Milwaukee mother charged in connection with dog attack on her infant son

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MILWAUKEE — A 27-year-old Milwaukee mother is criminally charged in connection with a dog attack on her three-month-old child on Tuesday, October 27th. The accused is Angelina Lache.

Lache faces the following charges:

  • Child neglect (bodily harm)
  • Child neglect (misdemeanor)
  • Obstructing an officer
  • Misdemeanor intimidation of a victim

According to the criminal complaint, Milwaukee police officers were first alerted to this case when they responded to a car accident near 16th and Rogers on the city’s south side around 9 p.m. on Tuesday. Lache was in the car with her two children. The complaint indicates Lache was “frantic, screaming that her baby…was injured, not from the car accident, but from being attacked by a dog.” An officer saw the child had “visible bite wounds all over the upper region of his body.” The child was immediately taken to a hospital for treatment.

When investigators later spoke with Lache, the complaint says she told officers she “left her two sons…home alone…while she went to the store to get milk.” At the time, the child who was bitten was in a bouncy seat. Lache told officers that when she got back home, she saw that her infant son was laying on his back “with a large gash on his chest.”

When police spoke to Lache’s eight-year-old son, he told them the family dog Ace “bit his baby brother.” He described in detail how the dog “got crazy” and started hurting the baby. The older boy tried “to slap and kick Ace” to stop the attack, but the dog did not stop.

Lache also told officers “she lied to the police because she didn’t want to get in trouble and also because she didn’t want her dog Ace to be put down.”

As of Friday evening, October 30th, the three-month-old boy remained in pediatric intensive care.

If convicted of the most serious charge, Lache could be sentenced up to six years in prison and $10,000 in fines.


    • William cruz

      Richard, you don’t need to be posting on public forums. Your grammar doesn’t add up. You sound like a police academy flunky who now works security. Why don’t you say a nice prayer for the child instead. That way even if your punctuation is 3rd grade level and your grammar is kindergarten level, no one will criticize you.

      • free radikal

        Who’s a f’n idiot? Anyone who’s an apologist for a pitbull, rottie, etc over the life of a little child has their priorities and just a little skewed. Not surprised from a fox fan though. wake the fu*k up america… well, if you can’t even see the folly of your gun laws, I don’t have much hope for your killer dog laws!lol

    • William cruz

      Lisbeth your an idiot. Did you ever wonder why there are so many pitbull bites? It’s probably because there are so many pitbulls out there. There are far more dangerous dogs out there with far worst dispositions. I’m sure the owner did not raise her dog to be a fighter. The dog clearly had a defect of some sort that was triggered by an event. All animals have buttons that need to be figured out. That includes humans. Some humans like you have a bad tendency to speak on subjects they know nothing about and then they sound stupid but they are too ignorant care.

  • #childrenslifematters

    What the !!#//@# is parents problem hurting abusing neglecting innocent children. …shame on these sub human parents…..I will personally help take care of these angels if it’s possible in a heartbeat


    Patiently waiting for a pit bull nutter to claim it’s all about how you raise them. Why do so many so raise them to kill kids? Not much of a nanny dog. More like the angel of death.

  • Emily

    Awful thing happen around pit bulls. Irresponsible people, child neglect, death of children, animals and anyone else who gets near. Has anyone else noticed this?

  • aspiecatholicgirl

    From what I read elsewhere, the dog had bitten two people in the past, causing them to need stitches. Despite that history, the mother left her baby alone with the dog. No wonder she’s in trouble.

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