in that other person’s shoes. Also, if people would only approach each situation in a calm understanding manner through out their daily lives, no matter the situation, violence would drastically decrease !! Each person has a choice how they choose to act !!

    Example …If a police man stops you, you can choose to be a mouth piece, sarcastic and rude or you can cooperate with his/hers requests. Try and understand what a stressful job it is trying to keep your family safe.. you safe !! And Show the RESPECT to the Officer that they DESERVE !! Maybe, Thank them next time for putting their life on the line, being a first responder.

    Thanks again for being a GREAT EXAMPLE Steven for a world, that needs to be looking at their own behaviour, before judging someone’s else’s, in my opinion.

  • William Gilyard

    Is part of police procedure to ask if you are carrying a weapon? That was interesting. That this question was asked. Can anyone answer that one for me, because that is odd. Glad the rest of the stop went well. We should treat all people with respect regardless of their job. Police to civilian and civilian to police.

  • Smart

    Nice comments on bothside of the coin. We have good cops and bad ones same as we have good mannered citizens and bad ones too. The cops should respect the citizens bcos they have confidence in them as their protectors and likewise the citizens should respects the cops,oblige to all instructions. Better being alive and fight ur case than media reports at ur funeral. As of castle’s, we have conscience, the second cop was sitting on top of him to restrain him ,holding his hands, guess that is when the other should call for back up or held his hand while the other disarm him or in reverse. Instead he reach for a gun while his mate is holding castles hand,no charge of still or freeze but he just gun him at close range not on the shoulders but at his heart more than twice. He didnt act well. I have watch so many videos cops fight,pray,kiss,cook,wash,clean drag and act like trained cop to get culprits arrested which will lead to further arrest n information ……………… Good cops work hard with their life on line and we appreciate them for remembering policing than gunning guardians creating more homeless kids wt bad perspective about police. Those few weak n bad cops should have a rethink or resign .Good cops should be honored. We need police in all parts of the world even the colours we talk about shouldn’t be a reference now cos if cop forget the black or white ,there will be chaos within the races. Pls lets respect ourselves, we have same needs, air,sun, rain,food etc and from the same creator just that he made varieties in terms of colour. No one deserves to take another live or cause his own life but until when we ask questions ,we cant know what the other want to reach out for. #hirdi# shows that the cops asked and when he replied. They humbly explain that they need to disarm him to do there work…etc life goes on. So whoever is wrong or not our being here is to education others and ourselves on how to live and write these. Thanks all and God bless all of us.

  • Bettye Moore

    Most of my generation learned respect for police, and those in authority over us, from our parents. In addition, most of us, had no trouble in this area, as young people, and we still haven’t had any. Others will treat you, with the respect, you use in your treatment of them, in most instances. Try it and see if it works for you, as it has for me.

  • Karen Russell

    Thank you for being law abiding, and respectful citizen. We must spread the word that humbleness isn’t weakness, nor is respect! Great story that must be shared, to all!

  • Marlon O. Myers

    So with all of the violent crimes happening in Tucson, Az why are cops using broken head/taillights as a reason to pull a motorist over? light bulbs blow out regularly on automobiles, “Especially headlights” I deliver brand new vehicles every week sometimes 3 in that week, The point is, rocks from other vehicles strike them with enough force to cause them to burn out, It seems like fishing for $$$$$$

  • Karen

    Thank you for stepping up. We r all Americans & should stand together. There’s a bad apple in every bunch. But there’s more good than bad. Thank u for your courage & God Bless you!

  • Gayle Rivertson

    So glad, happy to hear positive remarks about police officers. I know this is not true about all of them but not all minorities are bad either, like you! Thank you so much for sharing this incident with the public. Hopefully others will change their attitude toward police and not act like idiots 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Rick


    • Karen Whitaker

      I totally disagree with this. My feeling is that if you understand the nature of law enforcement you do not have to worry about giving your firearm to the cop until the incident is over. Out of respect for keeping the peace and the safety of all involved; your weapon is in safe hands with an officer. Of course you should offer this weapon to them temporarily for this reason, especially in the age we are in now with cops being murdered left and right, or civilians being shot by cops. The officers are in authority and if you are not doing anything wrong you have no reason NOT to surrender your firearm to them to prove this.

  • Myle

    The resent guy was doing all that! Declared and was doing as ordered and cop shot him! So you can’t be sure you got the good one! I think the best way is to have license in hands and on steering wheel so you aren’t digging when officer approaches! And gun could be in glove box with permit when driving!

  • Angelhugs4all

    The biggest piece of propaganda uncle tom, jim crow bull crap I have read since all of tragedies.

  • sewjc

    This is the biggest piece of uncle tom, jim crow, cooning propaganda I have read since all of the tragedies. I don’t believe a word of it. In fact I am laughing. Could this happen? Yes. Did it? Like an unreal fantasy.

  • Sam Dennis

    total agreement ….. but your scenario doesn’t fit Obama’s agenda of dividing the nation….. and by the way, if you had replaced your non-working headlight there’d have been no traffic stop!

  • C

    As a Canadian, I have a hard time understanding the need to carry a gun in the first place. Is it quite common to do so in the States? And why?

  • Ted Mink

    He is a lucky man that his traffic stop happened in Tucson and not Mesa ,Arizona. In Mesa they have a policy of ” Shoot first ask questions later”. I know this from personal experience when I was passed by an Idiot in a school zone on a Monday morning while school was in session. The Mesa Police Dept. acted on false data provided to them by the Arizona MVD. During my traffic stop I was almost shot in the face by Mesa police officer Joesph Trafan for having a 6 inch crack on the right passenger side of my windshield. Be very careful driving in west Mesa and if you should be pulled over for not doing anything wrong by a Mesa cop you might want to call 911 for the Sheriff’s office to save your life or you might be on the news as a fatality if they don’t cover it up.

  • Molly P Gast

    Why aren’t the people that publish these videos to stir anger,long before the investigations are even begun, not carrying at least part of the blame for the policemen that lost their lives in Dallas!?? Inciting riots and violence is against the law. None of these videos is complete, none show what happened from beginning to end. To me, it’s the same as screaming “fire !” in a crowded theater.

  • Andy

    The leap from “the police didn’t kill me or beat me up” to “the notion that there is a problem with racist cops” is a gigantic straw man. I’ve never heard anyone claim that the police murder every black man they stop for a traffic violation. If, hypothetically,. they murdered 25 % (and that’s a crazy high number; no-one claims a rate like that either), then usually, the black man would live through a traffic stop, but that would be a horrible, horrible, situation Yet in that situation, the most common case by a 3-1 margin would be the lack of inappropriate police response. The fact that someone can jump from “on one occasion I was not a victim of police racism” to “maybe police racism is bunk” could only be made by someone whose mind is made up and could not be persuaded by the facts.

  • Sharon D. Metro

    Have a second job that takes me out on the streets of Va. Beach VA – NOT as quiet as some might think – always try to be polite to the police and even thank them (tho am stopped for what I believe to be somewhat lame reasons sometimes..!) – they are ALWAYS surprised at the “thank you!”

  • Mari

    See,why if stopped by police keep hands on steering wheel fingers up n wait till he ask for Id n registration ,then all be OK.They have to be cautious you’ll understand n don’t make no sudden move.

  • Karen

    Mr. Hildreth you handled yourself with respect for yourself and for the policemen.. This can be done.. Accolades to all three for showing ppl can respect eachother
    I’m in awe…

  • randall doty

    all they ask is you follow dirctions and everything will be ok, if you give them a hard time or run or fight with them you may be killed if you have done nothing wrong you will be ok just do as they ask

  • Ian

    I think this story highlights the ridiculousness that is the gun epidemic in the US. Every gun that is carried sets up a situation which is hugely dangerous to all parties concerned. I dont read this story and think “Excellent – this just shows how guns can be carried safely”. I read this story and think “What if the driver was overly nervous?” “What if the police officer was on edge because of recent shootings?” What if he told the police officer the gun was not in the exact location it was?” “What if the driver was involved ina minor accident and the gun went off?” “What if the driver get car-jacked and the gun used on him?” “What the hell does a man need with a concealed weapon?????”. This item has ellicited a huge amount of internet airplay as if it’s a ‘good news story’ whilst infact, it simply highlights the dangers everyone is exposed to living in a crazy gun-filled soceity. I like, the vast majority of UK citizens have never even seen a gun let alone been exposed to the risks highlighted here. A car stop by the police for a broken light would be as normal as talking to any person in authority. there would be no need to think about every single word that passed my lips for fear of being shot. No fear of accidentally shooting or being shot. No fear that my gun has been found and played with by my children. No fear that a ‘road rage incident’ could involve firearms. You guys in the states need to take time out for a while and think through the risks of arming yourselves to the teeth on a daily basis. You are putting your own lives, the lives of police officers and the lives of your families at risk. Bragging about a safe police car stop merely shows the risk you run by carrying weapons..

  • Evans Deb

    wow…..this is what people do that want to justify a wrong by finding posts that are similar to a situation. These are the people that are still in denial. If this occurred this is a good thing, not all encounters with the cops are bad. However, cops are trained.I have seen many videos where white people have weapons and they are detained without being killed. People need to look at the bigger picture that some officers are out there to do wrong. I am tired of this justification about comply can do all of that and still be killed. So, if you don’t know or want to stay ignorant to the facts is perhaps because you are the same as the cop that does wrong, quit living in denial your part of the problem.

  • Sandra

    TY and I agree, it is about mutual respect and common sense when it comes to carry and conceal. I know there is good in bad in all walks of life, no matter the profession, no matter the family, and even in various religious sectors there are good and bad apples. We all need to remember we are first human, and to human is to error. The problem with our world is to cast the first stone and protest about it, as the blame gets refocused on anyone but the individual casting the stone. We need more factual Positive storis like yours and less media that fuels the flames of anger. Thank you for this, it gave me more hope. Just a thought from this little Ol’Mema/Grandmama in Mn.

  • Mandm Wynn

    There have never been these many problems with shootings and bad mouthing as the last 2 months, well since Obama has taken over I have noticed more and more of it. Now everyone with an Android is now a reporter, and that has a lot to do with it, I am sure. But If you treat officers with respect, they usually will return the favor. This is their job, they don’t like pulling over people and having to take that long walk to your car not knowing if you are going to bad mouth them or give them a big smile. I smile and say: “Whats up”.? Knowing that I was speeding the whole time. If you start damning them right off, you are opening yourself right up to a big ole fight, and maybe that’s what is happening. Start respecting those officers, if you want to fight, go to the court and fight the stop, not the officer. Just might save your life.

  • Claudia M Nelson

    EXACTLY what this “whitie” would have done. It’s called COMMON SENSE. RESPECT. UNDERSTANDING. If you have nothing to hide, YOU HIDE NOTHING. Thank you for writing this–excellent!!

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