Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign kicks off for the holidays; “Any little bit helps”

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MILWAUKEE -- Can you hear the bells? Friday morning, November 6th the Milwaukee Salvation Army kicked off its Red Kettle Campaign and this year, they have a big goal.

The sounds of Christmas filled the Milwaukee Public Market as many came to enjoy a pancake breakfast and donate to one of the most recognizable and important charitable campaigns in the United States.

Milwaukee Public Market

Milwaukee Public Market

"It's great to be a part of it and help out. You never know just how it impacts somebody they need just the smallest thing, it can mean the difference for them," said Ryan Herbert, Milwaukee Wave sales representative.

Red Kettle Campaign

Red Kettle Campaign

The Salvation Army provides toys for kids, coats for the homeless, food for the hungry and countless social service programs year round.

"We still see many people come in to the Salvation Army that this is the first time they've ever come for assistance," said Divisional Commander, Dan Jennings.

Dan Jennings

Dan Jennings

And you can help by filling the red kettles.

"Give a dollar or two, every bit makes a difference. It doesn't matter whether you're giving some change or a huge amount -- any little bit helps," said Jessica Bell, with the Salvation Army Echelon program.

This year, the Milwaukee Salvation Army set a big goal of $3.9 million.

"But we're very confident that we'll be able to raise it because we have to because the need is just that great," said Jennings.

So when you hear the bells or see the kettle, dig deep and know you're spreading some holiday cheer.

Red Kettle Campaign

Red Kettle Campaign

"There's so much work to be done in the community as far as helping individuals that are in need so it's really great to see as many people donate as they can," said Bell.

The red kettles can be seen around Milwaukee right now through December 24th. They are asking you tweet a photo of yourself giving and why you donated with the hashtag, "#redkettlereason."


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  • fed up!

    i will never give to the salvation army, at a local wal mart , i saw a woman bell ringer shake the kettle to get change for her son to play the arcade games, i also know of a person that went to the salvation army for help and was told if you did not have food stamps to turn over to them they could not help him

  • Scrooge

    I will NEVER EVER give one cent to the Salvation Army as long as they ring those annoying bells. I know they are there and want money. EVERYTIME I walk into a store I should not have to give. Most of those bell ringers look like homeless drug addicts. There are plenty of other places I can give my hard earned money to without those annoying bells ringing.

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