Craft your own beer using state of the art brewing equipment, but where?

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MILWAUKEE -- Chip spent the morning at U Brew University. U Brew U allows people to brew their own craft beer. From brewing the beer itselt to making custom labels, you can either create your own recipe for beer or choose a pretested one. Beer is made in around three hours.

U Brew U (website)

At U Brew U we make you the brew master. Our Brew On Premises is a DIY Beer making laboratory, completely at your disposal. Don’t worry about your experience level — our knowledgeable staff will support you with as much or as little expert guidance as you want. We’ll help you choose from our list of tried and true recipes or develop a custom formula that fits your unique tastes. We provide everything you need from recipe and ingredients to equipment and expertise. We utilize the state of the art Brew-Boss all-grain brewing system.  We have many recipes to choose fro, covering all of the major styles. You choose a recipe or build your own, brew your beer (while quality testing other beers), and then your beer ferments onsite in a temperature-controlled room for a few weeks (with timing dependent on the style chosen). The beer is then carbonated, kegged, and ready for your follow-up bottling or kegging appointment.