Man charged for killing brother in two-vehicle crash asks for lowest possible bail to attend his funeral

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RACINE COUNTY -- A mother asks the court for the lowest possible case bond for her son so he can go to his brother's funeral -- and his brother's death is the reason the man is behind bars in the first place.

23-year-old David Parr is accused of driving drunk Wednesday night, November 4th. Now, he faces homicide charges after his 22-year-old brother, the passenger in the vehicle, was killed when their car collided with an SUV.

Fatal crash in Mount Pleasant (Highway 31 and 16th Street)

Fatal crash in Mount Pleasant (Highway 31 and 16th Street)

Typically in a homicide case, the state asks for there to be 'no contact' between the accused, and the victim's family.

But inside a Racine County courtroom:

David Parr

David Parr

"The court may be aware that the alleged victim in this case is Mr. Parr's brother. There should be a no contact order with the family, the family is his," said Parr's attorney.

The victim is 22-year-old Dylan Pickard. Police say he was in the car with Parr behind the wheel Wednesday night, when they collided with an SUV near State Highway 31 and 16th Street in Mount Pleasant.

According to the criminal complaint, while sitting in a rescue squad with Parr, an officer could "smell the odor of intoxicants" coming from Parr, and observed "glossy eyes and slurred speech."

However, in the courtroom his attorney argued.

"Nothing has established what if any blood alcohol concentration may have been. He admitted to the police he basically had two drinks prior to the event. So at this point and time he is entitled to the presumption of innocence," said Parr's attorney.

The court commissioner set Parr's bail at $75,000 cash despite a plea from Parr's attorney on behalf of the boy's mother.

David Parr in court

David Parr in court

"Met with me earlier and did not indicate to me that she wished for a low-cash bail to be imposed. It is the family's hope that he can be released from jail so he can attend his brother's funeral," said Parr's attorney.

The entire family was in court on Friday and very emotional -- they declined comment at this time.

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