Former Gov. Tommy Thompson in Milwaukee to celebrate 25 years of School Choice program

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MILWAUKEE -- Champions of School Choice celebrated a quarter century in Milwaukee on Wednesday, November 18th.

School Choice advocates thanked those who have supported their work through the years.

Today, the Milwaukee Parental Choice program works with 122 private and religious schools in Milwaukee.

In Racine, 20 schools are included in the program.

"It's based upon opportunity and hope, and I started it because I wanted more minority students to graduate from high school and that we're finding is certainly a reality, it's not as good as I would like, but it's certainly going in the right direction," Tommy Thompson, former Wisconsin governor said.

Today, the state's three School Choice programs serve more than 31,000 students.


  • yo-duh

    Pretty nice! Swanky hotel, a photographer with a nice backdrop so folks can take pictures, cocktails, a dinner full of folks that are getting hundreds of thousands in free public money, media attention, no accountability, and all in direct violation of Article 10 of the State Constitution that states that “no public school monies shall be used for any private secular activities”. And what do public school teachers get to do this week for FREE? Report cards. Fox 6, you have no soul. Just keep bowing to your clueless Republican constituents, and watch the teeth, sweetheart. When this gets deleted, I’l repost it.

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